NXT Great American Bash Live Results (July 5, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Bron Breakker; Cameron Grimes

Welcome back to our live NXT The Great American Bash results coverage! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today--the American Derp, Mike Hogan We've got a special Great American Bash-themed episode ahead of us tonight!

Our official NXT Great American Bash preview preview shows tonight's card has six matches, including four title opportunities on tap! NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends against Cameron Grimes whereas "the A-Champion of NXT" Carmelo Hayes puts his North American championship on the line against Grayson Waller. Both pairs of tag titles are on the line, as Toxic Attraction defend against newly-formed Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez's tag team. The Diamond Mine has its own cave-in (looking at you, Cameron Grimes...) as Julius & Brutus Creed put their tag gold on the line against "friends" Damon Kemp & Roderick Strong. And in singles action, Wendy Choo takes on Tiffany Stratton whereas "the A-Champ's" bestie, Trick Williams, looks to shoosh former MSK member Wes Lee.

Carmelo Hayes; Grayson Waller

Bron Breakker; Cameron Grimes

Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne); Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez

Brutus & Julius Creed; Damon Kemp & Roderick Strong

Wes Lee; Trick Williams

Wendy Choo; Tiffany Stratton
Tonight on NXT The Great American Bash!

Catch all this action tonight on the Great American Bash! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

NXT The Great American Bash Live Results (July 5, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opening Video: the Great American Bash

We open with an NXT pool-side party with random silliness, such as Briggs & Jensen's ogling other talent and a BBQ going on as different Superstars way in about recent on-goings, subtly setting tonight's card.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne vs Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez

We cut to the arena at 8:04 and Cora Jade makes her entrance, followed by new teammate Roxanne Perez. Champs Toxic Attraction are out--NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose accompanying tag champs Dolin & Jayne out to the ring. Jade & Perez where similar themed and color-coded ring wear; Dolin and Jayne wear...well, check it out if you wanna know. At 8:08pm, the ref calls for the bell. Perez and Jade use quick tags, as do the champs, as we start off our match. Neither team has the lead until Dolin pulls Perez into the Toxic corner and sets up a Jacy Jayne cheap shot, sending us to a picture-in-picture break. During the break, Dolin and Jayne take turns working over Perez. Jayne even mocks Perez, doing a little jig while working over Roxy in the corner. Both Jayne and Dolin look for covers frequently as they isolate Perez in the ring. The champs maintain control for another three minutes before Roxanne Perez starts a comeback, rocking Gigi with a barrage of strikes and swift kicks. Jayne comes in as the quiet NXT Universe (an unusual condition) start to try to rally Roxane and Cora, who comes in and looks for a cover on Jacy. Cora uses a strong Irish whip to bounce Jayne off the corner and set up a double-team finisher attempt that sees Jade hit a middle-rope dropkick to Jayne as Perez executes a Side Russian Leg Sweep! A few moments later, the ref catches Mandy Rose attempting to interfere and sends her to the back. He enters the ring in time for Jade to nearly pick up the win. Jade and Dolin tag in their partners and Jayne drops Perez with a neckbreaker. Toxic Attraction work together to double-team each member as the ref loses control of the ring. Perez and Dolin are legal and Perez suddenly hits the Pop-Rox finisher to pick up the win!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez!

Singles Match: Wes Lee vs Trick Williams

Wes Lee makes his entrance ahead of this singles match, sending us to our second break of the night. Unlike the prior match, we get a short (under four minutes) match that sees both men fire off scissors kicks early on. The action goes back and forth with no discernible lead. Williams pick up the win after North American Champion provides some interference, and Hayes uses a mystery fluid from a water bottle to temporarily blind Wes Lee. This allows Williams to his his scissors kick finisher to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Trick Williams!

Singles Match: Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton

We catch our next match's Superstars--Stratton and Choo--backstage. They begin brawling, sending us to another picture-in-picture break. Throughout the break, the two battle all the way down the ramp and use the various BBQ party-themed props to beat each other up with, including a tub of popcorn and grill accessories. We return as they take the action into the ring and we're informed this match is under way (no, no bell). Stratton has the early lead as we return and avoids a roll-up attempt from Choo, countering with a beautiful pop-up double foot stomp. Stratton looks to borrow from "the Bruiserweight's" playbook as she looks to twist Choo's digits and attempts to pull off her nails. This serves to anger Choo, aiding her in starting her comeback sequence. She batters Stratton with kicks an cartwheels, constantly shaking her hand that was toyed with. Choo hits a "nap time" springboard elbow and survives a pop-up Powerbomb pin attempt outta nowhere from Stratton. The two take a few more minutes working each other over, with Stratton punishing Choo's hands with frequent, targeted attacks and Choo attempting neck holds and sleepers. Stratton picks up the win after a corner springboard elbow drop to a pissed-off NXT Universe.
Your Winner, Tiffany Stratton!

Apollo Crews Addresses the NXT Universe

Apollo Crews--the current main-roster flavor of the month--makes his way out to a great welcome from the NXT crowd as commentary reminds us that Crews never won the NXT Championship here. Crews thanks the audience and gets on the mic, cutting a promo about his kids helping add a spark to his career (and he name drops them for a cheap pop). He addresses Xyon Quinn's recent comments to Crews that NXT is difference, and praises the "young, hungry, super-athletic talent (that's just) ready to take advantage" of any competition. He name drops Tony D'Angelo and Nathan Frazer and the North American Championship bout tonight, stating these are people he'd love to face. He reminds us that he'd make magic in the ring with Cameron Grimes "and I know I speak for every single one of you when I say that Apollo Crews and Bron Breakker--" And he's interrupted by Fabian Aichner Giovanni Vinci to a dead reaction. He goes on to state that he'll outperform Crews in style, and Crews challenges him to a match right now. Vinci states Crews can fool the people but not Vinci, who's dressed in a suit for a night out. But next week, they'll find out who the best athlete is. Vinci states Crews will have seven days to come up with an excuse to tell his children. The crowd is dead for this. Ouch.

Backstage Interview: Ivy Niles

Niles is asked if tonight's tag team match is an implosion of the Diamond Mine. She defends the group, stating that they're at times egotistical and no one backs down to a challenge but that people are reading too much into it. She then recruits a nearby rookie who's being bullied by others, telling her to report to the Diamond Mine Dojo at 8am tomorrow.

North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Grayson Waller

We get a mid-show break and when we return, Melo gets a special intro from Trick who attempts to work the dead crowd. Hayes comes out with a slightly modified, American-themed entrance, and both challenger & champion start off quick. Both men exchange control frequently in the opening minutes and shift straight into high gear as they wake the crowd up for the first time since our opening bout. Waller and Hayes fly off the ropes and into each other, frequently throwing their bodies like weapons and foreign objects against each other as they fire up even more! Waller hits an impressive decapitating lariat that lays out the champ. Throughout the break we continue the fast pace, with Waller and Hayes both getting the adoration of the crowd as the two agile stars battle back and forth. Trick Williams is eliminated near the end of the match as Wes Lee hits the ring and takes out his opponent from earlier tonight. Waller sets up his finisher but Hayes has it scouted and when Melo shoots, Melo don't miss. He picks up the win and retains!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: the Diamond Mine's Creed Brothers(c) vs the Diamond Mine's Kemp & Strong

Backstage, we see the Diamond Mine whole. Everyone attempts to rally each other in preparation of their "friendly competition" but Roderick Strong refuses to fist-bump the others and leaves, yelling for Damon to join him. We head to break. We return and both teams are out. We get our official title presentation and bell and both teams are off! The match pace is slow, with frequent tags as the Diamond Mine seemingly begins to fall apart. Strong shows the Creeds disrespect often. The crowd is uncharacteristically dead tonight, but comes alive for a few spots here and there. Kemp & Strong take the first commanding lead but only hold it for about ninety seconds, as Julius hoists up Kemp and drives him back into the corner.
Brutus comes in and begins a series of fast tags with Julius as the Creeds use powerful suplexes to rock Kemp. Julius uses a dropkick to send Kemp to the outside; Strong pulls Kemp back up and throws him immediately into the ring! Julius uses Damon's momentum to send him out the ring on the other side and tags in Brutus, who hits a cannon bomb off the top rope onto Damon to send us to break! We return to find both teams exhausted, and Damon Kemp battles Julius into the friendly corner to allow Strong to come in. Strong unloads on Julius with rising knees. Strong hits Julius with a stinging chop that visibly upsets the youngster and the two unload in each other. Julius drops Strong, and Kemp quickly tags in to attempt to block the tag between brothers. Brutus gets the tag, however, and comes in like a caveman, pummeling Kemp with big hammer fists. Kemp brings in Strong as Brutus shows off with a standing flip. Kemp finds himself the victim of a rear attack from Brutus; Strong attempts to make the save but Brutus dumps Roddy easily.
Strong finds himself between both Creeds and hits Julius on the apron, causing Julius to enter. The ref holds Julius back and Brutus is distracted, allowing Strong to hit off two leaping knee strikes to Brutus' jaw, rocking the champ. Strong tells Julius, "this is your fault," and takes Brutus to the friendly corner to bring in Kemp. Kemp uses a sleeper hold to work Brutus' neck. The crowd briefly cheers for the Creeds again. Brutus weathers through Damon's offense, however, and counters a scoop slam with an inside cradle attempt for a close cover. Kemp charges Brutus but Brutus sidesteps and redirects Kemp into the turnbuckle! Julius and Roderick get the hot tags and come in, clashing immediately. Julius unloads on Strong with a series of various suplexes then channels his inner Steiner, pulling down his straps and unloading a series of fists into Strong's midsection! Creed with a rolling slam on Strong; Strong brings in Kemp, who eats a rolling slam of his own, followed by a low-angle clothesline! Julius covers and it's over suddenly just like that!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, the Creed Brothers!

Next Week on NXT 2.0

Announced: Giovanni Vinci vs Apollo Crews; NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose defends against Roxanne Perez. Rumored: Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone & Sofia Cromwell vs Solo Sikoa.

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs Cameron Grimes

Grimes is shown making his way out from the back as the commentary team of Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett hype next week's program (see above). Grimes is followed out by the champ, Bron Breakker, to a great reaction from the NXT Universe. We're reminded multiple times that the champ's shoulder isn't at 100%. Our competitors slow to a crawl, taking nearly a minute and a half to truly pick up the pace. Both men engage in a segment that sees Breakker run off the ropes like Quicksilver, ducking under and eventually running over Grimes to send us to our final break of the night, sending us into overtime!
When we return, Grimes--who's serving as the de facto heel--has taken control in the commercial break. Breakker begins selling the injured shoulder as commentary plays it up as well. Grimes and Breakker battle to the mat and then up to a vertical base as the crowd wakes up for the last stretch of our main event. Breakker fires up his comeback, using his uninjured shoulder to hit two shoulder blocks before driving Grimes down into the mat with a single-shoulder takedown! The crowd woofs their appreciation. Grimes fires off a pair of kicks to Breakker's head and the two both run off the ropes, with Grimes hitting that spinning Powerslam of his for a close cover. Breakker and Grimes battle back into the corner and Bron pays homage to his famous family with a Franken-Steiner! Grimes gets the arm up just in the nick of time and the crowd rips off an approving chant again! Breakker sets up a spear but Grimes dodges and looks for a submission, catching the champ in a unique shoulder hold. The champ hangs on and looks for a Gorilla Press Slam, but Grimes fires off a Cave In for a close cover! Grimes posts in the corner, yells "to the moon" and leaps off the middle rope and right into a spear from Breakker to end our match and program with a snap! Like Thanos...
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's the Great American Bash special! What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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