New WWE Champion Delivers Message To Nay-Sayers And Former United States Champion Explains Reason For Actions

"This feels really good... this has been ten years since I've had this one!" Miz stated as he was photographed backstage during the first few minutes as the new WWE Champion.

The Miz Warned Former-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Of His Plans Prior To Elimination Chamber

The Miz did exactly as he had warned during the February 15th WWE Monday Night RAW's "Miz TV" segment when he informed the WWE Universe that he was removing himself from the Elimination Chamber match, much to everyone's surprise. Miz continued on during the announcement that to state he would come out after the main event title match, and he would leave the pay-per-view event as the NEW WWE Champion.

Keeping to his word, The Miz did just that! The Miz cashed in his Money In the Bank briefcase that allowed him a WWE Championship title shot after Sunday’s RAW Elimination Chamber main event, which saw Drew McIntyre win to retain his title. McIntyre celebrated his victory in the ring when suddenly out of nowhere, c>former United States Champion Bobby Lashley, connected with a sneak-attack Spear followed by The Hurt Lock! Lashley ended his attack with McIntyre laid out inside the ring as he watched The Miz make his way out to the stage with his Money-In-The-Bank briefcase in hand, accompanied by a referee.

Lashley merely stepped aside as The Miz entered the ring and officially "cashed in" on a physically spent McIntyre, The Miz successfully pinned McIntyre for the three count victory to win the WWE Championship title!

The Miz States He "Told Ya So!" Regarding Title Win

Immediately following his title win, The Miz spoke in regards to the events at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 as he was interviewed backstage by Sarah Schreiber. Miz cut Schreiber off at the jump as he quickly dismissed her and said the camera was "all his". Miz then delivered a message to his critics on the internet:

“Understand that I told you so,” Miz said. “Whenever someone says I wasn’t thinking on their level, I am a master strategist, I think further than anybody else in all of WWE. I didn’t just take respect, I demanded it through all the WWE Universe, and I could care less if everybody’s on the internet going, ‘No, Miz doesn’t deserve it, oh Miz shouldn’t be WWE Champion!’

“Cry, go ahead and cry, and keep on doing it because that is the fuel that lights my fire. I am your WWE Champion, whether you like it or not. Ten years ago we had an Angry Miz Girl and I hope, and I pray, that their are thousands upon thousands, millions of Angry Miz Girls right here, right now, sobbing, weeping, wishing that Drew McIntyre was still their WWE Champion. He is not, I am. So this is me saying I am now content being awesome. See you at WrestleMania, or at Monday Night RAW, whichever I feel like because I am champion and I do whatever the hell I want!”

The Miz then ended his promo with a wink.

Lashley Provides A "To The Point" Explanation

Following the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view, Lashley took to Twitter with his explanation: