NXT Recap (4/17): Two Title Matches, Johnny Gargano Addresses The NXT Universe, Dijakovic In Action

Tonight's episode of NXT kicks-off a fresh set of tapings at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT. They inform us that Johnny Gargano will be addressing the NXT Universe following his title victory at Takeover New York. Also on the ballot for tonight...Kairi Sane versus Shayna Baszler for the NXT women's championship. If Sane loses...she can never get another shot at the title.

Velveteen Dream is on his way out for the first matchup of the evening. Recap of Dream's promo from WrestleMania, where Dream got into a tiff with former cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy. That sets up tonights bout, which will be for Dream's NXT North American championship. Murphy is out second.

Buddy Murphy versus Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship

Tie-up. Dream forces Murphy into the corner...ref breaks the hold. Dream with a shove. Murphy snatches on a side-headlock and takes Dream to the mat. Back suplex attempt from Dream...Murphy lands on his feet and reapplies the headlock. Dream is able to reverse the pressure and locks in a headlock of his own. Murphy tries to bounce him off the ropes but Dream keeps the hold applied. Pace gets picked up, where both men show off their speed and athleticism with a series of roll-ups and flips. The sequence ends with a staredown.

Murphy with a headscissor that sends Dream to ringside. He goes for a suicide dive but Dream slides in before he can fly. Thrust knee from Murphy! Dream responds by slamming Murphy into the turnbuckle...Murphy fires back by smashing Dream off the ringpost. TOPE CON HILO from Murphy! He throws Dream back in...top rope meteora! Cover...Dream kicks out. PK to Dream's back. Another. Dream dodges the third. He hits a big boot but Murphy catches Dream in a sleeper to slow him down. Dream gets to his feet and breaks the hold by pushing Murphy into the corner. Murphy shakes it off and whips Dream into the opposing turnbuckles. Dream with an elbow...he goes to the top but Murphy yanks him down. Murphy off the ropes...Dream with a superkick! Both men are down!

Both men trade strikes in the center...dropkick from Dream. Clothesline sends Murphy to the outside. Top rope double-axe handle! Dream climbs for the Purple Rainmaker but Murphy gets to his feet. He jumps over Murphy...codebreaker! Cover...Murphy just gets a shoulder up. Dream picks Murphy up for the DVD...Murphy has it scouted and lands on his feet. Big boot from Murphy. Tornado DDT over the ropes from Murphy. He climbs...Dream with a haymaker. He climbs for a potential superplex...both men get knocked off. They JUST beat the 10 count. More striking...huge DDT from Murphy. Pinfall attempt...Dream kicks out. Murphy sets Dream up...he climbs...Dream jumps up for a superplex...Murphy hits him with a reverse plex! Top rope sunset flip...Dream with a DVD out of nowhere. Murphy just gets a shoulder up! Crowd is going nuts!

Dream climbs again...Murphy tucks his head...superkick and powerbomb from Murphy! Both men on the apron...Murphy with his signature V-trigger knee. Murphy breaks the count because Dream is limp and wouldn't have beat the count. Dream hits a fameasser when Murphy attempts to climb back in...DVD....Purple Rainmaker. Dream wins.

Velveteen Dream wins by pinfall to retain the NXT North American championship.

Dream celebrates in the ring while Murphy walks out having lost out on another championship reign. Commentary tells us that Dominic Dijakovic will be in action later on, but new NXT champion Johnny Gargano will be addressing the NXT Universe next!

Commercial for WWE shop. Promo for the WWE PC youtube show.

Street Profits cut a promo. They say that they will continue to create opportunities for themselves. They knock on General Manager William Regal's office. War Raiders come out of the office...they say that they've heard what the Street Profits have been saying about them...and next week...they'll face each other in a matchup. "Be careful what you wish for," growls Hanson.

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring, the NXT title beautifully strapped around his waist. Huge ovation from the crowd. Gargano says that he and Full Sail have been waiting a very long time for this moment. Gargano reminds us that he was initially denied his WWE tryout, but through hard work he was able to reach the top of the mountain. He calls Takeover New York the toughest match of his career.

Adam Cole comes out. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly join him, but no Roderick Strong. He says that at Takeover Gargano got lucky, because he won the first fall, and in any other circumstance, that would make him champion. Crowd showers Cole with "you tapped out" chants. He calls Gargano an idiot, and calls himself the uncrowned NXT champion. Gargano asks Cole if there's trouble in his boy band. Gargano tells Cole that his win at Takeover was Undisputed because he made Cole tap out twice. He then challenges Cole there on the spot.

Roderick Strong attacks from behind. He stomps Gargano down, while the rest of Undisputed Era run into the ring. Cole lays Gargano out with a superkick. Referee's run to ringside but the damage has already been done.

Cut to Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler, both preparing for their showdown in tonight's main event. Dijakovic in action next!

Recap of KUSHIDA's appearance at Takeover New York. McGuinness tells us that KUSHIDA will be making his NXT in-ring debut in two weeks. Commentary wishes all the NXT call-ups well.

Aaron Frye is on his way out. Dominik Dijakovic is second.

Aaron Frye versus Dominik Dijakovic

Discuss big boot from Dijakovic! SQUASH.

Dominik Dijakovic wins by pinfall.

Dijakovic grabs a microphone. He says he's only in NXT because his family gave him the opportunity. He says that his blood and lineage drive him to opportunity, and that he's got the North American championship in his sights. "SO FEAST YOUR EYES VELVETEEN DREAM."

Backstage the Undisputed Era gets interviewed. They're asked about the tension the team was going through following Takeover. Cole says that they do not let their emotions ruin opportunities. General Manager William Regal strolls up. He says that Johnny Gargano wants to face the Undisputed Era...specifically Roderick Strong. Cole looks upset, because he was the one vying for a shot against the champ.

A recap of Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler's intense rivalry. Main event is next.

Commercial for the WWE Network.

Promo from Aliyah and Vanessa Borne. Aliyah says that Candice LeRae got lucky last week in New York. They tell LeRae to find a partner, because they want a tag matchup for next week. Also made official for next week...Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong.

Shayna Baszler is on her way out, accompanied by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Kairi Sane is out second. Main event time.

Kairi Sane versus Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's championship

Tie-up. Both women lay into each other with strikes. Sane lands a spinning back fist that drops Baszler. Running elbow sends Baszler to the outside. Elbow from the apron. She throws Baszler back into the ring...top rope elbow to a standing Baszler. Cover but the champ escapes. Baszler fires back with a huge combo ending with a knee to Sane's face. She kicks Sane in the upper back, then follows up with clubbing forearms. Bicycle knee in the corner from Baszler. Sane JUST gets a shoulder up. Baszler goes for the rear-naked choke...Sane fights it off. Baszler misses a knee...interceptor spear from Sane! Both women down!

Open palm strikes by Sane. Dragon-screw and blockbuster in succession. Sane catches Baszler in the anchor submission...Baszler is able to get to the ropes. Sane climbs to the middle-rope...Insane elbow! She climbs to the top for another...enziguri from Baszler! Superplex attempt...Baszler gets tangled...double-stomp from Sane! Baszler on the outside...Sane misses an elbow and hits the barricade! Baszler quickly goes after the arm. Gut-wrench suplex...Sane kicks out of the pin attempt but Baszler transitions right into a submission. Sane is in trouble! She's able to fight off the pain and get to the ropes. Referee asks Sane if she wants to continue. A medical doctor comes out, along with Io Shirai. Baszler pulls Sane back into the ring...she goes to stomp Sane's arm...Shirai pushes her off. DQ is called.

Shayna Baszler wins by disqualification and retains the NXT Women's championship.

Shafir and Duke pull out Shirai and the champ continues her assault on Sane. She stomps on the arm...bending it awkwardly. Shirai, the ref, and the medical trainer attend to Sane, who is screaming in pain. Shirai screams at Baszler as the show fades to black.