More on WWE's Upcoming Taping Schedule; Some Wrestlers Hoping WrestleMania Gets Postponed

-- In a followup to a previous headline about WWE pre-taping their upcoming shows leading into WrestleMania, PWInsider reports that after tonight's "live" Friday Night Smackdown, WWE will be taping next week's episode on Saturday. At Monday during Raw, WWE will tape "additional content" around that show as the company tries to get ahead with as much pre-taped content as they can to ensure they have enough material to air heading into WrestleMania. Obviously with the situation regarding the pandemic in a state of flux, if gatherings are tightened even further, it's certainly possible that WWE won't be able to continue in the format they are so having content taped is somewhat of a proactive move on their part.

-- The WrestleVotes account also more details on their taping schedule, suggesting that the company will be taping shows every day for a week beginning tomorrow due to not knowing how like they can continue. They also added that as far as WrestleMania goes, there are some wrestlers who are still hoping that the event gets postponed and doesn't move forward as scheduled for April 4 and 5.