More Backstage Details On John Cena's 2025 WWE Retirement Tour

John Cena

-- WWE legend and future Hall of Famer John Cena appeared at Money in the Bank on Saturday and announced that 2025 would be last year as an in-ring performer and that the year would be dedicated to a "retirement tour" as he wraps up while guaranteeing appearances at Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and Elimination Chamber in 2025. He also indicated that he would work a total of between 30-40 dates during 2025 which would presumably include appearances on Raw, Smackdown and some house shows. The numbers mean that Cena will be on TV fairly regularly and reports that his retirement tour will be heavily promoted by the company.

-- The fightful report also adds that there were discussions over how Cena would be used during his last year, how many and what dates he would commit to and how they could work around his other obligations. Several talent are already angling to work with Cena as he winds down. There has also been talks on how Cena would be used following his retirement as almost everyone expects him to remain with the company in some backstage capacity while many also strongly expect him to still make appearances on TV now and again albeit in a non-wrestling role.