NXT Halloween Havoc Live Results (Oct. 22, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center - Winter Park, FL


NXT Halloween Havoc 2022 Pre-Show & Discussion

Welcome everyone to our NXT Halloween Havoc pre-show and discussion thread! Go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to our live results shortly before broadcast. Tonight's Halloween Havoc has been upgraded from a special weekly episode to a real, live premium live event. Maybe someday we'll get those new shoes, kids, if we just keep bo-lieving...

Regarding tonight's show, our official preview has set the stage for our six matches--see the match cards below! We'll also have two special co-hosts for this year, as Shotzi (nee' Blackheart) returns and welcomes "the Super Diva" Quincy Elliott as co-host. If you've not seen Elliott, who recently debuted, well...you'll know them when you see them.

Quick Recaptain America

For those of you who want just the results in short-form and not the novella, click here!

Official Kickoff Team Welcomes Us

Mackenzie Mitchell wears appropriated face paint, Sam Roberts is dressed as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and they're joined by Dave LaGreca. Why is this all I'm telling you about the kickoff program? Because they open with Sam stating no, it's a costume, he's not really Austin--much to the feign surprise of Dave and Mackenzie. Other highlights include various videos and commentary hyping tonight's announced six matches. Can we not make the kickoff/pre-show, I don't know, interesting somehow? Put a match back on there at the very least.

Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: Apollo Crews and Grayson Waller

A segment of note from the pre-show: our hosts are shown backstage with Waller and Crews. The Wheel is spun and their special stipulation will be the casket match.

NXT Halloween Havoc Live Results (Oct. 22, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center - Winter Park, FL

Welcome to Halloween Havoc!

We open our program with Chucky, the killer doll, narrating a video introducing us to tonight's card and the Halloween Havoc premium live event. Up next: we've got Vic Joseph and Booker T on commentary tonight and they welcome us to the CWC for the 2022 edition of Halloween Havoc! The hot crowd are already on their feet, showering the ring with chants. Our co-hosts tonight are Shotzi & "the Super Diva" Quincy Elliott. Shotzi's dressed with Joker-themed makeup and outfit.

Ladder Match for the NXT North American Championship (Vacated): Nathan Frazer vs Oro Mensah vs Carmelo Hayes vs Wes Lee vs Von Wagner

We get our official introduction and our competitors make their way out. Nathan Frazer gets a great welcome whereas Mensah gets a bit of a mixed reaction, but not much of one at all sadly. Wes Lee gets a great pop and to keep everything karmic, Von Wagner comes out to massive boos and a new entrance/theme. Carmelo Hayes entrance is up next, starting with an MC introducing him. Melo pours a drink out on the stage then makes his way out. We ready-up for our first match of the night at 8:10! Our competitors begin to pair off as chaos ensues. Nathan Frazer shows off his speed and agility in the ring, rapid-rebounding off the ropes to lay out Oro Mensah only to follow it up with a top-rope springboard cross-body on a ring-side Von Wagner, wiping him out to a huge pop! Frazer, Lee and Melo struggle over a ladder in the ring. Mensah joins in, helping Lee beat Frazer and Melo with the ladder. The temporary alliance dissolves and allies turn on each other. Frazer positions the ladder as he's the only one standing in the ring, but Oro Mensah recovers in enough time to pull Frazer down. Oro uses a spinning snap suplex to drop Frazer. Mensah begins to ascend but Lee takes him down. Lee begins to ascend and Hayes takes him down. Hayes attempts to slam Mensah's face into a rope-leaning ladder but Oro counters with a back drop that sends Hayes crashing hard down on the ladder!
Von Wagner enters the ring and lays out everyone. He uses a ladder at one point but his time as the king of the NXT ring is short-lived as Melo quickly sends him out of the ring. Hayes climbs a ladder but Nathan Frazer missile dropkicks the ladder out from under him! Wes Lee uses a ladder to ride down like a seesaw, smashing Frazer in the face and causing the crowd to rip off a huge "holy shit" chant! The action goes back and forth with Wes Lee and Nathan Frazer once again clearing the ring. Melo uses a Leg drop on Mensah to send him out of the ring. Lee rolls out. Frazer with a standing Spanish Fly on Hayes onto a ladder! Another huge pop from the appreciative crowd! Everyone begins brawling and this time, it's Mensah alone in the ring as the other four are down at ringside. Mensah starts to climb the ladder but Trick Williams enters the ring! Williams dumps the ladder over, sending Mensah flying out of the ring and crashing into everyone! Mr. (Robert) Stone hops in the ring and takes off his jacket. Williams and Stone race up the ladder! Stone uses a shoe to hit Trick, knocking him off. Trick responds by shoving the ladder over and sending Stone crashing into the hard floor! Big NXT chant.
Mensah positions the ladder and climbs up again. Von Wagner enters and yanks him off, then tosses Mensah over the top rope. Wagner uses the ladder as a battering ram on Mensah and Hayes then throws it out the ring at them. Wagner exits the ring and the crowd loudly chants "no" repeatedly, ha! Wagner recovers a ladder from beneath the ring because the one in the ring wasn't made in America. Wagner and Mensah begin to fight as Wagner leans the ladder against the barricade. The crowd chants "asshole" at Wagner with small children in the front row. Wagner sets up a ladder bridge, laying the ladder from the apron to the barricade. As he attempts to enter the ring, Wes Lee stops his progress with a step-up Enziguri! Nathan Frazer, ever the glory-hog, rushes up the turnbuckle and flies out of the ring, crashing into Wagner and breaking the ladder beneath them to yet another huge pop! The fans are on their feet chanting everything they can as we begin to build towards our finish! Wes Lee and Mensah battle at ringside. Mensah drops Wes Lee, only to have Carmelo Hayes drop him! Wes Lee recovers and hits a running senton on Hayes and the crowd chants loudly for the former MSK member!
Wes Lee isn't able to follow up on the momentum, however, as Von Wagner recovers and sends Lee flying out of the ring with a big powerbomb! Lee crashes through the table! Wagner climbs as the crowd are on their feet again. Frazer springboards onto the ladder and fights off Wagner! Von pulls Nathan off the ladder and looks for a powerbomb but Frazer counters, sending them both to the outside! Oro Mensah streaks in from out of nowhere, hitting a cannonball on both! Frazer and Mensah work together with a ladder to batter Von Wagner, sending him over the barricade. They continue to function as a unit and stand on the barricade, over Wagner, only to slam the ladder down on top of Wagner repeatedly! Mensah and Frazer enter the ring and both race to the top. They throw fists; Frazer looks for a suplex but Mensah blocks it. Frazer reaches for the belt, fingers on it, but Oro stops him. Mensah nearly grabs the belt but Frazer fights him off. Mensah sends Frazer flying off the ladder and rolling to the outside. Carmelo Hayes positions a ladder bridge from the upright ladder to the middle rope. Hayes and Mensah battle. Melo sends Mensah out of the ring and climbs up! Hayes threatens a three-peat but Wes Lee hops on his back and drops them both off the ladder!
Lee and Hayes end up on opposite sides of the ladder bridge and take turns slamming each other into steel. Lee climbs up and Hayes pursues, standing on the ladder bridge. They again throw hands at each other, firing up until rapid-fire rights give Lee the upper hand. Lee begins to climb but Hayes grabs onto his heel. Hayes sits on the ladder bridge and again grabs Lee's foot. Lee grows weary of this tactic and hits a Meteora on Hayes on the ladder! Wes Lee climbs the ladder and the crowd are back on their feet again cheering for him. Lee gets the belt at 8:29! Lee picks up the gold!
Your Winner and NEW North American Champion, Wes Lee! (21 minutes)

Video: Toxic Attraction Search for Alba Fyre

After a challenge, pre-recorded, by Alba Fyre to come out to a find her in a yard near a haunted house, Rose does just that with Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin in toe. When they arrive, Jacy is afraid of exiting the vehicle but Gigi and Mandy peer pressure her into it. The three scantily clad women walk in a dark forest because that's totally safe. They have a few cheap-FX scares, the kind you get on sale when a Party City is going out of business, as the women make their way up the unusual path to the front door. The door to the house opens on its own and they enter. More stereotypical scares, such as eyes moving in a portrait, a machete-wielding hand reaching through boards, et cetera. The three Toxic Attraction members bicker. Gigi is loving what they're doing while Jacy is scared. Jacy asks what's wrong with Gigi, and Gigi tells her she loves Halloween and is having fun. Rose suggest they split up and go three different ways despite Jacy warning them that you "never split up." Jacy's shown walking through a room, quietly begging Fyre for mercy, wherever she may be, and apologizing for her past actions. Fyre shows up from behind Jayne and drags her off, screaming all the way. Dolin enters a ring with a table set up. Seated at it is a Nosferatu-stylized vampire and Chucky. If Robocop shows up, I'm out, just sayin'. Fyre tracks down Gigi and the two brawl in the back. Dolin throws dishes at Fyre and Alba retaliates by slamming Gigi's face into a fridge. Gig's scared by...I don't even know what, in the fridge, and Fyre uses the distraction to kick her into the fridge, closing her in with whatever crappy puppet monster that was. Rose is shown wandering. She pushes a piano key and is later startled as it plays organ sound as she walks away. When she turns, she finds Fyre with her bat. Fyre uses the bat to strike Rose in the gut. The two battle in a hall way as various "fiendish monsters" (extras in costumes, trainees, whatever) interfere. Rose and Fyre battle to the porch. A pumpkin headed creature distracts her, allowing Fyre to eventually put Mandy to sleep in a hold. Fyre puts Rose in the car and abducts Rose after Dolin and Jayne are both unsuccessful at saving her. How many times has Rose been kidnapped in this profession now? Three? 8:34-8:44pm.

Casket Match: Apollo Crews vs Grayson Waller

We return to the CWC and see that "druids" have set up a casket ringside for this match. And because we didn't just spend 15 minutes on video, we head to another video, this time highlighting this upcoming, eventually, match. Waller is out first to great boos; he's one of the best heels in the business for his age. Apollo Crews is out next to a great pop. The ref calls for our bell at 8:51! We're informed this is only the fourth casket match to not feature the Undertaker, giving me the perfect excuse to bold something misleading, as if he'd actually join the NXT roster! (Don't fire me, boss.) Waller and Crews jockey for control in the opening moments. Waller counters a corner whip with one of his own then drops Crews with a scissor kick. Hall of Famer Booker T praises both men on commentary, giving his insight into Crews' mindset. Waller drops Crews and mocks Booker T. Crews recovers and fights with Waller at ringside, dropping him with an apron Moonsault. Crews roars and takes Waller around the ring, using slow, powerful strikes to beat Waller up the ramp. The ramp's decorated with your traditional Halloween fair of pumpkins, fake cob webs and grave stones, etc. Waller attempts to suplex Crews on the ramp but Crews counters it and uses a back drop to send Waller crashing down the ramp with a painful cry. Waller rolls into the ring and Crews follows, only to immediately eat multiple kicks from Waller.
Waller maintains control and the two battle precariously close to the casket. Waller eventually sends Crews flying down and through the lid of the casket! Waller insists he's won while the ref's not called for the bell. The lights go out and an ominous tone sounds. When the lights return, Crews is up the ramp and is surrounded by druids. The music/tone continues until Crews walks down the ramp and engages with Waller. Crews whips Waller into the steel steps then slams his head repeatedly into them! Crews uses one portion of the steel steps in an effort to smoosh Waller's head, but Grayson moves just in time. Crews still gets his, though, hitting a pop-up snap Samoan Drop that leaves Waller rolling in pain! Crews with a standing Moonsault on Waller and we find a our original, lighter, smaller casket has been replaced with a big black casket, which Vic Joseph is sure to point out how wide and big it is. Crews takes the action inside and continues to dominate Waller, beating him around the ring. He calls for the casket to be opened and we see it has red lining. Crews with a modified drop on Waller! Crews rolls Waller across the ring and into the casket. Crews simply has to shut the lid! Waller rises, however, and uses the lid of the casket to batter the back and head of Crews repeatedly.
Waller dumps Crews over and into the casket! Waller nearly closes the lid but Crews fights it! Crews drags Waller into the coffin and they slug it out, eventually taking it back into the ring. Waller beats Crews around the ring then to a huge boo calls for the Tombstone Piledriver! Crews wiggles and floats over, reversing the position. Crews executes a Tombstone lung-buster! Crews again attempts to get Waller in the casket but the Aussie escapes. Waller looks for a rolling cutter on the apron but Crews blocks it. The two battle on the apron for a few moments. Crews with a big chokeslam, sending Waller into the casket at 9:03pm, picks up the big win!
Your Winner, Apollo Crews! (12 minutes)

Vignette: Chase University's Pop Quiz on Halloween Havoc; New Student

Andre Chase is with his students and tells them that several students have impressed him with a recent test. But the rest? He curses, beeps censoring his obscenity. He announces a new transfer student, Duke Hudson! Bodhi objects but Chase is willing to give Duke a shot. Chase gives them a bonus question on Halloween Havoc--in '96 HH, who'd the Outsiders beat to win the tag team titles? Several wrong guesses lead to Duke Hudson naming Harlem Heat, which is the correct answer, but still illicits a lot of boos from the crowd at the burn to Booker T!

Weapons Wild Match: Roxanne Perez vs Cora Jade

Jade is out first to great heat, black bat in hand. Roxanne Perez is out next, sporting new white and red ring gear and lugging a trash can. She pulls a skateboard out of it and enters the ring ahead of our introductions and the bell at 9:14pm. Jade opens with a swing of her bat, but Perez parries it with the skateboard. Perez chains together a few moves but Jade's the first to take a lengthy stretch on offense. Jade uses a chair to batter Roxanne Perez, eventually putting a trash can over her head and attacking it. Jade beats Perez to the outside and rummages about for weapons, eventually using a thick rope to assist a modified recliner. The ref checks on Perez and the fans boo loudly. Jade gets a chain and swings, but misses. Perez uses the discarded rope to whip Jade a few times. Jade kicks Perez in the gut, dropping her straight to the ground. Jade looks for a whip, which Perez counters. Jade is sent shoulder-first into the steel steps! Perez circles the ring, using the steps to leap up for a Thesz Press and mount with punches! Perez gets a Roxy chant from the NXT Universe as she slams Jade's head into the apron.
Again the two fight for control in the ring, with the crowd showing there are ample Cora Jade fans in attendance. Jade climbs the turnbuckles but Perez intercepts her and the two battle on the turnbuckles. Perez shuts that shit down with a modified inverted Hurricanrana off the middle rope. Jade kicks out of a close pin cover and rolls out of the ring, stating she's had enough. She attempts to run away and Perez pursues her through the crowd and onto a circle podium. Jade attacks Perez on the circular balcony and hits a textbook scoop slam. Jade looks over the railing; there's about a ten to fifteen foot drop to the floor below. Jade removes some of the safety railing--really need OSHA to inspect it as there's no way it was secured properly--then talks smack in Roxy's face, upsetting her former bestie. Perez uses rights to beat Jade back to the edge of the podium. Jade is backed to the edge and Perez hesitates. Instead of hitting Jade with the weapon, or shoving her off, Perez instead opts for a side Russian leg sweep off the edge, putting them both through the table. Smart plan! The crowd rips off a few chants, leading to dueling ones as both women enter the ring. Jade pulls Roxy up, yelling to her, "You were never my friend!" Jade looks for a Paradigm Shift on a stack of steel chairs but Perez reverses with a back drop! Perez yells that "and you were always my best friend" then hits her Panama Sunrise-bomb finisher, slamming Jade into the chairs and gaining the cover for three at 9:27!
Your Winner, Roxanne Perez! (13 minutes)

In the Ring: Halloween Havoc Hosts Speak; Lash Legend Interrupts

After a costume change, Shotzi comes out in a black and white pinstripe outfit. Quincy Elliott is out next in a very appealing outfit. Lash Legend comes out dressed in a gorgeous dress, objecting to the fact that she's not the host. She objects to someone from SmackDown (Shotzi) hosting when she's right there. Elliott tells Lash that she's got many great qualities but hearing her mic work isn't one of them. Legend starts to speak again and Shotzi screeches so they shut up. "Quincy, you are my Scream Queen and I love you, but I can handle this," she says to Elliott. She then attacks Lash and leaves her laid out with a DDT as Quincy yells repeatedly "that's what you get, Lash" standing over her. He dances and his moobs dangle to-and-fro until the segment ends.

Video Promo: the Schism Grows

We get a quick video hyping the newest member of the Schism--the red-hoodie-clad person shown last week. Footage shows this person standing in the background at other events. It's announced the fourth member of the Schism will be revealed Tuesday, and he says "four roots, one tree."

Ambulance Match: Julius Creed vs Damon Kemp

An ambulance backs into the ringside area after a video recaps the destruction of the Diamond Mine from within at the hands of Damon Kemp. We're given our introductions and the special stipulation--if Julius Creed loses, Brutus Creed's career is over. The two go back and forth for the opening minute, quickly taking it outside as Kemp attempts to win early on. Julius takes control, fighting out of the ambulance and back down the ramp. Kemp uses a fire extinguisher to bash Julius' back; Creed uses the same extinguisher to blast Kemp in the face, temporarily blinding him. Creed leads Kemp towards the ambulance but Kemp uses a back suplex to stop him. Kemp slams Creed into the apron and then the commentary desk before whipping him into the steel steps. Kemp throws a pumpkin at Creed from the nearby props. Kemp hoists up the stairs and uses them as a battering ram, clobbering Julius right in the face!
Kemp hoists Creed over his shoulder and walks him down to the ambulance. Kemp tosses Creed in but Julius begins to fight back. Kemp uses the door to beat Creed, but just when Kemp thinks it's one, Creed gets a foot up and blocks the door! Creed exits the ambulance and fights his way up the ramp and to the ring. The two battle briefly over steel steps before entering the ring. Kemp uses a single-handed chokeslam across the steel steps to leave Julius rolling in pain. Kemp retrieves a steel chair and shoves the steel steps so they're half in the ring and half hanging off the apron. He then grabs the steel chair and exits the ring, looking for Julius. Creed's recovered, however, and attacks Damon briefly. Kemp's the fresher man, however, and sends Creed's face into the steps. Kemp grabs a wheelchair with crutches. Creed attacks Kemp and knocks him into the wheelchair. Julius uses one of the crutches to pin Kemp in the steel chair by sliding it through one arm rest, across Kemp's hips, and through the other! Creed uses the wheelchair as a weapon and rams Kemp's face into the steel steps! Kemp looks like he's out but recovers as Creed continues to push him around the ring. Kemp attempts to fight free but Julius slams the wheelchair back, dropping Kemp down.
Julius looks for an apron- attack but Kemp sprays fire extinguisher Creed's legs, somehow protecting Kemp with an extinguisher force field it seems. Kemp gets a stretcher and rams Julius with it. The crowd chants "use the bucket" but Kemp instead gets a steel chair. Julius kicks it into his face and throws the ring bell at Kemp! Julius uses the ring bell's stand to smack Kemp across the back. Creed and Kemp battle towards the back, with Creed punching Kemp and Kemp stumbling away, down the hall. Kemp finally throws a knee to the cut and uses a hip toss to send Creed into a cart. Kemp rams the cart against the back of the ambulance not once but twice. Kemp opens the ambulance rear and lays Creed in it. Kemp closes one door then slams the other--right on Creed's hand! Julius rolls in pain and Kemp again kicks the door, smashing Creed's hands! Kemp slams the door twice more into Creed's hands before Julius snaps. Julius charges out of the ambulance, beating Kemp around the backstage area and tossing him across a table like a napkin.
Julius continues to stalk Kemp down the ramp towards the ring, using the black steel chair with "JULIUS" spray painted on it (the one used by Kemp to attack Brutus) to beat Kemp. The fans much rather he use a bucket, and they again chant to use the fucking bucket. Julius instead does ten slow chair shots to Kemp's back, pauses, and hits an eleventh for good measure. Creed powerbombs Kemp onto the stretcher, collapsing the rear end of it! Creed positions a steel chair by Kemp's head and punches it hard, smashing steel into flesh. Creed hoists Kemp up over his shoulder, carries him down to the ambulance, throws him in and slams the door shut, winning the match at 10:00 and saving his brother's career! Brutus Creed and Ivy Nile join Julius in the ring and celebrate.
Your Winner, Julius Creed! (14 minutes)

NXT Women's Championship Match: Mandy Rose(c) w/ Toxic Attraction vs Alba Fyre

We cut to the parking lot and see the ambulance leave as a white Range Rover drives up. Alba Fyre hop s out and pulls Mandy Rose out of the vehicle, chasing her up and into the arena. We cut to the CWC and find Fyre and Rose fighting down the ramp. Fyre's got half her face in that odd face paint in the 2K games that only the noobs use. The ref warns Fyre but, once they're separated, he calls for the bell at 10:04pm! Fyre beats Rose around the ring for the opening minute. It's not long before the Champ recovers, however, taking a lengthy stretch on offense. Rose hits a corner strike and follows it up with a Fallaway Slam and a short pin attempt. We're reminded that Wednesday will mark Rose's one year anniversary as Women's Champion; she won it at Halloween Havoc '21. Rose switches from strikes to working holds, wrenching Fyre's neck and targeting the shoulder. Rose with a wicked elbow strike to the hyper-extended left arm of Fyre. Rose kicks away at Fyre in the corner as the ref counts his warning. She uses the bottom ropes to choke Fyre and again the ref counts a warning. Rose with a right forearm; a whip from Rose is countered and Fyre throws an elbow of her own to Rose's face! Fyre with a kick attempt but Rose blocks it and both women think "running clothesline," knocking each other down! The ref checks on both women and the crowd's getting more into this.
Rose uses a spinebuster to pick up another near fall. Alba Fyre kicks out and starts her comeback, however, and drives Rose into the canvas for a close two. Fyre heads up top and connects with a Swanton for another close fall; only Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin make the save by dragging the referee out! The ref yells at both women. Fyre accidentally wipes out the ref with Gigi and Jacy! Fyre with the Fyre Bomb (Gory Bomb, but really--we should call it that.) Fyre covers and the crowd counts with her up to about ten. Fyre heads outside, pulls up the ref and sends him into the ring. She's then hit by a double-sided running kick from Toxic Attraction! They send her into the ring and a weakened Rose hits the Kiss the Rose (a bicycle pump knee strike) to pick up the win at 10:11pm.
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Women's Champion, Mandy Rose! (7 minutes)

NXT Championship Triple-Threat Main Event Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh

JD McDonagh is out first to nothin' but boos. Ilja Dragunov gets a great welcome from the NXT crowd. Breakker gets the best pop of the three and we're reminded that Breakker doesn't fare well in triple-threat matches, having lost his title to Dolph Ziggler (who pinned Ciampa to win the gold). We get our official introductions and the ref calls for the bell at 10:27pm! All three men eye each other, awaiting the others to make the first move. Finally they clash and it's JD "Jordan Devlin" McDonagh who takes control early on. JD sends Breakker out early, eliminating him as a factor for about a minute or so. JD works over Ilja, looking for a cover early on but Dragunov gets the shoulder up. McDonagh with a Strong Irish Whip to the corner that bounces Dragunov off the turnbuckles! Ilja and JD continue to battle into the opposite corner, knocking Breakker off the apron as he tries to enter the ring. He again attempts to enter but JD sends him flying. JD looks for the Devil Inside twice but Ilja resists. Breakker hits the ring, double-clotheslining both men down! Breakker positions them in opposite corners and hits a running clothesline to each, followed by a belly-to-belly as he pays homage to the Steiner Brothers. He seems to mimic them quite a bit, how odd.
Breakker catches an entering Ilja with an explosive belly-to-belly suplex as well, afraid the former champ might feel left out. Breakker runs from ropes to ropes to ropes, finally catching Dragunov with a clothesline. McDonagh rolls Breakker up from behind, attempting to steal the win, but Breakker sends JD out of the ring. Dragunov slaps Bron's back and attempts a German suplex. Breakker resists and takes control with a leaping Lou Thesz, covering for two. JD makes the save and rolls out the ring immediately as Vic Joseph questions if this is strategy. Breakker eyes JD and warns him off-mic. Breakker looks for a suplex but Ilja takes him down to the mat briefly. Breakker powers to his feet and goes for the suplex but Ilja counters, floating over and slapping on a sleeper! The crowd chants "tap! tap! tap!" Breakker escapes but Ilja uses forearm strikes to the back of the neck to weaken up the champ.
JD enters the fray and Dragunov makes him pay for it, taking him down to the mat before unloading rapid elbow strikes to JD's gut! Dragunov turn his attention to Breakker as he rises and drops him with a running kick. Another clubbing forearm sends JD back to the canvas as he attempts to rise. Dragunov takes down the champ and climbs the turnbuckles, hitting a knee drop off the top! Dragunov hoists up McDonagh and hits a Saturn driver onto Breakker in the corner! The crowd with a loud "Dragunov" chant as he climbs the turnbuckles. Holy shit, Ilja goes airborne and hits the coast-to-coast on both men! Eat your heart out, Shane O' Mac! All three men are down and the ref checks on each of them as we get replays and a hot chant from a hot crowd. Breakker and Dragunov reach their feet first and begin exchanging blows.
McDonagh finally becomes a factor, getting a smidge of offense in before finding himself getting double-teamed by Ilja Dragunov and Bron Breakker. Both men end up hitting him with slow strikes and chops, bouncing him between them as the crowd cheers them on and plays along, verbally. JD is thrown out of the ring, his chest reddened from the chops and strikes, and finally it's just Bron and Ilja! The crowd chants loudly for Dragunov and the two come to blows! Dragunov beats Bron down to the canvas with elbow strike after elbow strike after elbow strike! Dragunov use the ropes to rebound and clotheslines Breakker; a second comes in for good measure but the champ has it scouted by the third and counters with a lariat! Breakker again looks for a press slam, but JD interferes with a headbutt to Bron's head and they're all down! The NXT Universe on their feet, chanting loudly for the brand. Breakker and JD fight in the corner. Dragunov joins the fray and attempts to powerbomb Breakker but doesn't have the strength. And at 10:40pm Bron Breakker uses the Frankensteiner to send JD McDonagh flying off the turnbuckle and right into a sit-out powerbomb from Ilja Dragunov in an incredibly-timed spot! Wow!
All three are down and rise slowly to knees, punching each other, then their feet. Each man chops, kicks punches, slaps, or stomps the other; each man dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges the other. This is the tale of two cities. The hot three-man action concludes with JD sending Ilja and Bron crashing to the outside. JD follows it up with a wrecking ball kick and a middle-rope springboard Moonsault to the floor, wiping out the champ and Dragunov! JD takes a couple of bows before sending Bron back into the ring. JD again climbs the turnbuckles and again finds himself struggling with Bron for control. Dragunov comes in and chops the knees out from Breakker then powerbombs him, covering for a two. Dragunov roars and hits a knockout right falling fist for another cover! JD McDonagh hits Dragunov outta nowhere with a 450 for a near fall! JD hops onto Bron and covers for another near fall! JD with a brain buster on the champ for yet another close cover! The crowd pops for the physical art we've got on display here, folks.
JD takes a breather; all three men are down and the crowd shows the Superstars all some love. JD with a double axe handle strike to Ilja. JD kicks Ilja twice in the face and starts to work on the left arm. JD calls for the Devil Inside but Vic Joseph on commentary questions if his battered body can pull it off. We never find out, however, as Dragunov drops him! Dragunov with a suplex to the champ. Dragunov with a rear waistlock, attempting another rear suplex. JD wraps him up from behind and they hit a three-man suplex! Breakker recovers and hits a bulldog on JD, paying homage to his father, then hits the powerslam on Dragunov! McDonagh throws Bron out of the ring and lays on Ilja, attempting ot steal the win! Ilja gets the arm up just in time and the crowd's roaring alive! Breakker and JD finally come face to face alone and slug it out. Breakker sends JD flying with a big suplex. Dragunov rallies and takes it to Breakker, connecting with his signature, the Torpedo Moscow (or is it the other way around?) Ilja covers and picks up the three--except JD McDonagh slips his hand beneath the refs, preventing the third slap on canvas! The crowd rips off a chant and Ilja begins to battle it out with JD!
The two exit the ring on opposite sides but both men have the same idea and charge, hitting a form of a clothesline on each other simultaneously! McDonagh is the first to recover and positions Dragunov's ankle on the steel steps. JD gets a steel chair and look to smash Ilja's ankle but Dragunov moves! Dragunov drops McDonagh and slams him into the commentary table. Dragunov holds his head and sells pain pretty darn good. Ilja rolls into the ring and begins to slug it out mano a mano with the champ! The ref warns Breakker and Dragunov to keep their hands up as they repeatedly unload on each other! Breakker with a kick drop; Ilja retaliates with a German suplex! Ilja rises and tumbles, bumbles, and fumbles his way to the corner. He calls for the Torpedo Moscow and takes his shot--but Breakker uses a spear to shut it down! Breakker covers and picks up the win at 10:51pm as JD McDonagh is too slow to make the save!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker! (24 minutes)

Next Week on NXT

KC2 defend their NXT Women's Tag Team Championship against Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark, and Pretty Deadly defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against Edris Enofe & Malik Blade.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's premium live event! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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