More Details on Why Vince McMahon Let WWE Co-Presidents Go

-- While Vince McMahon did not reveal any concrete insight into why he let Michelle Wilson and George Barrios go, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that internally, the belief is that the duo wanted to maximize current profits in order to build the WWE stock back up. McMahon on the other hand was wanting to use money from the new Raw/Smackdown TV deals to not just increase profits but to heavily re-invest the money, specifically to sign and "stockpile" talent. Vince was especially focused on making sure that marketable talent was signed to long-term and often lucrative contracts in order to ensure they didn’t leave.

— The report also notes that McMahon also wanted to use money to create new regional brands in order to dominate those markets as a way to regain the monopoly of the business that has recently begun to erode away due to increases in popularity of other promotions like AEW and NJPW. His focus in the United Kingdom is one such example.