More on Tonight's Raw Being Re-Written & Potential Angle to Take Place (Possible Spoilers)

-- has confirmed an earlier report that the original script for tonight's Raw was completely torn up last night and that a new one was being created today, which contributed heavily to the tapings starting later than anticipated. Much of the changes are reportedly due to the last minute change in the Asuka vs. Sasha Banks match last night and the idea that Asuka's planned match for SummerSlam is now not going to happen and there are multiple options being discussed for her opponent.

-- It is also being reported that there is a plan in place for tonight's show to write Kairi Sane out of storylines as this is her last set of tapings for WWE before she leaves for Japan. The original thought was that the injury to Sane was going to be used to move Asuka's storyline in that the injury to her friend would lead to her SummerSlam match, presumably against whomever injured Sane. We will find out shortly.