More Details on Backstage Altercation Between Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

-- Earlier, it was reported that following Friday's WWE Smackdown, Raw and Smackdown women's champions Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had a backstage confrontation where words were exchanged. has more details confirming that the segment went off the rails after Charlotte threw her Raw women's title to the ground. The original script would have had Becky grab championship from Charlotte and brag about being "Becky Two Belts" before Sonya Deville would order her to hand the Smackdown belt to Flair. Charlotte reportedly didn't agree with that idea but was told to go with it regardless which of course she ultimately didn't follow through with. While she was open to the idea of losing her Raw title to Bianca Belair on Monday's Raw, Charlotte has reportedly had had issues with creative for a while and there had been "friction" from at least one side going back a while.

-- After the segment concluded, there was a "shouting match" backstage and when confronted about why she went off script and threw the Raw title to the ground, Charlotte claimed that it was accidental. However, most people backstage didn't buy that reason and Charlotte ultimately was asked to leave the venue right away, specifically before Becky Lynch's dark match ended as a way to avoid a second confrontation between the women. Vince McMahon was also said to have been upset over how everything played out while others backstage saw all the problems coming from a mile away as it was felt that both women were put into an awkward "lose-lose" situation. It's not yet known if McMahon has spoken with Charlotte about the incident.