More Backstage Details on Samoa Joe's Return to WWE & Future Work For NXT

-- After being spotted at the WWE Performance Center earlier this month and as noted earlier today, Samoa Joe is back with WWE working exclusively for NXT. He ws released back in April with others but according to, the catalyst to bring him back was Triple H who "snatched him back" as soon as he was able to. The report adds that when Joe was released, Triple H was "not happy" and wished to see him in NXT, if not on Raw or Smackdown or worse, with another promotion. Triple H was also primarily responsible in bringing Joe to NXT originally in 2015 and even worked out a deal letting him initially work independent dates.

-- Joe hasn't wrestled since 2020 after suffering multiple concussions and is expected to focus on "non-wrestling" work with NXT, though the opportunity is there for him to wrestle if he ends up getting cleared from his concussion issues. Joe was not backstage at TakeOver, and as already reported, the rumor is that he could take over the NXT GM role that William Regal is seemingly vacating or perhaps serving as an enforcer for Regal.