NXT: Great American Bash Live Results (7/06/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome one and all to NXT's the Great American Bash! Your host tonight is the man, the myth, the Icon--Rajah's own red-and-yellow reporter, Mike "Hulk"Hogan! We've had four matches announced for tonight, three of which are for titles. We'll also have a "Championship Cypher" from the Hit Row crew and much, much more.

What are we wasting time on, brother? Let's do this. And with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

NXT: the Great American Bash Live Results (7/06/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Video Package: the Great American Bash

We start our show with a short video that quickly recaps the feuds that set up tonight's five matches. Cole and O'Reilly look to put an end to their rivalry, finally, and we've got four title defenses on the line.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: MSK(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

The legend Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Tom Phillips' robotic duplicate, Vic Joseph, welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center as we start with our first title defense of the night. MSK make their way down to the ring. Out next are Ciampa & Thatcher. All four men line up, face-to-face, as the official introductions are made. The crowd seems largely behind Thatcher & Ciampa as they cheer the duo, but shower the champions--MSK--with boos. The crowd fires up with another chant as our men ready up. Ciampa and Carter start things off. Both men lock up and Ciampa takes the youngster back into the corner. Ciampa twists the arm and looks to focus on the wrist. Carter does a very impressive display of flipping around, trying to free himself, but Ciampa drops him with a single chop. The two men engage again, and this time Carter staggers Ciampa. Ciampa grins and tags in Thatcher. Thatcher and Carter lock up and push each other around the ring, jockeying for position. Lee and Ciampa then hit the ring and all four men brawl. Ciampa & Thatcher drop both men and club each opponent in unison as the crowd pops loud. The ref restores order and our legal men are Thatcher and Wes Lee. Thatcher takes his time working Lee over, stretching his abdomen and arm with working holds. Thatcher tags in Ciampa, who connects with a big running knee in the corner. Ciampa casually drags Lee out the corner and covers, barely getting a two. Ciampa locks a headlock on Lee. The crowd gets behind him. Lee gets to a vertical base but Ciampa counters with a shoulder block. Lee retaliates with a beautiful dropkick that drops Ciampa. Carter tags in and takes Ciampa to a corner. Carter rolls himself and Ciampa out of the corner and flips him down, then sends Ciampa outside. Carter hops up on the top turnbuckle; Ciampa runs out of the way and Thatcher takes his place. Carter crashes into Thatcher. Ciampa attacks Carter and we're sent to our first break of the night.
Back from the break. Carter and Ciampa briefly struggle before Carter tags in Wes Lee. Lee with a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back of Ciampa's neck. Ciampa falls across the middle rope. Lee runs off the opposite ropes but before he can rebound, Thatcher causes him to fly out the ring. Lee enters the ring again but is caught with a running knee to the ribs by Ciampa. Ciampa tags in Thatcher. Thatcher's calling for an ankle submission but Lee escapes and tags in Carter. MSK work together to hit a quick series of double-team moves on Thatcher. Carter covers but only gets a one. Carter unleashes a series of chops on Thatcher. Thatcher shuts him down with a snap belly-to-belly suplex. Ciampa's tagged in and takes Carter back into the corner, delivering a chop of his own. Ciampa throws a pair of strikes and tags Thatcher right back in. Thatcher with rights and forearms as the ref counts and warns him. Thatcher stops at four and tags in Ciampa. Ciampa with a chop to Carter in the corner. Carter fires back with a chop to Ciampa. Carter with a strike to Thatcher. Carter back to Ciampa with a big right and turns to stagger Thatcher down to the apron. Ciampa and Carter begin slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Ciampa loses control to Carter, and Carter fires up big time. Carter goes from rope to rope, exhibiting impressive speed and agility as he pummels at Ciampa, culminating with a high kick so hard it knocks the spit out of Ciampa's mouth. A little more chaos as Lee comes in and doesn't realize Thatcher did not tag in. Ciampa catches an unsuspecting Lee with the Fairy Tale Ending and covers for a close two! Thatcher comes in and works over Lee briefly. Lee tags in Carter. Thatcher attempts a sleeper. Carter with a big kick to gain separation, stumbling Thatcher back into his corner. Ciampa tags himself in and streaks across the ring, attacking Lee on the apron. Ciampa streaks back and attacks Carter in the corner. Ciampa looks for a top rope maneuver but Carter escapes and tags Lee. Thatcher's down at ringside. Carter and Lee work in tandem, hitting a series of diving attacks. Lee's legal and attempts a cover. Thatcher drags Lee out of the ring, making the save. Carter charges around the ring, runs up the stairs and leaps at Thatcher--catching a big forearm uppercut! Thatcher and Ciampa quickly take Lee into the ring. Both men slam Lee down. Carter's up on the apron. Ciampa with an ankle lock, Lee can't make the ropes! Thatcher moves to intercept Carter but Carter bull rushes Thatcher and Ciampa, saving his partner. Carter and Lee work together one final time, and the match ends with a simple roll-up on Thatcher.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, MSK!

Battery Update

It went from 90% to 91%. Tonight we get to find out what it all means!

In the Ring: General Manager William Regal, Enforcer Samoa Joe, Johnny Gargano & Karrion Kross

Regal and Joe are in the ring and Regal calls out both Gargano and Kross. Gargano comes out to his new, heavier music, all smiles. Karrion marches right down to the ring in street wear, no Scarlett in tow this time. Gargano tells Kross to his face that "you suck!" Gargano tells Kross that he's been living rent-free in Kross' head all this time. He accuses Kross of trying to run him over with a car last week out of fear. GM Regal announces that next week Gargano will face Kross for the NXT title instead of tonight. WTF? Kross speaks next. He tells us his goals--to win the NXT Championship, to main event WrestleMania, and to win the WWE Championship one day. He then asks Gargano, "what do you do in the morning, put on your wife's pants?" He tells Gargano that he knows Johnny will try to do all his "cool moves" on Kross, but this isn't a cartoon (okay?) and tells Gargano people like himself beat the crap out of people like Gargano. GM Regal announces the match for next week. Gargano mocks Kross, who says "why wait until next week?" Samoa Joe has to step between the two. Gargano laughs and leaves the ring, all smiles. Our Kross/Gargano NXT Championship match has been moved to next week. Bummer.

Million Dollar Championship Match: "the Million Dollar Megastar" LA Knight(c) vs Cameron Grimes

If Grimes loses, he will become the new Virgil--butler to the Million Dollar Megastar. LA Knight is out first, belt in hand. Out next is Grimes to a pop from the crowd. The instant the bell rings, Grimes attacks Knight and sends him flying out of the ring. We're reminded how personal this is between the two. Grimes dives off the apron and onto Knight at ringside. Grimes sends Knight in and dives off the top turnbuckle, catching Knight with a cross-body as he rises! Grimes with a headlock. Knight whips Grimes into the ropes and drops him on the return with an elbow. Knight takes control and sends Grimes into the corner. The crowd chants "you suck" and Knight jaws off to the crowd. Grimes capitalizes on it and takes control. Knight attempts a springboard top rope spear from the apron, but flies right into Grimes' fist! Grimes with a kick and a standing Moonsault for a two. Grimes works the neck until Knight shakes him off with a backflip. Grimes wraps up Knight from behind but Knight charges the corner, ducks and sends Grimes' face into the turnbuckle. Knight attempts a cover but only gets two. We go to break.
During the break, Grimes starts to fight back. A trio of chops stagger the champ, but Knight rakes the back and throws Grimes to the canvas. Knight stomps away at Grimes. Grimes uses the ropes to get to his feet but Knight with another big right. Knight sends Grimes into the ropes; Grimes rebounds, ducks under, flies off the opposite ropes and hits a cross-body on Knight! Knight recovers almost instantly, though, and floors Grimes. Knight goes for the side sleeper once again. Knight maintains control for the remainder of the break, using a catapult guillotine to wind Grimes. Knight takes his time, using slow, deliberate strikes to buy his mouth more time to run off at the crowd. Knight pulls Grimes up by the hair and clubs his chest. Knight continues to spend more time yelling at the crowd than focusing on his opponent.
Back from the break. Both men run off the ropes and collide as Knight looks for a cross-body and Grimes counters mid-move into a body slam. Both men are down as the ref begins his count. The crowd pops loud, chanting "to the moon" over and over. Both men start a slow exchange of chops in the middle of the ring as the crowd revs them up. Grimes finally unleashes with a battery of fists, pummeling Knight. Grimes is hot and the crowd's hot for Grimes as he takes out Knight with a lariat, a scoop slam, and a straight-edge guillotine (I believe) to pick up a very, very close two. Grimes loses control when Knight catches him and connects with a Torture Rack Driver for a close two! Grimes and Knight pick up the pace. Grimes knocks Knight back, staggering the champ. Grimes heads up top but Knight runs up the ropes and grabs an unsuspecting Grimes, sending him down hard into the mat. Knight covers but gets two. Knight heads outside the ring and retrieves his Million Dollar Belt. He tries to distract the ref by pointing at "stuff over there" but the ref catches him. Grimes rolls up Knight for a close two; Knight reverses the position for a close two. Grimes pops up and hits a huge strike, nearly picking up the pin. Grimes posts up in the corner while he waits for Knight to rise. Grimes yells, "to the moon!" with the crowd and starts to charge Knight--but knight drops to the mat and rolls out, avoiding Grimes. Grimes attempts to pursue and is caught by Knight exiting the ring. Knight with a big DDT onto the Million Dollar title on the floor before the announcer's table! The ref didn't see the belt. The ref begins counting out Grimes. Grimes barely slides in right at ten, saving his chance for the moment. The crowd goes crazy with chants for Grimes. Grimes staggers over and walks right into a BFT (Blunt Force Trauma, a knee lift + discus clothesline combo) and picks up the win suddenly.
Your Winner and STILL the Million Dollar Champion, LA Knight!

NXT Breakout Tournament

We're introduced to our 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament competitors: Baxter, Carmelo Hayes, Andre Chase, Josh Briggs, Ikemen Jiro, Joe Gacy, Odyssey Jones, and Duke Hudson.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship: the Way(c) vs Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

Stark and Shirai come out, with the Genius of the Sky getting the larger pop. Out next are our women's tag team champs, the Way--as represented by Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, who is wearing Razor Ramon-inspired ring wear. Official introductions are made and we start with Shirai and Hartwell as Vic Joseph reminds us that Candice LeRae has never defeated Io Shirai. Shirai looks to work the arm early on. Hartwell counters with an arm hold of her own. Shirai goes from zero to sixty almost instantaneously, dodging around Hartwell and coming off the ropes with a shotgun dropkick to stagger Hartwell. Big slam from Indi. Hartwell gives way to LeRae, who attempts a pair of quick covers on Shirai. Hartwell comes back in and works Shirai over for a few moments. Shirai quickly takes control and tags in Zoey Stark. Stark & Shirai combine for a big double-team vertical suplex. Stark with a kick to the side of Hartwell's head. Stark looks for a charging strike but Hartwell pops her up, catching her on her shoulders. Stark and Hartwell struggle very briefly. Hartwell takes control, dropping Stark across the top rope and bouncing her opponent to the outside floor. We go to break.
Back from the break. Hartwell has Stark in a shoulder lock and, as Stark attempts to power out for a tag, Hartwell drags her back to the mat and locks it in again. After a few moments, Stark escapes and once again looks for the tag. Hartwell catches her on her shoulder, but Stark takes her down and makes the tag to Shirai as Hartwell tags in LeRae. The crowd pops as both women square off. Shirai easily takes LeRae down and keeps her grounded with a springboard dropkick. Shirai tags in Stark and the two work together to double-team LeRae. Stark with a clothesline and a cover for two. Stark with a quick tag to Shirai, who heads down the apron and climbs the corner. Shirai looks for an Over the Moonsault but LeRae moves! LeRae locks the Gargano Escape on Shirai! Stark hits the ring to help but Indi Hartwell intercepts her and locks Stark in Dexter Lumis' hold, the Silence! Shirai rolls her body, putting LeRae's shoulders down to the mat. Hartwell breaks her hold to make the save. LeRae and Shirai resume their fight, with LeRae connecting with a big German Suplex for a close two. Hartwell is tagged in and hits a spinning Powerbomb as LeRae rushes Stark, knocking her off the apron. Hartwell tags LeRae in as she returns to the corner. LeRae with a quick roll-up for two. LeRae tags in Hartwell and the lights go out. When they come up, we cut to the big screen. And the Battery hits 100%--Tegan Nox has made her return! The crowd goes crazy! Back in the ring, the distraction gives Stark a chance to connect with her finisher and roll up Hartwell to pickup the win!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Io Shirai & Zoey Stark!

After the Match: Reunited

Tegan Nox takes it straight to LeRae as soon as the match is over, beating LeRae until she hauls butt up the ramp and away. Also, Dexter Lumis showed up to pick Hartwell up before carrying her to the back in his arms.

Backstage Interview: Toni Storm

Mackenzie is backstage with an upset Toni Storm. Storm takes offense that Sarray wants to take her on. Storm states she's won more matches in Japan than Japanese wrestling goddess Sarray, and isn't just some name in a hat.

Hit Row's Championship Cypher

Hit Row--North American Champion Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Ashanti "Thee" Adonis, B-Fab (fka Brian Brandy) & Top Dolla (fka AJ Francis)--are up next, celebrating Swerve's big title win last week with a Championship Cypher. What's that, you ask? B-Fab, Swerve, Top Dolla and the Hit Row crew rap for about six minutes. They use their rap to put MSK and everyone else on notice, calling themselves the emperors and expressing their desire to get all the gold. They then all walk down the ramp singing together, eventually reading the ring. B-Fab does the lead vocals at this point and does decent. Swerve is actually pretty decent.

Backstage: Mackenzie with General Manager William Regal & Enforcer Samoa Joe

Mackenzie asks their thoughts on the Great American Bash so far. Regal is excited and pleased with both Nox's return and the quality of the matches. Joe, who will serve as a special guest referee, isn't worried about either man and will keep the chaos in order.

Singles Main Event Match: Cole/O'Reilly II

Finally we're ready to get to our main event. Kyle O'Reilly--KOR for short--warms up backstage as a steady pulsing beat plays. His music kicks in and he does his drunken-rocker-stagger entrance. Next out is one righteous dude, the heroic Adam Cole, bay-bay. The bell rings and the crowd loudly gets into this early. Cole and O'Reilly take a few moments, sizing each other up and dancing around each other before locking up. Cole takes O'Reilly to the ground and attempts an early cover. Both men up and lock up again, with O'Reilly pushing Cole back against the ropes. Cole switches position until the ref warns them. O'Reilly looks for a roundhouse but Cole slips outside, dodging it. We go to break.
Back from the break. Cole is at the mercy of O'Reilly, who focuses his attack on Cole's injury-prone knee. The crowd loudly starts to chant for Adam Cole as O'Reilly drives Cole into the mat and drives repeated knee strikes into Cole's ribs and back. O'Reilly stomps Cole's left elbow. O'Reilly looks for an armbar but Cole breaks it with a back elbow. Cole looks for a charge and runs right into O'Reilly's kick. Cole rolls outside. O'Reilly exits to the apron and runs along it, diving off after Cole. Cole dodges, then drives O'Reilly's head into the floor with a swinging neckbreaker. The ref begins his count. The crowd engages in dueling chants but it's obvious they know who the good guy is here, that Adam Cole dude! Back in the ring, Cole takes control again. Early pin attempt but no joy. Cole with an impressive Strong Irish Whip that slings O'Reilly fast and hard into the corner, bouncing his body off the turnbuckles. Cole locks in a leg sleeper as the crowd gets louder with their dueling chants.
Cole steps away, flexing his left wrist, then hoists O'Reilly up over his shoulders. O'Reilly throws elbows to counter. Cole attempts it again, and again O'Reilly escapes. O'Reilly with a knee to the abdomen that floors Cole. O'Reilly grabs a rising Cole and unleashes with several high knees to the chest and abdomen before hitting a quick Muay Thai combination of kicks that rock Cole. O'Reilly with a butterfly underhook suplex--and holds on, hitting three in a row before releasing. O'Reilly covers but Cole kicks out at two. Cole takes control as both men are winded and attempts a cover. Cole yells insults at O'Reilly as both are on the mat. He calls him a disappointment and then claims O'Reilly's a disappointment to his own wife. O'Reilly snaps and shoves Cole into the corner. O'Reilly rapid-fires fists into Cole, eventually climbing the middle turnbuckle to pound away at Cole until the ref forces the break. Cole takes control back and takes a prone O'Reilly into the corner, slamming his leg against the ring post repeatedly as we go to picture-in-picture break!
During the break Cole maintains control. Cole slows the pace, taking some time to get a breather, and targets O'Reilly's left leg with deliberate kicks and working holds. Cole uses a variety of leg submissions and holds, twisting and manipulating the knee. O'Reilly kicks Cole off as we return from the break. Both men look for a clothesline; both connect, and both drop to the mat. The ref checks on both. Both men get to their knees and alternate slow, big rights before rising to their feet and continuing with the exchange of blows. O'Reilly gets the edge and fires off a few quick forearms until Cole catches him in the face with a jumping kick. Cole sends O'Reilly out the middle rope, but latches on to the injured leg--using the rope and O'Reilly's own rape against him. The ref forces the break. Cole cockily approaches O'Reilly, and O'Reilly hits a Dragon Screw out of nowhere! O'Reilly looks for a Brain Buster as we hit overrun territory.
O'Reilly and Cole quicken the pace. Both men with chops. Cole with a chop block before catching O'Reilly right square in the jaw with a jumping knee for a close two. Cole heads up to the middle rope and leaps, looking for a Panama Sunrise. O'Reilly ducks. Cole goes for a Superkick but O'Reilly catches him in the neck with a kick, and counters it into a bridging suplex pin attempt. Very impressive. Both men get to their feet. O'Reilly drops Cole with a right kick to Cole's thigh. O'Reilly pulls Cole up and holds his head down, kicking him in the face repeatedly. Cole counters with rights but O'Reilly immediately takes him down to the mat with a beautiful textbook wrestling takedown. O'Reilly looks for an armbar submission. Cole escapes and attempts to pin O'Reilly. O'Reilly with a leg submission but Cole counters by slipping out of the lock and slapping on a Figure Four! Cole screams for O'Reilly to tap. After several long moments, O'Reilly escapes and slaps a unique submission on Cole that looks like a modified prone ankle lock. Cole barely gets to the rope, forcing the break. The crowd continues loud "this is awesome" chants. O'Reilly with a knee to Cole's jaw, followed by a combination kick and forearm that nearly knocks out Cole. O'Reilly looks for the German Suplex but Cole counters with an Enziguri. O'Reilly stumbles and falls out of the ropes and to the floor. Cole rolls to the apron and rises. Cole calls for the Panama Sunrise and connects, driving O'Reilly's skull into the concrete floor! Cole throws O'Reilly into the ring and follows, covering for a two. O'Reilly simply lifts a foot and places it on the bottom rope to make the easy break. Cole is flustered and exhausted. Cole pulls down his right knee pad and points a finger-gun at O'Reilly. Cole starts to run but O'Reilly grabs his leg, stopping him. Both men with a series of strikes and counter-strikes. O'Reilly with a big Brain Buster! O'Reilly climbs up top instead of making the cover. O'Reilly flies, looking for a double-knee drop but Cole dodges! Cole hits the Last Shot and covers for one...two..thr--no! O'Reilly defies time and gets his shoulder up at the last possible second! Cole sets up on the turnbuckle, awaiting O'Reilly's rise and looking for another Panama Sunrise. O'Reilly counters by throwing Cole off the turnbuckle. Cole with two brutal kicks to O'Reilly's knee, dropping him. Cole looks for another Panama Sunrise but dives right into a rising knee from O'Reilly! O'Reilly used his injured knee and falls down, groaning in pain. Cole takes advantage of this, diving onto O'Reilly and hitting a second Panama Sunrise. Cole finally hits O'Reilly with the Last Shot, picking up the win and ending our program at 10:08pm.
Your Winner, Adam Cole!

In Closing

Alright, Rajahmaniacs, that does it for tonight's show! Be here Friday night for SmackDown or be square, dude. Remember, staying frosty and staying safe is just too sweet and once you're a Rajahmaniac, you're Rajah 4-Life. Don't forget--tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Hogan turn at Bash at the Beach, leading to the formation of the New World Order alongside the Outsiders. Goodnight, everybody!

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