NXT Recap (3/27): Dusty Rhodes Tournament Finals

Vignette hyping the Dusty Rhodes Tag Tournament finals is played. The match will be the main event for the episode, and features the Forgotten Sons taking on Ricochet and Aleister Black.

NXT Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to another edition of NXT. Adam Cole makes his way to the ring for a promo. The NXT title stands in the center of the ring. Cole says that he beat four of the best NXT has to offer, and prepares to go on to challenge for the NXT title at Takeover New York against Johnny Gargano. Cole then calls for Gargano to meet him in the ring.

Out comes Johnny Wrestling. Duel chants from the Full Sail crowd. (It lasts a while.) Cole eventually shuts the crowd down by saying that he doesn't need them to support him...he's going to win the title on his own. Gargano responds by saying that he loves when the people chant his name. Gargano asks Cole to list all the reasons that he claims he can beat him at Takeover. After a moment of silence, Gargano pokes fun at Cole for finally being at a loss for words. He says that his goal was always to be NXT champion, and now that Ciampa is out of action, he promises to fulfill his destiny. Cole fires back. "I don't know if your memory has been shot...but you haven't necessarily been in the winners circle at Takeover." Cole calls Gargano "Johnny Participation" and claims that Gargano couldn't even beat him in a single-fall, let alone two falls. Cole goes on to list all of his accolades from Takeovers, including beating down Drew McIntyre, becoming the first ever North American champion, and winning the first NXT WarGames match. "What has Johnny Takeover done to earn this match at Takeover?" asks Cole.

Gargano says that NXT didn't roll out the red carpet for him. He recalls his initial NXT try-out, where he was denied entry to the WWE. Gargano then reminisces about getting thrown together with Ciampa to compete in the first ever Dusty Rhodes classic, where the two were not promised a contract following it's conclusion. Gargano says that he fought and clawed to keep coming back, and he only made it because of the support of the WWE Universe chanting "Johnny Wrestling." "I fight for everyone who has ever been told that their dream will not come true," shouts Gargano. He says he's earned everything that he's accomplished because "this place is my life." Gargano then takes aim at Cole, saying that he's never had a group of cronies in his corner to help him. He concludes by promising that at NXT Takeover, he will finally become NXT champion. Gargano drops the mic.

Cole goes to leave, but then turns back to get the last word. He says that Gargano can try his hardest, because at Takeover he'll leave as champion...and here's why: Undisputed Era shows up at the top of the runway. "This title match will be Undisputed," growls Cole with a wicked smile on his face. Undisputed Era poses with Cole as Gargano looks on in despair.

Flashback to last week when Forgotten Sons attacked Aleister Black and Ricochet following the fatal-five number one contenders matchup. Commentary team hypes up the evening's main event bout between the two tag teams.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah make their way to the ring for the first match of the evening. Their opponents...Lacey Lane and Kacy Catanzaro

Vanessa Borne & Aliyah versus Lacey Lane & Kacy Catanzaro

Lane and Aliyah begin. Aliyah with a couple of forearm shots. She tags in Borne...double-team on Lane. Lane takes control with some fancy rope walking, followed by a very athletic arm-drag that sends Borne to the outside. Blind tag from Aliyah allows the heels to retake control. Aliyah works Lane over in her teams corner, yanking at Lane's hair and forcing the referee to break the hold. Borne attacks Lane with the ref's back turned. Big headbutt by Borne.

Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, and NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler make their way to the ring.

Match is ruled a no-contest

Aliyah and Borne retreat. Baszler nails Lane with a running knee while Shafir smashes Catanzaro on the apron. Baszler goes for the rear-naked choke but Catanzaro escapes and lands a few shots on the champ. Baszler is barely affected, and catches Catanzaro mid-move and chokes her out. Baszler walks over to the commentary table and says that this will continue to happen as long as she is mistreated.

Aleister Black and Ricochet are shown warming up backstage. Kona Reeves versus Matt Riddle is announced as the next matchup.

Commentary team shows us the match card for NXT Takeover New York, which includes Pete Dunne defending the United Kingdom championship against WALTER.

Matt RIddle's music hits, and our next bout is underway. Kona Reeves is out second.

Matt Riddle versus Kona Reeves

Reeves slaps Riddle at the start. Riddle charges him into the corner but Reeves baited him in and nails him with a right hand. Knees to the gut from Reeves. He picks Riddle up for a Samoan drop...Riddle shifts his weight and goes for a takedown...got him. Running senton from Riddle.

Velveteen Dream's music hits. He's carried onto the entrance path by two women as he lays on a couch and drinks from a goblet. Back in the ring Reeves takes advantage of the distraction with a back body drop. Pinfall...Riddle gets a shoulder up. Reeves angrily applies a modified cobra-clutch to wear Riddle down. Riddle breaks the hold and rolls Reeves up...two count! Riddle gets to his feet and lays into Reeves with a vicious combo. Ripcord knee-strike from Riddle. He ties Reeves up...series of elbow stries...Bromission...Reeves taps.

Matt Riddle wins by submission

As soon as the bell rings the Velveteen Dream speaks on a microphone. He announces Riddle was the winner of the match, and the man who will go on to lose to Velveteen Dream at Takeover New York. Riddle joins Dream at the top of the stage, grabs his goblet, drinks from it, and tosses it offstage. Riddle then grabs the microphone from Dream's hand..."I'll see you in New York Bro." Riddle walks off and the Dream is left looking bewildered.

Main event is next!

Commercial for WrestleMania. 17 days away.

Graphic image for the NXT Women's championship match at Takeover New York is shown. Kairi Sane versus Bianca Belair is announced for next week's show.

Forgotten Sons are out for first. Aleister Black and Ricochet follow.

Forgotten Sons versus Aleister Black & Ricochet Dusty Rhodes Tournament Finals

All four men begin brawling in the ring. Ricochet and Black win the opening exchange and send Cutler and Blake to the floor. After a moment to settle down...Blake and Black start. Headlock from Blake. He runs through Black with a shoulder block. Cutler tags in. He targets Black's arm with a hammerlock. Black lands a big boot and Ricochet gets tagged in. Black and Ricochet dodge a tandem attack and send the Forgotten Sons to the outside again. Ricochet takes them out with a twisting tope con hilo! Black and Ricochet play to the crowd, who is going crazy for them.

Ricochet chops Cutler in the chest at ringside before tossing him back in. With the referee's back turned, Jaxson Ryker nails Ricochet while he goes for a handspring maneuver. Blake takes advantage and goes for a cover...two count. Double team backbreaker by the Forgotten Sons. Strong Irish-whip from Cutler and Ricochet is down. Ricochet almost tags out but Cutler holds his arm and transitions into a backbreaker. Another double-team backbreaker from the Sons. Modified Camel-Clutch from Cutler targeting Ricochet's lower back. Ricochet is able to create separation landing a dropkick. He dodges an attack from Cutler but Blake pulls Black down so he doesn't tag out! Slingshot attempt from Blake...he misses Cutler and Ricochet tags out!

Black comes in hot hitting both men with an arsenal of strikes. Running knee from Black, followed by his signature springboard moonsault onto Cutler. He goes for the cover...Cutler kicks out. He sets up for the Black Mass but Blake cuts him off. Cutler with a double-underhook backbreaker to slow Black down. The Sons go for their finisher but Ricochet nails Blake with a tope rope frankensteiner! All four men in the ring and the action is all over the place! Jumping thrust by Ricochet! Springboard meteora from Black! Forgotten Sons are down. Black tags Ricochet back in.

Ricochet trades strikes with Blake in the center...European uppercuts from both men...they trade suplex attempts...Ricochet wins the exchange and drops Blake with a twisting suplex. Crowd going wild. Ricochet climbs...Pheonix Splash but Cutler moves and Ricochet lands on his feet. Sons catch Ricochet on the top rope...poison frankensteiner attempt from Blake but Ricochet lands on his feet!!! Uppercut from Ricochet...firemans carry but Blake lands some elbows...Black tags in. Big roundhouse...a GTS from Ricochet...running boot. Pinfall but Blake breaks up the pin! Backstabber and elbow drop combo from the Sons but Ricochet breaks up the pin just in time. Black dodges the Son's double team move and takes out Cutler and Blake with jumping strikes! Blake catches Black...powerbomb lungblower! Pinfall...Black gets his foot on the ropes but Ryker pushes it off! Ref sees it and tosses Ryker from ringside. Black Mass onto Blake! 630 from Ricochet! IT"S OVER!

Aleister Black & Ricochet win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic by pinfall

Black and Ricochet celebrate in the ring! Highlights of the matchup are shown. The trophy is brought to them in the ring. Confetti is sprayed all over the place. War Raiders make their way to the ring carrying the tag team titles. The four men stare each other down...Hanson and Rowe hold the titles high.

That's the show friends.