More on Braun Strowman's Requests to Work Indie Shows; Reportedly Asking for At Least $20,000

-- A few days ago, a report surfaced suggesting that Braun Strowman was asking for five-figure compensation for any independent bookings with interested promoters. Soon after that, Strowman issued a statement, seemingly to refute those rumors, indicating that he had no talked to anyone about bookings but noting that if anyone wanted to talk, they could reach out to his agent. PWInsider's Mike Johnson, who originally was the source of the original report, doubled down on his story saying that while Strowman specifically may not have talked to anyone about this, his agent Nick Antocelli who represents him in these matters certainly had.

-- Johnson added that Antocelli has quoted between $20,000 and $25,000 required for a three-hour appearance from Strowman to multiple promoters while also asking for first-class airfare, two nights of hotel accommodations paid for, plus all meals and ground transportation costs covered.