New WWE Signee Giulia Not Expected At NXT Heatwave; Latest Update On Her Status

-- Recent WWE signee Giulia remains injured and reportedly doubtful for Sunday's NXT Heatwave, however, it appears that fans won't have to wait much longer to see her in North America according to a story by

-- Corey Brennan of the outlet is reporting that both NXT and Marigold sources claim that Giulia will not be in Toronto for NXT Heatwave but instead be on the road for Marigold this weekend. That would be somewhat of a change in earlier rumors that suggested she would make her official NXT debut at Heatwave. The report added that not only will she not be there from a physical standpoint, but there are no plans to have a video appearance either.

-- The report added that sources within NXT fully believe that Giulia will be ready to go on the next NXT premium live event whenever that may be as there is currently no word on when that event will be but a logical assumption would be for a show during SummerSlam weekend. The same sources also noted that WWE wants Giulia on screen "as soon as possible" but concede that she still has Marigold commitments to finish before she is able to join WWE/NXT full-time. When he does debut, creatively "everything is on the table" with the most likely (but not guaranteed) storyline being an NXT Women's title challenge.

-- The Japanese standout wrestler is currently recovering from a wrist injury and hasn't technically been cleared but that is expected to come within the next week, putting her on track to return to the ring at Marigold's Summer Destiny event next weekend where she would face Saree.