Nick Gage Says He's Not Sure Why He Was Left Off Big GCW PPV At Hammerstein

A new video featuring GCW superstar and deathmatch king Nick Gage has been released, where the former GCW world champion discusses his absence from tomorrow's "Wrld On GCW" pay-per-view, stating that fans will have to ask the owners of GCW to find out why.

I want to say, ‘Thank you!,' and for Hammerstein, I ain’t on that fucking show. You know, I don’t know why I’m not on that show. You better go ask the fucking guys that own that fucking company. I do my own motherfucking thing. I represent Murder Death Kill Gang, okay? In 2022, we’re going to take this shit over.

Gage did say at the beginning of 2022 that he was hoping to take some time off to heal some injuries. His last GCW match was against Minoru Suzuki at the October 23rd War Ready event. See his full statement below.