Notes From WWE Survivor Series: Confusion Over Match Order, Executives Backstage, Golden Egg Storyline & more

-- reports that there was a minor "freak out" moment backstage during the latter stages of Survivor Series last night, specifically during the men's elimination match. The reason for this is that some officials were panicking that the show would run out of time as it was slated to go off air no later than 1135 PM ET and the decision to spend so much time on each competitor's entrance was questioned. Obviously in hindsight, the PPV ended without a hitch.

-- Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were backstage the event, but Triple H was not there. Furthermore, executive representation from FOX, Netflix and NBC Universal were all said to be in attendance at last night's Survivor Series.

-- The storyline with Vince McMahon's golden egg being stolen is intended to be a "cliffhanger" for Raw while also serving a purpose to be a Netflix promotional crossover for 'Red Notice', starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

-- Multiple sources report that there was also confusion in regards to the order of matches for Survivor Series. The order was apparently decided and locked in at least a week ago but some people backstage were given sheets that showed the matches in reverse order which caused some confusion. reports that some of the confusion could be after everyone found out that the Rock wasn't going to be there and there were some that felt the Reigns match shouldn't need to close the show.