New Trailer Releases For David Arquette Documentary

A new trailer for the David Arquette documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette was released earlier today. The film chronicles Arquette's journey in the independent circuit, as he attempts to live out his dream performing as a professional wrestler. Here is a synopsis from the Hollywood Reporter.

It comes two decades after Arquette starred as a wrestling-obsessed fan in Ready to Rumble, which was promoted through World Championship Wrestling's network. During promotion, Arquette was crowned world champion as a marketing stunt, making him the most hated man in professional wrestling as a result. You Cannot Kill David Arquette witnesses David set out to clear his name, competing in 19 professional wrestling matches along the way.

The doc features exclusive interviews with Courteney Cox, sisters Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, brother Richmond Arquette, professional wrestler Ric Flair and more.