Multiple Indie Promotions Cut Ties With David Starr Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

-- Indie wrestler David Starr is being accused of sexual assault by more than one woman and it has caused multiple independent promotions has stripped him of any titles he was holding and ultimately severing ties with him as well. A woman who goes by the name "Tori" detailed her story earlier this week on Twitter (profile can be viewed here) claiming that Starr sexually assaulted and abused her and others, which prompted at least one other woman from coming forward as well.

-- After the allegations came out, Starr tweeted a few times denying that he is a "sexual predator" but claiming that he was a "bad partner" and "an emotionally immature d***head" and denying Tori's claims. He seemed resigned to losing his career over it and said that if that happens, he's fine with it. Since then, Starr has deactivated his Twitter. The fallout was quick with TNT Extreme Wrestling vacating their title, with OTT and then RevPro both following suit and stripping Starr of various titles.