Naomi and Booker T Discuss The #GiveNaomiAChance Trend, Naomi Strives To Improve

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about the #GiveNaomiAChance hashtag on a recent episode of his podcast, where the former-five time champion offered his help to Naomi, and how she can better improve her chances for success in WWE. He says, "You think the guys on the internet, on social media can help you more than I do, go that route."

Naomi would then respond to Booker by sharing those quotes and writing, "I don’t feel this way nor would I ever say something like this! Tho I felt my work ethic & what I have earned on my own merit was dismissed, the advice & constructive criticism was greatly appreciated & will be applied esp. coming from
@BookerT5x! I’ll cont. striving to improve."

Booker would then come back with, "I appreciate that. I’m only ever here to help and if there’s any way I can, the offer will always stand!"

You can see the exchange below.

The #GiveNaomiAChance hashtag started trending after last week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Naomi suffered another loss to Lacey Evans. She is set to appear on MizTV on tonight's show.