NXT Battleground Live Results (June 9, 2024) - UFC Apex - Las Vegas, NV

Welcome everyone to our NXT Battleground live results pre-show and discussion thread! Bringing your live results tonight is your Results General, Hogan. I write results for sickos so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to our live results shortly before broadcast. Tonight's NXT Battleground premium live event airs LIVE from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas and filled with championship matches. A true battle of the belts, if you will!

Our official preview dropped earlier today with a bit more in-depth. We've got NXT Champion Trick Williams defending his title against "All Elite Ego" Ethan Page in Page's first NXT match. We'll crown a new NXT Women's North American Champion with a Six-Pack ladder match consisting of Michin, Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan, Sol Ruca, Fallon Henley and Jaida Parker. We'll see the Good Brothers challenge Frazer & Axiom for NXT tag title gold, and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace will challenge NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez in hopes of leaving as a dual-brand champion. Shayna Baszler takes on Lola Vice in an NXT Underground match, and North American Champion Oba Femi will defend in a triple-threat against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey.

Be sure to check back for any pre-show. Until then, the floor is yours, Rajahmaniacs. Don't do anything I wouldn't do and have at it!

NXT Battleground Pre-Show & Discussion

Official NXT Battleground LIVE from Las Vegas Kicks Us Off

Megan Morant and and Sam Roberts open us up as we begin our official pre-show live on the Peacock network. Our hosts greet us and inform us tonight's premium live event will be the first to air from the UFC Apex. We get a quick rundown of our card.

A good half-hour-plus of this continues, ad nauseam, and is paired with various promos and vignettes for the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle which will feature Scotsmen Drew McIntyre & Piper Niven fighting for their respective top titles. Eventually we see NXT GM Ava Raines backstage who cuts a short interview. She hypes the signing of Ethan Page and tonight's card. After much ado about nothing, we finally cut to the Then. Now. Forever. Together.

NXT Battleground Live Results (June 9, 2024) - UFC Apex - Las Vegas, NV

NXT Has Arrived in Sin City

The program starts with our commentary crew hyping the UFC Apex. Sexy Redd is introduced and comes out to the ring briefly. We get a vignette hyping NXT coming to the city of sin.

NXT Women's North American Championship Six-Pack Ladder Match: Kelani Jordan vs Lash Legend vs Sol Ruca vs Michin vs Jaida Parker vs Fallon Henley

The first out is Sol Ruca, who gets a nice little pop. Jaida Parker is out next, followed by Michin. so far the NXT crowd is moderate. Also note it's small, like NXT's Capitol Wrestling Center may be slightly larger. Fallon Henley is out next rockin' the cowgirl gimmick to a somewhat dead/mildly booing crowd. We see the title suspended above the ring. Lash Legend comes out next to the best pop so far, a nice one to be honest. Kelani Jordan is out last to a nice pop. The women pair off and immediately begin to brawl as the bell rings. Lash Legend takes an early control of the ring until Kelani Jordan and Sol Ruca send her out through the ropes to a pop. Sol and Kelani go toe-to-toe briefly. Jordan uses the top ropes to fly out, followed by Ruca, as the superstars begin to hit big spots one after another and it has it's desired effect to bring the crowd alive!

Big spot from Lash Legend, who enters the ring and uses a steel ladder horizontally to clear house briefly. Jordan comes in and looks for a head-scissors takedown but Lash powers through it. Parker and Michin join the fight in the ring and a brawl ensues in the corner. Ruca takes down everyone and sets Jordan on a ladder suspended across the ropes in the corner. Sol looks for the title but is shoved off her own ladder by Jadia Parker. Parker looks to ascend but Jordan pulls on her tights. Parker is ultimately pulled off and lands booty-first on the ladder. The ring clears briefly before Michin sets up a ladder.

On her way to the top, Michin is topped by Lash Legend. Lash sidesteps a charge and kicks a rising Michin back down to the campus. Vic exclaims Lash is in the driver seat and Booker mumbles a reply. Legend with a sleeper hold on Michin! Legend towers over Michin as Fallon Henley hops up the back of Legend with a sleeper of her own! Kelani hops on Fallon's back with her own sleeper hold! The four-woman-tall tower of sleeper holds collapses.

Once again, chaos ensues in the ring. Sol Ruca looks to climb one side of the ladder, with Lash on the other. Fallon and Jaida both look to climb other women's backs. Jordan and Jaida battle at the top of the ladder before Lash Legend grabs Jordan's legs from one side of the ladder. Parker holds onto Kelani's arms on the other side and they, essentially, t-bone her with the top of the ladder pressed into her back! Multiple women are taken out in various spots, with us once again circling back to Lash and Fallon. Henley drops Legend and Jordan and the dead crowd pops big with an "NXT! NXT!" chant. Multiple superstars fight around two set-up ladders, with Lash Legend yet again clearing the ring.

No sooner can Lash start to reach for the ladder when Sol Ruca climbs the other side. Both women struggle on top of the ladder, jockeying for position. Ruca flips over the top and over Lash, attempting to suplex her. Legend hangs on until all five other superstars work in tandem to super-suplex Lash Legend to the outside floor! The UFC Apex finally wakes the fuck up with a "holy shit!" chant! Vic Joseph and Booker T speculate that Lash is hurt. Meanwhile, in the ring, Michin hits a huge DDT to a big pop. The five still-standing women again jockey over a ladder with Michin on top.

Even the crowd gets behind this with a "this is awesome!" chant as Michin works her inner Kofi Kingston and recovers, clearing the ring. Again, Michin ascends the ladder and comes close to championship gold. Sol Ruca and Jaida Parker interrupt her. Sol and Jaida briefly struggle before fires off a pair of Sol Snatchers outta nowhere! Sol Ruca hangs in there, only to be clotheslined over the top rope. Michin is taken down, and Kelani Jordan fires off a One of a Kind! Jordan ascends the ladder and pulls the title down, making history! She gets a great pop from the crowd and a "you deserve it" chant.
Your Winner and FIRST EVER NXT Women's North American Champion, Kelani Jordan!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs the Good Brothers

Sending us back after a very lengthy "Top 10" vignette sponsored by WWE, are Vic Joseph and the one true king "Booker T." The Good Brothers are out first to a mild pop. Our champs are out next. The crowd is still just very subpar when you consider NXT's home crowd is about the same size. We're reminded that the OC thing they're "OGs" or NXT Originals. We get our bell at 8:36pm Eastern and start with Karl Anderson locking up with Axiom. We continue a moderate pace, with frequent tags from the challengers working to isolate Axiom and get the crowd more swept into the drama. The crowd definitely is more alive than the previous match, which is a shame. Axiom comes close to making the tag but Gallows comes in and manhandles Axiom. The crowd tries to rally Axiom, who pounds away at Gallows, only for Gallows to stun him with one clubbing blow.

Momentum starts to shift in the favor of the champions as Axiom begins to rally. He uses a step-up kick to rock Anderson and rolls under Gallows. Frazer comes in off the hot tag, sending Gallows outside and taking Anderson down repeatedly in the middle of the ring. Frazer with a standing Shooting Star splash for a close fall! The crowd is eating up every high-flying move these teams have. Frazer misses with a high-flying attack and Karl tags in Luke. Gallows with the elimination neckbreaker but Frazer kicks out just shy of three! Gallows hits a huge sit-out powerbomb for another close fall. Axiom makes the save, only to be sent back outside for his troubles. Karl Anderson taunts Frazer, wasting valuable seconds and opening himself up for a desperation kick from Frazer.

Once again, Axiom is legal but is immediately taken down by Gallows. Gallows & Anderson look for the Magic Killer but Frazer makes the save! Frazer takes it to Anderson outside the ring as Axiom slaps a sleeper on Gallows. Anderson recovers and makes it to his corner in time for Gallows to break free and make the tag. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer and the ref covers for the one, two, no! Frazer flies from halfway across the ring to make the huge save! The tiny crowd erupts for four seconds! Axiom attempts an inside cradle on Anderson but can't pull it off. Frazer looks for a suicide dive on Gallows but gets caught and slammed into the apron! Axiom heads up top but Gallows stops him, hitting a super cutter for another close fall! Axiom and Anderson again end up struggling in the corner. Axiom wiggles free and works with Frazer to double-clothesline Gallows over the top rope. Frazer with a diving attack that wipes out Gallows at ringside. Axiom hits a leaping super Spanish Fly off the top! Frazer follows it up with a Phoenix Splash, covering to pick up the win!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Axiom & Nathan Frazer!

NXT Underground Match: Lola Vice vs Shayna Baszler

More than a dozen minutes pass between matches, filled with vignettes hyping a special two-night SummerSlam in 2026. Another hypes Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice's recent spat, including touching on their MMA background. Baszler is out first, followed by Vice. The crowd seems hot for this and we're reminded that Baszler is returning to the Apex after previously being on Team Ronda Rousey during her UFC tenure. We're also reminded that his match ends in either submission or knockout. We get the bell at 9:02pm and both women begin throwing and dodging blows before Baszler takes Vice down to the canvas hard to a great reaction.

Shayna Baszler continues a lengthy streak of dominating, using a few big takedowns to rock Lola Vice. Shayna locks in an ankle-lock and holds it on for nearly a minute before Lola is able to send Baszler down, shell-shocking the veteran MMA fighter. Vice mounts Baszler's back and locks in a rear naked choke. Baszler attempts to power up but is dropped to a knee once again. The ring is surrounded by UFC personnel, I think, or at least some staff dressed in all black. Baszler and Vice battle to the outside area (remember: no ropes for NXT Underground). Baszler threatens a move on top of the table but Vice powers out. Baszler looks for a big running knee but Vice moves out of the way just in time, causing Baszler to ram her knee hard into the announcer's table! Baszler screams in pain and rolls on the ground. Vice takes Baszler to the ring post and slams the ring, a la Hogan, and Baszler rolls in pain.

The match quickly shifts in favor of Lola Vice as she slaps the Queen of Spades into a knee submission. Baszler rolls in pain but refuses to tap. Lola switches to a different angle and Baszler looks to counter with a neck lock. Vice rolls through and slaps in a laying ankle-lock. Both women rise to their feet and Vice gets a knockdown with a series of punches. Vice follows up, attempting to mount Baszler. Shayna gets her arms up to deflect blows. Both women rise and again, Vice drops Baszler with a big blow. Vice takes Baszler's back, locking. in a sleeper. Baszler begins to fade but slithers out just in time. Baszler with a side kick that drops Vice. Baszler with a side takedown and mounts Vice, raining down rights and lefts! Baszler takes Vice's back and slaps in a choke! The crowd is, and has been on, fire this entire time as the ref checks on Lola. Vice gets ahold of Baszler's right ankle and uses it to force herself free. Baszler allows Lola to recover, only to rock her again with a running right knee! Baszler drops her knee pad and looks for another running right knee. Vice sends Baszler outside. Vice pursues but Baszler sends Vice down. An upset Shayna begins knocking out everyone at ringside! Big spinning suplex to another black-clad staff member!

Interrupting Baszler's rampage is Lola Vice with a huge scissors kick. Vice takes Baszler to the Underground ring and Baszler immediately converts it into an arm bar attempt. Vice tries to club her way free, only to have Baszler reluctantly break the hold by kicking Vice back. Both women battle ringside before Lola scores a huge blow of luck on Baszler, causing Baszler to fall back and club her head on the steel steps. Vice takes it inside the ring and takes Baszler down immediately. Baszler is clearly stunned (kayfabe) and Vice fires a flurry of fists down upon the defenseless Baszler, leading the refree to stop the match at 9:12pm.
Your Winner, Lola Vice!

NXT North American Championship Triple-Threat Match: Oba Femi(c) vs Joe Coffey vs Wes Lee

Time for our third of five championship matches! Out first is Wes Lee, the man who never lost the title (due to injury, forced to relinquish). Joe Coffey is out next to almost zero reaction, followed by the champ. Oba Femi comes out to an absolutely dead crowd. The lightly-pipped in chants are even dead. We're reminded of triple-threat rules and our match finally gets under way! All three men start us off, with the champ taking an early lead over the others. Femi takes his time manhandling both challengers, at one spot hooking them both up and hitting a dual suplex on them both. The crowd lightly comes alive, with the chants split between Femi and Wes Lee. Femi sends each man to a different ring and hits charges on each in opposite corners over and over. He continues the "Big Man's 101" playbook, lawn-darting both challengers and using suplexes to send both men flying.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Joe Coffey takes control for about a two-minute stretch. Joe starts off with a snap DDT that takes a page out of the AEW playbook--its so powerful, it rocks Wes Lee into immediately rolling through and recovering. Coffey gets some impressive, powerful spots in showing off his core as he tries to overpower the powerhouse champ. Oba Femi begins to recover and hoists Wes Lee up, powerbombing Lee into Coffey to a huge pop! The crowd's back alive. All three men begin to go at it in the ring. Lee looks for a back springboard assault but both Femi & Coffey catch him. Lee continues his high-octane offense, looking for a close cover after a Cardiac Kick. Coffey is quick to shut down the killstreak and picks up a near fall of his own. Coffey charges Femi, who pops him up for a powerbomb. Coffey floats over and Femi clothelines him over the top. Both men spill outside. The crowd pops when suddenly the rest of Gallus hits the ring! Mark Coffey & Wolfgang help take down the champ. Joe Coffey capitalizes on the chaos, taking it to Wes Lee in the ring and nearly cutting him in half with a shoulder thrust after a Cardiac Kick attempt! Coffey covers but Lee kicks out!
Oba Femi rises on the outside and, as the crowd chants "you fucked up," Femi begins to destroy Gallus at ringside! Wes Lee recovers and, to a huge pop from the crowd, sets up Joe Coffey for a running stomp. Lee unloads on Joe in the corner with. series of kicks before hitting the Cardiac Kick! Lee covers but, again, Gallus makes the save to big boos. Lee takes out Gallus with a running senton over the top! Femi and Coffey clash in the ring, with Femi tossing Coffey up in the air and letting him cash down powerbomb style! Lee dives outta nowhere from the top but Femi catches him, midair, and powerbombs Lee! Femi turns, powerbombs a recovering Coffey, and covers to pick up the exciting win! We get multiple replays exhibiting Femi's powerful moves.
Your Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi!

NXT Women's Championship Match: Roxanne Perez(c) vs TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace

The reigning TNA Knockouts Champion is out first and gets a great "TNA! TNA!" chant from the crowd. Out next is "the Prodigy," our champ, Roxanne Perez. We get official introductions for this and a hot crowd. Grace immediately starts us off by shoving Perez down, exhibiting the power difference. Perez tries to get some offense in but is blocked by Grace. Grace catches Perez's foot, and Roxy hops on one foot briefly before delivering a stiff, loud kick straight to Grace's face! A resounding "you fucked up!" chant fills the arena. Perez uses a thumb jab to the eye to gain momentum in her favor and begins to work over Grace's left arm.
Seven minutes into our match, the momentum continues to roll back and forth. Grace has a big spot in which she stops Roxy's rear ascent up the turnbuckles and, after a brief struggle, manages to hit a body slam off the top rope. Roxy begins to fire off blows, screaming in rage as Grace continues to weather all the blows. Grace with a left-right-clothesline combo straight out of the eighties. Grace looks for her finisher but "the Prodigy" escapes. Grace with a rapid-fire spinebuster for a close cover. The crowd is firmly behind Grace and rallies her to her feet. Grace with a clubbing right forearm. Grace suplex lifts Perez to the top, but Perez fires off forearms in an attempt to disrupt the challenger's momentum. Grace hints at a muscle buster but Perez counters with a DDT. Roxy again focuses on the challenger's shoulder after a modified tornado DDT. Dueling chants from the fiery crowd.
Perez holds on to the arm and Grace attempts to powerbomb her off. Perez ends up hanging over the ropes, latched on to Grace's arm, until the ref forces the break. Again, Roxy heads up top but Grace stops her mid-thought. Grace looks for a second muscle buster and connects! A very loud, and very annoying, block of 6-8 people begin an obnoxious "Jordynne's gonna kill you" chant. Grace and Perez begin to struggle on the ramp-side apron. Perez ultimately wins, sending Grace down to the hard floor. Perez runs off the opposite ropes and hits a suicide DDT on the challenger. Perez takes Grace back into the ring and hits a springboard moonsault for a close cover. Grace kicks out. Perez floats over into a Crossface Crippler! The crowd loudly chants "tap!" but Grace rolls out. Huge spinning back elbow from the challenger, but the champ with a spinning back kick. The champ attempts a Pop Rox but Grace counters. Grace with a huge reverse Pop Rox to a big pop. Tatum Paxley enters the ringside area from the crowd, snatching up the TNA Knockout's Championship title! Paxley starts to flee up the ring when Dana Brooke Ash by Elegance catches her! Before Ash can enjoy holding the title, Grace attacks, getting her title back. Grace heads back into the ring only to eat a Urinage, a Pop Rox, and the pin!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Women's Champion, Roxanne Perez!

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Trick Williams(c) vs Ethan Page

After another quarter hour of our lives spent that we can never, ever, get back, we get "All Ego" Ethan Page out first to a mild pop. Trick is out next to a great reaction from the crowd. Official announcements are made and we're off for our final match of the night! As Page starts off aggressively, we're reminded that Page took out Noam Dar and Oro Mensah in recent history. Trick angrily fires back, pounding away at Page to a huge pop. Trick with a leaping neckbreaker. The battle spills outside and Page uses a strong Irish whip to send the champ hard into the steel steps. The first several minutes see neither man take a firm command until Ethan Page manages to chain together a string of suplexes and very short pin attempts. Ethan uses a bear hug submission to try to wear down the champ, and focuses his holds along Williams' abdomen and ribs. Trick struggles in the lock for a few long moments, with the crowd constantly trying to fire up the champion.
The battle spills outside as the ref gives both men lots of wiggle room. The crowd stays hot throughout. Page takes another lengthy stretch in control, culminating with putting the champ through the commentary table with a powerslam! The crowd rips off another loud "holy shit!" chant. Page plants Williams with another powerslam in the middle of the ring for a close call. Page yells at the ref, giving the champ a few precious seconds to rest. Page charges the champ in the corner after a Razor's Edge and unloads as the ref counts a warning. Page breaks long enough to reset the ref's count and charges back in. Trick suddenly fires up outta nowhere, hitting his finisher and picking up the win spontaneously!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Champion, Trick Williams!

Sexy Redd Celebrates with Trick Williams

The "host" shows up to dance briefly with the champ, who revels in the cheers of all 250 crowd members. The camera pulls back to show Trick celebrating, Page scowling, and we fade to black.

Next Week on NXT

Eddy Thorpe makes his return. Also announced--not for this week, clearly--is NXT Heatwave, which will be our next premium live event, just next month! Coming to us live from Toronto on Money in the Bank weekend. Three matches have also been announced: Jaida Parker vs Michin, Je'Von Evans vs Shawn Spears, and Lexis King vs Dante Chen in a Singapore Cane match.

In Closing

Thanks one and all for joining us tonight for our live coverage of NXT Battleground. Once again, it's you--our Rajahmaniacs, our readers, both vocal and silent--that is the reason we're here. Y'all have a great start to your week!

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