Nick Gage Says He Is Working Hard To Return To The Ring,Why GCW Is The Best

MuscleManMalcolm recently conducted an interview with GCW superstar Nick Gage, where the deathmatch king spoke on a number of different topics, including how fans can become MDK all day, whether he will return to the ring, and why he thinks GCW is the best indie promotions ever. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

How to become MDK all day:

“They live their life, they be themselves, they surround themselves with people who love them for who they are, and they find their passion and do it with 100% hard work and dedication. Once you start living your life that way you become MDK all f*cking day”

Says he's training hard to get back into the ring:

“You know what I don't know if I have another one in me, but I’m training my a** off to get back into the ring in that f*cking ring and tear muthaf*ckas up because I love professional wrestling.”


“GCW is the best f*cking independent company going today. No one is even close to us, so why aren't we on the f*cking card.”

What makes GCW special:

“GCW is so special because first, we have a locker room full of hungry talent that wants to go out there and bust their a** each and every time we put on a f*cking show. We’re the best company because we give different flavors, we have great wrestling, the best deathmatch in the f*cking world, and just the fans man. The fans make our show. We built GCW for the fans and that’s why we’re the best company going today.”