Nick Aldis Names WWE Superstar He Hopes To Face, Talks Dream Manager and NWA Goals

NWA world's champion Nick Aldis held a Q&A on his Twitter earlier this morning where the National Treasure answered a multitude of pro-wrestling related questions. Highlights can be found below.

Who he would choose as his dream personal manager:

All time? Bobby Heenan. The Brain was, in my opinion, the greatest all round performer of all time.

On which past NWA champion he wishes he could face in the ring:

@REALSteamboat in his prime would have been a dream.

Whether he'd ever be open to working with AEW:

Open to working with anyone and any promotion if it makes sense, proven that with ROH and multiple high level independent companies like House of Hardcore.

His dream goals for the NWA:

Sustainable growth, TV/Streaming deals, Sponsors and in-house talent recruitment and development system.

How he wants to face Randy Orton:

Randy Orton; not only for his obvious quality as one of the GOATs but also because of how I believe it would represent the #tenpoundsofgold to the standard set by guys like Brisco, Funk, Race and Flair.

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