New Report On Japanese Government's Stance On Cyberbullying After Hana Kimura Death

The tragic passing of 22-year old wrestling star Hana Kimura has the Japanese government calling for action.

According to CNN, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication Sanae Takaichi is attempting to speed up discussions around cyberbullying legislation, which include possibly identifying users who share posts including slander and defamation. Japan's former prime minister even called to have the anonymous cyberbullies face some sort of punishment.

STARDOM also released the following statement in regards to Kimura's death, and revealing that they police discovered no case of foul play.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for your concern and sorrow due to the sudden passing of Stardom's Hana Kimura on May 23rd.

According to the police report, there is no case of foul play.

Regarding more details on the cause of death, we will refrain from publishing anything, according to the wishes of the bereaving family. We do not plan to announce the details here in any press conferences or news releases. We kindly ask for continued support.

In addition please refrain from trying to interview the family and athletes belonging to STARDOM in consideration of the current situations.

Moreover, please refrain from visiting the bereaving family, athletes homes, offices, the dojo, etc.

Regarding the funeral of Hana Kimura, we will not be announcing the date and time, nor the place according to the wishes of the bereaving family. We would appreciate the consideration of the media and fans.