New Episode Of Road To Double Or Nothing, PAC Calls Out Page, Cody Reveals New Battle Royal Entry

Below is a breakdown of the latest episode of AEW's Road to Double or Nothing series.

-Chris Jericho and Cody have a meeting in Cody's office. Cody thanks Jericho for his contribution to the business, and for helping AEW launch off the ground, but his attitude needs to be changed. Jericho responds with a story about Dusty Rhodes, who claimed to offer Jericho an early opportunity in his career, but never followed through. Cody apologizes, gives Jericho a final thank you, then tells him to get the f**k out of his office. Upon leaving, Jericho attacks a member of Cody's staff with a cane.

-Brandi Rhodes and the rest of the women's division of AEW take part in a pool photo shoot.

-Promo from the BASTARD PAC. He reminds Hangman Page that he hasn't been defeated since his return to pro-wrestling (almost 20 months). "What makes you think you can beat me?" asks PAC. He concludes by calling Page a dud.

-Footage of Cody's appearance at Southern Honor Wrestling in Canton, Georgia. He brings his dog Pharaoh to the ring, but the pup eventually runs to the back. Cody reminds all those in attendance that this is his last stop on the independent circuit before fully immersing himself in AEW. He then announces the newest addition to the Casino Battle Royale...Dustin Thomas (aka no legs).

-Profile video on Dustin Thomas. He says that he was born with this condition, but that never stopped him from competing as an athlete. He's been training as an amateur wrestler since a young age, and been working professionally for the last year. He recalls Joey Janela giving him an opportunity at Spring Break, where he became a viral sensation. He looks forward to this next chapter in his life.

-Cody explains the rules of the new Casino Battle Royale, and says that the winner will receive the first shot at the new AEW world championship. Entrants into the match are randomly selected, and every 3-minutes a new group is selected. Whoever selects the Joker card enters last.

-Footage of Chris Jericho's appearance at Southern Honor Wrestling is played. He attacks a roster member with a steel chair. Kenny Omega shows up, and the two would brawl before being separated. Fans were interviewed following the event, and their reactions are spliced throughout this final vignette.

Check out the full episode below.