Monday's Raw Rating Among Worst Ever, Matt Hardy Hints at In-Ring Return

-- This week's WWE Raw generated a 1.61 rating off of 2.286 million viewers which is pretty much the worst rating for a WWE Monday night show dating back to the mid 80s (Prime Time Wrestling). There was only one episode that did worse - Raw on 12/23/96 did a 1.5 rating but it went head-to-head with WCW Nitro and took place the day before Christmas Eve.

-- There continues to be growing optimism backstage that Matt Hardy will be able to return to the ring to wrestle at some point. His rehab is said to be growing strong and Hardy himself is pushing to be back as an active competitor and has begun hinting at it online. The same cannot be said of Jason Jordan, who remains sidelined indefinitely and there is no new information on when or whether he will be able to resume his wrestling career.