News on Potential Face Turn by Becky Lynch; WWE Trademarks "Tough Enough"

-- It was speculated on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that if and when WWE decides to turn Becky Lynch face, there is a good chance that they will turn Charlotte Flair heel at the same time since the company wants them to continue feuding. It was also suggested that Asuka could be turned heel as a way to set up Becky with another challenger.

-- WWE has trademarked the term "Tough Enough" on October 25 with notes indicating that it would be for goods and services, specifically "Toys, namely, action figures, accessories therefor; dolls; cases for action figures; toy wrestling rings; playsets for use with action figures; toy vehicles; board games; tabletop action skill games; construction toys; playing cards; puzzles; stuffed toys; plush toys; toy belts; knee and elbow pads for athletic use; toy foam hands; costume masks; novelty face masks; Christmas tree decorations; toy spinning tops; arcade games; kites; bobble-head dolls; puppets; card games."

-- At this time, it is not known if WWE is going to be bringing back the Tough Enough series, which ran as a reality show for several years, or if they are going to recycle the name and use it for some other purpose. A third possibility could be that WWE is simply filing the trademark to retain ownership as they have done for other terms recently.