NWA Powerrr Results (Ep. 3): Twilight Of Tim Storm - 10/22 (Video)

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) presented their third episode of NWA POWERRR on their official YouTube channel on Tuesday evening, October 22nd.

The show marks the third episode of the promotion's new studio television show from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, very similar to the old-school NWA television shows during the 1980s.

Watch the complete episode of NWA POWERRR: Twilight of Tim Storm from 10/22 courtesy of NWA's official YouTube channel below.

NWA POWERRR RESULTS (Twilight Of Tim Storm) -- OCTOBER 22, 2019

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is back for the third installment of their new studio wrestling show, NWA Powerrr. Last week's sophomore show was another grand success across NWA's digital channels, as was the premiere at the beginning of this month.

This week's show is titled "Twilight of Tim Storm" and features another jam-packed show full of great in-ring action and story line advancements.

NWA Powerrr Episode 3 Results

Tonight marks episode three of NWA Powerrr, which is appropriately titled "Twilight of Tim Storm" after the 54 year old school teacher that captured the hearts of wrestling fans, aired on the National Wrestling Alliance's official YouTube channel on Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:05pm EST.

Storm makes his return to address his future in wrestling entertainment after his loss to Nick Aldis for Ten Pounds of Gold in episode one of NWA Powerrr.

Show Opener

Powerrr's debut episode is played, showing footage of Tim Storm's loss to Nick Aldis at NWA Powerrr's debut episode, followed by the Powerrr intro and the commentators Cornette and Galli welcoming fans to the third episode of NWA Powerrr.

Eddie Kingston breaks in exclaiming he and his partner Homicide deserve another NWA Tag Team Title shot after the Dawsons ruined last week's main event at NWA Powerrr's episode two. Kingston adds he wants revenge on the Dawsons, "Right now. We'll do it in the parking lot. I don't care."

First Match

Crystal Rose vs. Marti Belle

Both Belle and Rose are in the ring already to begin the first match up of the night. Rose escapes an early waistlock by Belle, only to receive a follow-up arm drag. Rose is temporarily trapped in the corner, getting out only to get hit with an Irish Whip. Rose gains momentum and begins kneeing Belle in the head, followed by boots to the back. Belle turns things around with a couple big moves, playing off the fans excitement. Belle ends the match with her finisher for the win.

Winner: Marti Belle

Interview Desk

The Dawsons are seen at the interview desk backstage where they speak on last week's main event at NWA Powerrr. They announce they are willing to challenge any two competitors backstage, but not Homicide and Eddie Kingston. The crowd boos as the Dawsons walk off.

Joe Galli welcomes a pirate themed Aron Stevens who is in the full get up. The crowd begins to chant "Captain Morgan" as Stevens explains his costume. Stevens says his newest film project is titled "Tropical Pirates" followed by a trailer showing only Stevens and then clips of a boat in the ocean, ending with a "Summer 2020" expected release date.

Second Match

Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker

Konley gets Parker in a headlock following a shoving match between both contenders to start the match. Konley makes his way back to his feet and begins attacking Parker with strikes. Konley gets a nearfall on Parker. Parker turns the match around momentarily with several powerhouse moves, only to be the victim of Back Suplex followed by a Moonsault by Konley for the three count.

Winner: Caleb Konley

Third Match

Pre-Match Interview

Tim Storm makes his way out for a pre-match interview. Storm compliments Nick Aldis, calling him a "true champions champion." Storm admits he is still uncertain as to what his future in wrestling will be. A fan shouts "I love you Storm!" to which storm simply replies, "I know, but so does Mama Storm."

Eli Drake interrupts the interview and directs his statement at Storm, "You keep talking about Mama Storm... She's probably worried about you getting hurt, but she's probably more worried about you giving up." Drake goes on to ask Storm if he would team up with him against the Dawsons tonight, adding someday even the Tag Team Championship titles. Storm promises to think on it.

Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs. The Dawsons

All four men make their way to the ring as the referee sounds the bell to begin this match up. Eli Drake and Dave Dawson quickly tie up to begin the match. Dave gets a few powerful shots on Drake as he is cornered in the ring. Drake retaliates with several running lariats and a failed Suplex. Zayn is in next, quickly going for a Suplex of his own on Drake. Storm enters the ring against Zayn. Back and forth between Zayn and Drake, then Zayn and Storm with several quick tag ins to wear Zayn down. Storm attempts to throw Drake into Dave, missing and slamming into the ringpost instead. The Dawsons take advantage of the situation and with a Splash then Slam combo for the three count.

Winner: The Dawsons

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