More on Daniel Bryan Possibly Heading to AEW & His Intentions to Work in NJPW

-- Over the past week, there have been multiple online reports suggesting that former WWE superstar Daniel Bryan is intending to sign or already has signed with AEW with a scheduled debut on the 9/22 Dynamite show in New York. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Bryan and AEW have been in talks for “months” and he has been considering all three of WWE, AEW and NJPW.

-- The key for Bryan signing appears to be the ability to work with New Japan along with any dates in the United States, which may have been the catalyst for new WWE President Nick Khan’s attempts to broker a deal between WWE and NJPW that made the news recently. The Observer claims it is the reason Khan pushed to get that deal done quickly as a way to retain Bryan’s services but ultimately it was the other Khan - AEW's Tony - that may have succeeded in strengthening his relationship with NJPW.