Montez Ford Talks About Bianca Belair's Success, Buying Her A Boat

Montez Ford recently joined Corey Graves on the WWE After The Bell podcast for an interview.

During the appearance, The Street Profits member spoke about the success of Bianca Belair, how he eventually bought her a boat and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On the success of Bianca Belair: “I feel like it has its own different ways of enjoyment, or pleasure, or feeling. The love of my life, to see her accomplishments not only brings joy within her but it brings joy within myself, seeing her just be happy in something that she wants to achieve. Then also, accomplishments from my brother, somebody that we shared this similar journey with. When I first got to the performance center, I’d actually known Dawks longer than I’d known Bianca. For him to also be in that transitional period of all of us getting together, it’s like, wow. I just enjoy them both on their own high levels, I don’t really put one over the other, but of course, Bianca. You can’t really re-write everything that’s happening right now and the journey has been phenomenal.”

On how he eventually bought Belair a boat: “You know how [your wife] asks you questions, or they’re like, ‘I would like to get this,’ and you try to make weight to get it for them? It was a process, man,” Montez Ford said. “It took a while, it was a process, actually. To be real, when we first met, that first year, she took me to see her family in Knoxville and everything, and her Dad has a boat and he took us by a river near the University. And she was talking about how her parents worked to get that boat and it was something she just wanted and ‘it would be nice to have a boat.’ That was like maybe six years ago and every birthday, I was like, alright, this is going to be the year, this is going to be the year. I planned it and safely purchased a boat, but that doesn’t mean I’m out here fly dollarin’.”

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