More on Cancelled AEW/IMPACT Storyline Involving Sammy Guevara

-- More news is coming out of the situation involving Sammy Guevara and a scrapped storyline that would have seen him involved with IMPACT Wrestling after quitting the Inner Circle. adds that Guevara was to work a "short storyline" that ran from Tuesday through Thursday off of the AEW angle and the two promotions had worked out and agreed upon a creative plan for Guevara. However, the wrestler ended up rescheduling his travel plans and arrived only hours before the taping rather than the day before as initially scheduled.

-- As well, before he arrived, Guevara began independently texting IMPACT officials about alternative ideas for him and "not wanting to do what was agreed to" between officials for AEW and IMPACT, forcing them to leave him off the tapings. The report adds that the majority of what was planned for Sammy ended up going to Decay's Black Taurus instead and while there has been speculation that this could harm the AEW/IMPACT relationship, sources from the latter promotion have stated that the two partis are "golden", suggesting that this hiccup has no bearing at all on them working together moving forward.