NBA All-Star Recalls SummerSlam Weekend Tryout

Following his participation at a WWE tryout, NBA All-Star Dwight Howard discussed the possibility of competing in the squared-circle.

Check out the highlights from the latest recording of All the Smoke below.

On his WWE SummerSlam weekend tryout:

“The atmosphere is crazy. I went to SummerSlam this summer. I got a chance to do some promos for wrestling. And Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were there, she had just become the new CEO of WWE. And I did my promo and they were like, ‘Man, that was the best promo in the whole tryout, man. Do you really want to wrestle?’ And I was like, I think it’d be great. You know, I feel like there are so many other avenues that I can do. And after doing this thing that I did with the military this summer, it’s like, my mind is the most valuable thing and it’s the strongest thing. And with that, I could do anything, it’s the sharpest tool that I have. So if wrestling can happen, man, I’m gonna go get that belt.”

On the reason why he's hopeful to compete in the ring:

“I would definitely enjoy being a real wrestler like that. Like, my whole life, growing up as a kid, me and my brother wrestled. I played around, acting like I was the Hulk Hogan. And then you know, my nickname is Randy Savage. So, that right there tells you how much I love wrestling. In the room yeah, Randy Savage, that was my s**t. So why not, you know? I really enjoy the crowd. I enjoy entertaining people. I enjoy the fans and stuff like that. .”