NWA Owner Talks Pending WWE Sale

Will All Elite Wrestling President and General Manager Tony Khan buy WWE?

NWA Owner Billy Corgan doesn't think so.

During his recent chat with Steve Fall of The Ten Count, Billy Corgan discussed World Wrestling Entertainment's pending sale.

Check out the highlights below.

On WWE potentially being sold to the Khan's:

“Stranger things have happened, color me wrong. It’s the world of professional wrestling and we are talking about billions of dollars here, and not a lot of people on the planet have billions of dollars to spend plus want to be in professional wrestling. Anything is possible of course, but that’s the one where I sort of raised an eyebrow and thought, ‘No, that’s not happening.'”

On ways Tony Khan has "shifted" the wrestling business:

“The things that have shifted in the last five years for that audience, and I am using that term loosely, is they see where WWE isn’t the only kid on the block anymore. Tony coming in and doing what he has done with AEW … he’s at has loosened up the market when they think, okay now there’s room for other people to come in. 20 years ago no one would have imagined that.”