Monday Night Raw Quick Recap (July 18, 2022)

For those of you who want just the quick results and don't want the details of matches, this is a quick recap of tonight's show. There are spoilers for tonight's show below. The full results can be found right here and you can find our preview over here! Tonight's episode aired live from Tampa's Amalie Arena.

SummerSlam is next Saturday!

Monday Night Raw Quick Recap for July 18, 2022

Matches Tonight: Seven (approx. 54 minutes)
  • Raw Women's Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Carmella. Despite a special stipulation that the title could change hands via count-out, Belair retained in a solid match against Carmella. 8:19-8:30pm EST.
  • Singles Match: Rey Mysterio w/ Dom vs Damian Priest w/ Finn Bálor. Over ten minutes passed between Priest & Bálor's entrance and the start of their match. A short match that saw Priest pick up the win, with a little help from a Bálor distraction. Post match, Priest demanded Dominik join them or they would take off Mysterio's head with a steel chair. 9:00-9:05pm EST.
  • Singles Match: Ezekiel vs Seth Rollins. Very decent match that saw Rollins barely pull off the win. 9:15-9:27pm EST.
  • Singles Match: Omos w/ MVP vs Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford. MVP causes a DQ when he's caught by the ref using his cane to trip up Dawkins. 9:39-9:40pm EST.
  • Tag Team Match: Omos & MVP vs the Street Profits. WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out and makes a tag match. The Street Profits won by DQ once again after the Usos attacked. 9:41-9:51pm EST.
  • Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Theory. Another solid match that saw Styles pick up the win after Dolph Ziggler, now a face (good guy), hit a Superkick to Theory behind the ref's back. 10:10-10:23pm EST.
  • Six-Person Tag Match: Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Dana Brooke vs Tamina, Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H. Don't be fooled, this was a 2 1/2 minute 24/7 title changing binge as all the participants won the title, and non-participants such as Akira Tozawa, culminating with Dana Brooke winning it back and running away. The match itself immediately ended as Asuka used the Asuka Lock to tap out Nikki A.S.H. 10:39-10:41pm EST.
Miscellaneous Non-Match Segments of Note:
  • Cold Open: We opened straight on Titus O'Neil being announced as our WWE Global Ambassador. He talks about what it means to him and then states that they (WWE/Raw/whomever) will never address politics, religion, financial status, or any other controversial topics on air because "we're all here" to have fun. 8:00-8:06pm EST.
  • Lynch/Belair/Carmella: Each woman exchanged verbal jabs at each other until Lynch & Carmella decided to beatdown the champ together. Carmella announced that if Belair lost by count-out this week, as she did last week, the title would change hands. 8:08-8:15pm EST.
  • The KO Show, feat. Riddle: KO wanted Riddle to join him in a tag team, stating "RK-Bro was good. Bro-KO could be great." Riddle declined. Rollins came out and attacked Riddle from behind, hitting the Stomp to end the segment. 8:39-8:46pm EST.
  • The Threat of Theory: Prior to his match, he cut another heel promo that threatened to cash-in the Money in the Bank contract on whatever is left of the last man standing at the end of SummerSlam's main event. He then has footage from Raw last week shown, in which Lesnar took out the Alpha Academy. He then insulted AJ Styles, his Georgian background, and the longer road it took Styles to get to WWE stardom--whereas Theory's the youngest (insert whatever here). The two briefly clashed before the match and Dolph Ziggler came out in a suit to end the segment. 9:58-10:07
  • Old Man Logan: Logan Paul returned to Raw to address the Miz on Miz TV. The Miz began his entrance at 10:44 but Logan Paul wasn't introduced until 10:51 (and the Miz didn't speak until mere moments before that). Long time for the Miz to stand there. Any who, both men had words. The Miz called Logan Paul a rookie; Paul listed off some of his most recent paid accomplishments, including fighting Floyd Mayweather. The Miz attempted to attack Logan Paul; Paul avoided it but was attacked by Ciampa, who is officially aligned with the Miz now. The Miz accepted Logan's challenge for SummerSlam. 10:51-10:58pm EST.

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