More on Alexa Bliss' Injury Status & Details on Her Rehab

-- As noted recently, Alexa Bliss and her injury status has been up in the air and a topic of much debate. Bliss, who has been out of action for several weeks, was reportedly cleared after Mark Henry curiously broke the news on a recent podcast, implying that she was fully given the green light. Soon after that, reported that Bliss was not fully cleared but was okay'd to perform some light physical activities working towards an eventual return.

-- On a recent Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez spoke more on the type of activity WWE doctors have cleared Bliss for. He indicated that she has been working out at the WWE Performance Center, taking light bumps but it is actually not even in a "real" ring. According to Alvarez, one of the rings at the PC is basically a "crash pad" and the company is testing out whether she can take bumps on that type of surface without experiencing any concussion symptoms. He also noted that Bliss likely isn't expected back in action for WWE until the Royal Rumble which would seem to insinuate that she will continue in an on-camera authority type role on Raw.