NJPW Releases Character Profile On Jon Moxley For G1 Climax, Marquee Opponents Listed

New Japan Pro Wrestling has released character profiles for each competitor in this year's G1 Climax, including marquee wins, signature styles, and key matchups they will have during the tournament. Competing in the G1 for the first time ever this year is former WWE superstar Jon Moxley, who on his first outing with NJPW, defeated Juice Robinson to become the IWGP United States champion. Check out Moxley's profile below.

The self professed ‘international purveyor of violence’ has certainly lived up to his moniker thus far in NJPW. His quick dispatch of Shota Umino on June 9 at Dominion was certainly impressive, but it was four days earlier, and his unseating of Juice Robinson as IWGP US Champion in his debut match that let the world know Moxley was bringing his all to New Japan. Moxley has stated he would put absolutely everything on the line with every single match in the G1, and with his unique style, anything can happen; and likely will.

Key matches July 19, Korakuen Hall (vs Ishii)

Moxley presents a wildly unpredictable G1, and this match will be nothing if not wild and unpredictable. Moxley loves a fight, and Ishii will be absolutely delighted to give one to the Death Rider in Korakuen Hall.

July 24, Hiroshima (vs Takagi)

With the exception of Juice Robinson in the final night of block action in the Budokan, every opponent is a fresh one for Moxley. The first interaction between Mox and his opponents is one of the most exciting aspects of the tournament, but this is doubly the case with Shingo Takagi. The straight ahead, no nonsense stylings of Shingo should certainly pair intriguingly with Mox’s unorthodox approach, but these two aren’t exactly meeting for the first time. For a brief period, they were both in the same Kamikaze USA stable in Dragon Gate USA; though they never shared a ring as partners or opponents, they may have similar philosophies driving them.