Next Strange Turn In Marty Jannetty Murder Saga, Burning Potential Rapist's Remains

Former WWF Superstar Marty Jannetty is a murderer, fact or facade? After Jannetty's latest explanation... we still couldn't tell you.

Jannetty was the guest on "The Hannibal TV" with @DevonHannibal (Devon Nicholson) asking the questions many wanted the answers to. Like any good interviewer, Hannibal remained silent while Jannetty continued to disclose details surrounding his initial disturbing Facebook claim that he killed a man in the 1970's as a mere 13 year old boy.

Once the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) got involved, Jannetty changed his tune later that summer, stating that it was a professional wrestling storyline. This left others quite confused.

The story recently took another strange twist as Jannetty was interviewed by HANNIBAL TV and Jannetty stated that he not only killed the man, but then with the help of a relative burned the man and buried the remains that were unable to be burned. Jannetty then stated the following:

“You know once the police got involved — I don’t wanna say police. Once the GBI which is the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation got involved it got serious and I was just trying to set up a storyline. I have to say that right now because you know it was 40 years ago, and you know what kills me? They don’t care about that 13-year-old getting raped it’s like ‘oh you killed somebody.’ What do you think he was gonna do to me after he raped me?! Because so many rape victims get murdered afterward.”

Jannetty went on to share details of his "experience" as a 13 year old after being touched by a well-known drug dealer that was also an employee at the bowling alley Jannetty frequented and worked at as well, stating he was attempting to buy pot when the man touched him inappropriately.

“I was 13-years-old, 13. You know as a grown up or any kids listening to this you say what you think, but when it actually happens, I didn’t expect that reaction. I hit him in the brick, I said it was a brick, it was a piece of concrete thing and you know if you hit someone in the temple — very vunerable. Evidently I hit him too hard and he died right there.”

After admitting that he lied about the "storyline" to police, he also admitted he lied about dragging the body to the river when he stated:

" and my nephew poured gasoline on the body and we burned the body up.” He said the entire body didn’t burn and “there were so many bone things that we dug a whole and put the bones in there.”

Jannetty continued his recollection of events, ending with a warning to anyone that may attempt to try the same thing as his alleged attacked (storyline or not):

“Here’s what sticks with me. A 13-year-old boy was getting raped, and you’re mad at him. You know when it comes down to it people just want to make people feel better about themselves.” He said the problem is that whether the murder happened or not, it doesn’t matter because “all people want to do is put MJ down. You’re a murderer, murderer, murderer, murderer. You try to put your d*ck in my ass and you’ll be next.”

You can view the excerpt from the interview specifically involving the murder below:

The full hour long interview with Marty Jannetty on Hannibal TV can be viewed here.

We will continue to update as the story continues to unfold in an either disturbing finally released memory or the next chapter in a very awkward and confusing "pro wrestling storyline" from former WWE-star Marty Jannetty.