News on WWE's Expansion Into Japan; WWE & All Japan in Negotiations

-- WWE and All Japan Pro Wrestling have begun negotiations as part of Triple H's larger plan to start an NXT team in Japan. Jun Akiyama of All Japan is set to travel to both Stamford, CT and Orlando, FL to meet with Triple H about NXT but also to serve as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center. While WWE consistently brings in guest coaches, Akiyama would be the first Japanese star to be brought in and WWE actually first reached out to him around the middle of 2019.

-- The feeling within All Japan and other Japanese promotions is that the wrestling landscape could change significantly with WWE's entrance into the country - even for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Those in NJPW always figured they would remain the dominant promotion unless WWE came in, in which case all bets would be off. The overall feeling is that if WWE does commit to entering the Japanese marketplace, most other promotions would be highly vulnerable due to not only the competition but because they are currently unable to run shows due to the coronavirus situation.