More on WWE Looking to Legalize Gambling on Their Matches

– In a story that was first reported by CNBC, WWE is attempting to work with gambling sites as well as state gambling regulators to encourage and legalize gambling on their scripted matches. The big ramification for WWE talent is that if this goes through, they would no longer know the finish to a match until just a few hours before they are to compete as a way to ensure that nobody will know the results until the books close. WWE is hoping that such a move will drum more interest in the big matches from individuals who are into betting and open up the company to secure more sponsorship opportunities in the gambling industry.

– WWE will be working with Ernst & Young (EY) who will assist the company in guarding the results of the matches to ensure it doesn’t leak out to fans with connections or talent so that they can’t make “sure-fire” winning bets. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that because it would be a gaming violation if regulated, WWE wouldn’t be able to even let writers or producers in on the finish of key matches.

– Internally within WWE, many have stated that it is “mind blowing” that WWE is even considering such a move as several key people - for example, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns - wouldn’t know the direction of their programs or the results of their matches until just before an event airs. It would also complicate the situation when WWE brings in a celebrity to wrestle as those matches need to be rehearsed and scripted well ahead of time, including sequences, spots and the finish which the Observer noted is a very risky strategy to undertake.