Monday Night Raw Quick Recap (November 22, 2021)

For those of you who want just the quick results and don't want the details of matches, this is a quick recap of tonight's show. There are spoilers for tonight's show below. The full results can be found right here! Tonight's program aired from the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw Quick Recap for November 22, 2021

Matches Tonight: Nine
  • Singles Match: Riddle, dressed and acting as Orton (including fake goatee), took on Dolph Ziggler of the Dirty Dawgs. Entertaining opening match that saw Riddle pick up the win with an RKO outta nowhere! Orton took out Roode after the match by using Riddle's Bro Derek move. 8:14-8:25pm EST.
  • Singles Match: Bianca Belar vs Tamina w/ Natalya. Belair defeated Tamina after a short match. After that, Doudrop attacked Belair and left her laying out before leaving with Tamina & Natalya. 8:46-8:50pm EST.
  • Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Finn Bálor. No match took place as Rollins beat the tar out of Bálor, including hitting a pair of stomps, prior to the start of the match. 8:59-9:05pm EST.
  • Tag Match: AJ Styles & Omos vs the Street Profits. Styles & Omos won via disqualification when the Profits sprayed Omos with a fire extinguisher. 9:17-9:26pm EST.
  • Women's Tag Team Championship match: Super Brutality vs Carmella & Queen Vega. Short, entertaining match that saw Carmella & Queen Vega win the titles and become new champs. 9:36-9:41pm EST.
  • 24/7 Championship Match: Reggie(c) vs Cedric Alexander. Short match that saw Alexander win the 24/7 title, only to lose it moments later to Dana Brooke. 9:49-9:50pm EST.
  • 2-on-1 Handicapped Match: Bobby Lashley vs Dominik & Rey Mysterio. Decent match that saw Lashley win by submission (Hurt Lock). 10:05-16pm EST.
  • United States Championship Open Challenge: Damian Priest(c) vs Sami Zayn. Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez came out to confront Priest but declined the open challenge. Zayn accepted. OUTCOME GOES HERE. 10:31-10:40pm EST.
  • WWE Championship Main Event Match: Big E(c) vs Austin Theory. Seth Rollins joined commentary for this match and mid-match, Kevin Owens came to ring side as well. Big E retained after an entertaining match. 10:49-10:59pm EST.
Miscellaneous Non-Match Segments of Note:
  • Big Time Becs: Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch appeared to gloat over her win at Survivor Series over SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. The point of the segment was for her to insult the crowd and establish herself more as a heel. That's it. 8:33-8:38pm EST.
  • The EST: Bianca Belair entered moments after Lynch left and spoke of her comeback when, last night, she was down four to one. She brags about showing the WWE Universe that she is the EST and the sole survivor. 8:40-8:42pm EST.
  • Cleopatra's Egg: Several segments showcased various Superstars destroying catering and searching the back of the Barclay's Center as McMahon promises a title match against Big E to whomever recovers the egg.
  • New 24/7 Champs: Cedric defeated Reggie for the title in a match. Immediately after, Dana Brooke took out Cedric to win the title.