NWA Powerrr Results (11/5): Week 5 Results -- "James Storm vs. Colt Cabana" (Video)

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) returned with episode five of their studio show from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, NWA Powerrr, on Tuesday, November 5th.

This week's show, which premiered live via the official NWA YouTube channel at 6:05pm Eastern Time / 3:05pm Pacific Time, is titled, "James Storm vs. Colt Cabana."

NWA Powerrr Episode 5 Results

The show begins with the opening sequence as "Into The Fire" begins playing. We see the fans in the crowd wearing NWA shirts, holding up belts and cheering.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette are shown at the broadcaster's desk where they welcome us to tonight's episode of NWA Powerrr. They announce the National Championship title match set for later tonight before turning the attention over to the interview podium where Colt Cabana is waiting.

David Marquez is shown at the interviewers podium with Colt Cabana where he says he is a "main eventor" and is 100% ready to go tonight for the main event. The crowd cheers as Cabana walks off.

Aron Stevens comes out next where he reminds Marquez to tell everyone they are not allowed to make eye contact. "Silence! I am here to announce I requested a rematch." He calls Starks' victory a fluke. "You can call it ring rust, you can call it whatever. Bottom line... I am better than him."

Stevens goes on to say, "I am going to reveal something, I am the great great great great grandson of William Shakespeare himself. And I am now going to share a quote. Are you booing Shakespeare? A man may die but once, and I have just coined a quote a man may fall but a thousand times." as the crowd chants "You got beat!" and boos. He says if NWA doesn't make good on their promises, he will just go back to Hollywood as he holds a script.

NWA World's Heavyweight Championship holder Nick Aldis in an ad for RetroMania Wrestling available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 is set to be released in 2020.

Tag Team Match - 10min Time Limit
The Dawsons vs. Mims & Kingsley

Tag team action already underway. Kingsley and Mims trap Zayn against the turnbuckle. A lot of back and forth action between the Dawsons and Kingsley. A neckbreaker leaves Kingsley momentarily subdued until Mims jumps in. Dave gets a dropkick on Mims. A double powerbomb by The Dawsons for the three count and win.

Winner: The Dawsons


The Dawsons make their way to the interview podium following the match. They begin, "We've already beaten the number one contenders. So I say along with my brother, we need a tag title shot! Every single team we have been in that ring with, we have bulldozed through them. We deserve a title shot!" as the crowd boos each statement made.

The crowd begins clapping as Eddie Kingston and Homicide walk onto the set. The crowd chants "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!" He begins, "I'm not here to bitch and moan. There was no disqualification. You guys won, pat yourselves on the back. Make ur money. But let me tell you something right now. If you guys want that title shot, if you need the title shot, why don't you guys come wrestle us again. I'll tell you why. The reason I'm saying that is we still have a chance at the tag team title shot at the NWA Tag Team Champions. We are willing to put that on the line if you are willing to fight us."

The Dawsons reply, "We beat you guys already, but you know what, we'll think about it." As the they walk off set, the crowd chants of "You suck!" can be heard. A confused looking Homicide and Kingston watch The Dawsons as they walk off.

It is announced that Thunder Rosa will make her in-ring debut later tonight, and that Tim Storm is up next when we return to NWA Powerrr.

NWA returns to pay-per-view on December 14, 2019 on Fite titled "Into The Fire" which is already sold out, followed by NWA Powerrr on December 15, 2019 which is also sold out. Last, NWA Powerr coming to Atlanta, Georgia on December 16, 2019 still has limited tickets remaining.

Tim Storm Pre-Taped Interview

Tim Storm being interviewed ringside before the show. The interviewer begins by Eli Drake saying Storm has had his ups and his downs, lately more so on the downs. Drake asks what's going through his mind and if he plans on hanging up his boots for good, to which Storm responds, "There's a lot going on in my mind right now. I never thought about it at the time, but part of being on that mountain top, I guess, is you can't be there forever."

Storm goes on to say, "I've been in a valley. I really have. It's been difficult. I kinda saw this as an opportunity, to not just climb back on the mountain top, but to kinda redeem myself. Obviously it didn't work out the way I thought it was going to. I don't regret anything. I don't regret taking the challenge. Nick Aldis is an incredible champion. I will hold my head up high. I'm proud of the effort I put in to this match. I don't know where it's going to go from here. A lot of decisions to still be made."

"Just hearing you say (the 10 pounds of gold is off the table) is heartbreaking. Hearing you say it's not within my grasp. I knew it was a possibility." Drake goes on to say Storm could go after other championship titles to which Storm responds, "Every championship in the NWA is important. I would be honored to hold any of those titles. I just don't know if that is the direction I am going." Storm is interrupted as he is escorted away by Nick Aldis mid-interview.

The camera zooms in on both Storm and Aldis who had moved to another corner outside of the ring to speak privately. It can be heard saying, "It's not my place to tell you what to say or what to do. But I just wanted to stop you before you said something you couldn't take back. Look around you. None of this happens without you. It doesn't happen without you or me. We built this house. Don't let people like Eli Drake waltz in here and start telling you things or putting things in your head that you don't believe. You know who you are. Everything is possible. I'm not going to let you walk away from this. Ya know? This is your house, just as much as it's mine. You know who you are."

Storm is left looking around the empty arena with tears in his eyes, left to think on Aldis' words.

NWA Women's Match
Thunder Rosa vs. Ashley Vox

Both women already in the ring, Rosa in her full face paint. The bell rings and the match begins. Rosa wastes no time rushing Vox, getting her into a headlock and dragging her around the ring. The ref breaks them up. Rosa with a Knife Chop to the chest of Vox. Vox counters temporarily after being thrown into the rope, only to have Rosa regain control as she retaliates with a big boot to the chest.

Rosa flips Vox and once again with a boot to the back of Vox. Vox fires back with a headbutt. Another boot to the back of Vox, who is being kicked around the ring. Rosa begins getting elbows on Vox before locking in with a Leg Scissor. The crowd begins stomping and clapping. Vox begins to show signs of life once again. Vox is kicked in the midsection as Rosa goes to the top rope and with a Double Stomp to the back gets the pinfall win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

After the Match

The referee raises Rosa's hand in victory, however Thunder Rosa seems to feel she hasn't fully finished what she came to do as she attacks Vox after the bell has declared her the champion. Rosa with several heavy blows on Vox. Marti Belle comes running into the ring and saves Vox. Rosa stares Belle down as she exits the ring. Rosa is smiling as she walks away from the ring.

We are reminded about the NWA National Championship Match tonight between Colt Cabana vs. James Storm match tonight.

Deal of the Week Ten Pounds Pin is on sale for $19.48 with an original price of $24.99.

Announcers Desk

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette are discussing the debut match of Thunder Rosa.

Marti Belle: "I don't know Thunder Rosa. I don't know what she's about. I don't know what she's doing out here. But you know who I do know? Allysin Kay, she is my best friend." Belle says she is upset that Kay spoke negatively on her saying Belle wasn't ready. Belle continues "She knows how hard I have fought, in so many companies, not just alongside her..." Allysin Kay makes her way out, interrupting the interview.

Kay begins, "Marti, what is this? You couldn't come and talk to me about this personally? You are out here venting to all these people? This ain't Dr. Phil..." as Kay is interrupted by Thunder Rosa with an elbow to the back of the head of Allysin Kay. Rosa smiles and sticks out her tongue as she throws Kay into the ring. The loud drums are playing and intensify as Rosa holds Kay by the hair, offering her to Belle. With a devious smile, Rosa steps away as Belle gets a boot to the face of Kay.

Belle is seen yelling at her former friend Kay, who is laying in the center of the ring. Rosa smiles and walks backwards away from the ring with her arms outstretched.

Up Next: Aron Stevens versus Ricky Starks in announced.

Who is the ? Mark advertisement is shown.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

Aron Stevens is shown wearing a robe at the interview podium pointing at Ricky Starks saying, "There is no way you can beat me in a two out of three fall match." Starks looks on with a smirk as Stevens makes his way over to the ring, derobing as he makes his way into the ring. The referee stands between the two contenders as Ricky Starks is announced, followed by Aron Stevens being announced ("at a weight Stevens refuses to disclose").

As Starks is removing his shirt to set it in his corner, Stevens rushes at Starks as the referee signals for the bell to ring beginning the match. Starks moves to the left, letting Stevens rush into the turnbuckle. Before Stevens regain his balance Starks grabs him in a victory roll for the first pin.

Stevens runs outside of the ring, stunned that his first pinfall was in less than 5 seconds. Starks casually continues to remove his bandana and necklace as if he hadn't even been fazed by the sneak attack attempt. Stevens is standing stunned saying "No!" as the crowd responds in unison, "Yes!" with the back and forth between Stevens and crowd as usual. Stevens makes his way back to the ring for the second bout.

Stevens still looking shocked, slows the match down. Starks and Stevens lock up as both men struggle to gain control of the other. Starks with a Drop Kick. Starks gets a Backslide and pin attempt, Stevens is able to kick out before the three count and moves to the apron. Stevens yells at the referee for counting too fast. Starks with a Dropkick on Stevens, followed by several chops to the chest. Starks mocks Stevens by quoting Charles Dickens "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".

Stevens with a cheap shot as he pokes Starks in the eyes before attacking him with punches, finishing with a Vertical Suplex. Starks with a knee to the shoulder of Stevens. Stevens applies a Chinlock on Starks who builds momentum from the crowd stomping and cheering. Starks makes his way back to his feet, countering on Stevens with a Tornado DDT. Starks makes it to the top rope, but Stevens jumps out of the way. Stevens exclaims, "He's the loser now!" as Starks grabs Stevens with his feet around the waist of Stevens, for a roll up and three count pin.

The crowd chants "You got beat!" as Stevens sits in the ring looking shocked once again. Stevens whispers, "No!" as the crowd begins the back and forth, "Yes!" Stevens walks away as Starks does the Ricky Stevens bow.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Another advertisement for the RetroMania Wrestling game set to be released in 2020.

A promo for next week's edition of NWA Powerrr is shown with the question, "Will the Dawsons Accept Kingston and Homicide's Challenge?"

Main Event for NWA National Championship
James Storm vs. Colt Cabana

Out first for this NWA Main Event Challenge is Colt Cabana with Mr. Anderson getting the crowd pumped up. The crowd begins to "boo" as James Storm makes his way to the ring. The referee holds the NWA National Championship belt as both men undress and prepare for the match up. The bell rings and the match is officially underway.

The crowd begins the match chanting "Boom Boom" as Cabana and Storm lock up early followed by a shoulder tackle by Cabana. Another big shoulder tackle by Cabana. Storm attempts to get a big boot on Cabana who grabs him and counters. Cabana gets an early two count on Storm.

Storm makes his way back to his feet, throwing Cabana into the turnbuckle. Cabana tries to make his way to the top, only to be countered by Storm with a sweep of the legs followed by a big DDT right in the corner. The match makes it's way to the outside of the ring momentarily.

Storm throws Cabana back into the ring, going after his leg. Storm pulls Cabana back to his feet only to throw him back down to the mat. Storm drags Cabana to the center of the ring and makes his way up to the second rope. Cabana counters with a boot to the mouth of Storm. The crowd builds Cabana up. Cabana with a big right hand followed by Flying Scissors. Storm on the defense now.

Cabana gets a Sunset Flip pin on Storm, Storm kicks out. Storm with a TKO to Cabana off the ropes sending him out of the ring. Storm throws Cabana back into the ring following up with an Elbow Drop and cover attempt. Cabana is able to kickout before the three count, putting his shoulder up just in time. Storm looking frustrated, puts Cabana on the top rope, setting him up for a Superplex. Cabana sees the move comping and pushes Storm backward with an elbow.

Cabana attempts Splash from the ropes, Storm moves out of the way causing Cabana to land on his feet. A Standing Splash and a nearfall. Crowd cheering for Cabana as he lands the Million Dollar Elbow. Storm counters with a Back Stabber. Both men with full momentum, hitting strike back and forth. Storm hits Eye of the Storm on Cabana for the cover, Cabana surprisingly kicks out once again. The referee is busy arguing with Drake who has jumped up on the apron to argue the referee's counting ability. A lot of commotion outside of the ring as Cabana hits the Superman pin on Storm for the three count pinfall and new championship holder!

Winner: Colt Cabana - NEW NWA National Champion

After the Match

Colt Cabana is seen celebrating in the ring, holding his new NWA National Championship belt high over his head as he makes his way to each corner of the ring, showing the crowd with pride.

Interview Podium

The Dawsons make their way onto the interview podium and grab the mic from Martinez asking if it's on. "We ain't waiting for anyone. Kingston, Homicide... we ain't waiting for any other week. Get a ref! We want our match now!" as the make their way to the ring, pacing back and forth.

The Dawsons vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

The Dawsons are pacing in the ring as Kingston and Homicide come running to the ring and jump in where there a referee is already standing in wait. The bell rings, beginning this impromtu match up. All four men are fighting back and forth. Homicide is seen biting the head of Zayn as Kingston and Dave are throwing blows back and forth behind them.

The referee attempts to gain control of the match as Kingston takes a Double Splash at the hands of the Dawsons. A few quick tags wears Kingston down, who attempts to tag in Homicide to no avail, as Zayn knocks Homicide off the ring. Double Suplex by the Dawsons on Kingston, Homicide jumps in to break up the pin.

Homicide comes in like a bat out of hell laying into Zayn and Dave. The Dawsons accidentally run into one another in the ring at the prompting of Homicide. Homicide Drop Kicks The Dawsons into the Wild Cards who made their way out in an attempt to attack Homicide. Rock N Roll Express come out and make the save as the crowd is now in an uproar, all on their feet. Kingston and Homicide attack Dave and hit a Back Elbow/Cutter combo for the three count pinfall.

Winner: Eddie Kingston and Homicide

After the Match

Kingston and Homicide are standing in the ring celebrating, The Rock N Roll Express stand by in celebration of their win. The crowd is chanting "Rock and Roll!" as the show fades to black.

Watch the complete video archive of episode five of NWA Powerrr below.

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