More Detailed WWE House Show Results (2/26/22) - Youngstown, OH

Thanks to reader Edward Rice for these detailed house show results that he attended

Here are the results from WWE Live! Road to Wrestlemania from Covelli Centre

-Lillian Garcia (in a pre-recording which still gives goosebumps) sang our national anthem

-Mike Rome welcomed us and was the hype man

-Before the show got underway Kevin Owens did a pre taped interview stating how it’s miserable to be in a washed up town like Youngstown and how he’s going to win the US title and take back to Canada and rename it the “Canadian National Title”

-Our ring announcer was Smackdown’s Samantha Irvin

-Match 1 Tag team bout-
Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs defeated Sheamus and Ridge Holland when Nakamura pinned Holland after the Kinshasa knee strike

-Match 2 for the US championship-
(C) Damien Priest defeated Kevin Owens by disqualification when KO hit Priest with chair to ribs, following the bout Priest countered a KO attack and hit KO in the back with the chair

-Match 3-
Omos pinned R-Truth with chokeslam; Truth tried to talk himself out of the match by stating that he was Omos’ long lost father (LMAO) didn’t work real well, Truth with a couple of shots, Omos overpowered Truth then the goozle and 3 count

-Match 4 for Raw Tag Team Championships-
(C) Alpha Academy defeated The Mysterios and Street Profits when Gable pinned Dawkins

-Match 5 for Smackdown Women’s Championship-
(C) Charlotte Flair pinned Naomi; Sonya Deville came to ringside and caused multiple distractions on Naomi eventually allowing Flair to hit big boot to face for 3 count; following the contest as expected Flair and Deville double teamed Naomi till Ronda Rousey made the save leading to…

-Match 6 impromptu challenge-
Ronda Rousey defeated Sonya Deville by submission; a few seconds into the bout Rousey attempted to use the armbar in which Deville escaped, Deville got on the mic and said the armbar isn’t allowed at all in the match causing Rousey to use the triangle choke to secure the submission victory


-Drew McIntyre, Big E, and Kofi Kingston did backstage promo hyping the main event ending with “Drew Day” Rocks!

-Match 7-
Finn Balor pinned Apollo Crews following the Coup de Grace

-Match 8 Triple Threat Women’s Bout-
Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop and Liv Morgan when Belair pinned Doudrop following the KOD (honestly worst match of the night, no offense to the ladies for trying hard though) however Belair lifting Doudrop for KOD was VERY IMPRESSIVE

-Main Event 6 Man Tag Team Match-
Drew McIntyre, Big E and Kofi Kingston defeated Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Uso’s when McIntyre pinned Jimmy Uso following Claymore Kick; ~Roman time tracker~ was announced by Samantha Irvin at 10:01, didn’t come out till 10:03 finally made it to the ring at 10:07 and bell didn’t ring till 10:09