Natalya Writes About Passing Of Her Cat, 2Pawz

Sad news in the Natalya household.

The future WWE Hall of Fame legend surfaced on social media on Friday evening to comment on the unfortunate passing of her cat.

She wrote the following along with a touching video regarding the passing of her cat, 2Pawz.

Our hearts hurt. We lost 2pawz today. He’s been so strong and brave battling cancer and I’m so proud of him for how hard he fought. I’ve never had a cat as unique as him, EVER. He and I had the most special connection. He was just exceptional and loving and loyal and sweet and so full of personality. He’ll have a safe place in my heart forever and there will never be another like him. I’m going to miss him so much. Take care of Maki and Miss Charly. Love you, Bunny.

Nattie had an official official Instagram page for 2Pawz that had 145,000 followers. She would often bring the cat to WWE events as well.

Our thoughts go out to Natalya.