NXT Recap (4/10): Takeover Fallout, Candice LeRae Battles Aliyah, Street Profits In Action

Tonight's episode of NXT takes place from the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Highlights of Takeover New York are played recapping the epic event from start to finish. The War Raiders, Velveteen Dream, and Shayna Baszler all retained their respective titles, while WALTER dethroned Pete Dunne for the United Kingdom championship, and Johnny Gargano defeated Adam Cole for the vacant NXT championship.

NXT Intro plays. (They've changed the graphic and added a new song.)

Maura Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to a special edition of NXT, filmed at the Barclay's Center. (Pre-taped before Takeover began.)

Candice LeRae is out for the first bout of the evening. Her opponent...Aliyah, who is accompanied with Vanessa Borne.

Aliyah versus Candice LeRae

Tie-up. Aliyah with a headlock. She takes Candice down and claws at her face. Second tie-up...Candice with an arm-drag. Aliyah baits her in with a shoulder thrust. She climbs to the top but just plays to the crowd. Candice hits a dropkick sending Aliya to ringside. Candice slides out and throws Aliyah back in. Aliyah attacks while Candice comes back into the ring to take control.

Stomps in the corner from Aliyah. She applies a straight-jacket sleeper onto Candice. Candice breaks the hold but Aliyah fires right back with a running boot. Cover but Candice kicks out with ease. Aliyah slaps and taunts Candice...that wakes her up. Running clothesline, snapmare, and a step-up senton in succession. Rude awakening and a lionsault win it for Candice.

Candice LeRae wins by pinfall.

Borne slides in to check on Aliyah as Candice celebrates.

Commentary shoots us to a recap of the Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle match from Friday, where Dream was able to retain his North American championship via cradle. Cut-to Dream cutting a promo backstage at WrestleMania. Buddy Murphy walks by, who just lost to Tony Nese at the time, and Dream talks trash. He and Murphy argue back and forth. Dream asks Murphy where his title is.

Jaxson Ryker against Danny Burch will take place later tonight...next up...exclusive footage from the Takeover tag match.

Commercial for Money in the Bank.

Recap of the tag title match from Takeover New York, where the War Raiders were able to retain against the Dusty Rhodes Tournament winners, Ricochet and Aleister Black.

The official signing of Kushida is shown. Triple H and general manager William Regal call the signing a big deal as Kushida is one of the biggest international stars in the wrestling world.

Burch and Ryker are up next!

Commercial for WWE Shop.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are on their way to the ring. Forgotten Sons are out second.

Danny Burch versus Jaxson Ryker

Burch explodes out of the corner with a dropkick. He clubs Ryker on the back before laying into his chest with stiff chops. Ryker slows Burch down by yanking him off the second rope and decapitating him with a running elbow. Early cover but Burch escapes. Belly-to-back suplex from Ryker. He climbs the middle-rope...diving headbutt. Knee-drop. Burch breaks out of a sleeper attempt with a jawbreaker...more chops from Burch. Corner clothesline and an eniguri by Burch. He climbs to the second rope...missile dropkick. Forgotten Sons interfere but Burch dodges them. Oney Lorcan comes in and hits the Sons with a suicide dive! Burch rolls Ryker up...two count! Ryker with an axe-handle...chokeslam spinebuster. That's it.

Jaxson Ryker wins by pinfall.

Following the bout...the Sons give a beatdown to both Lorcan and Burch.

Recap of the women's fatal-four way from Takeover New York. Shayna Baszler was able to steal a victory after locking Bianca Belair in her rear-naked choke finisher.

Interview with Baszler. (Took place after her matchup.) Baszler says it doesn't matter who NXT throws in front of her...she'll defy the odds and remain NXT women's champion.

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner take on the Street Profits in the evening's main event.

Recap of the United Kingdom championship matchup between WALTER and Pete Dunne from Takeover. WALTER ended the 686 day reign of Dunne, winning the bout with a top rope-powerbomb and top rope splash.

Interview with Dunne moments after his loss. He's asked how he feels losing the title...Dunne says there will be a rematch.

Recap of the Takeover main event. Johnny Gargano was able to fend off Adam Cole to capture the vacant NXT championship in what is being hailed as the greatest NXT match in history. Following his victory, Tommaso Ciampa came out to congratulate his old friend, and the two reconciled, along with Gargano's wife, Candice LeRae. Footage of Gargano's parents watching from ringside are shown.

Footage of Adam Cole arguing with the Undisputed Era is shown. Cole and Strong are particularly heated with each other. Cole yells at the camera man to scram.

Tag team match is next!

Commercial of the WWE PC Youtube show.

Velveteen Dream versus Buddy Murphy for the NXT North American Championship is announced for next week.

Street Profits music hits, which means it's main event time. Aichner and Barthel are out second.

Street Profits versus Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Aichner charges Ford into his team's corner. Double-team from Barthel and Aichner but Ford uses his incredible athleticism to hit a double dropkick. He climbs...Barthel with a kick to Ford's chest. Aichner tags back in. He smashes Ford's head off the turnbuckle then stomps him down in the corner. Snap suplex from Aichner. Tandem offense by Aichner and Barthel. They're in full control at the start.

Aichner holds Ford down with a body-scissor. Ford escapes but Aichner cuts him off before he can make the tag. Finally Dawkins comes in. He runs rampant...hitting running lariats and exploder suplexes on both men. 360 corner clothesline. Ford tags back in...Barthel pushes Ford off the top rope! Aichner clotheslines Dawkins over the top! Suicide dive from Barthel! Brainbuster by Aichner to Ford...he then hits a sprinboard moonsault for a near fall!

Dawkins with a huge spear to Aichner. All four men in the ring. Dawkins picks up Barthel...doomsday blockbuster! Profits with the W.

Street Profits win by pinfall.

The Profits celebrate to end the show.