NXT Recap (4/24): Gargano Faces Strong In The Main Event, War Raiders versus Street Profits

Tonight's episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Recap of Johnny Gargano's epic title victory at NXT Takeover New York. Voice-over tells us that Gargano will be facing Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong in the evening's main event.

Intro song.

Show opens with the Forgotten Sons making their way to the ring. Jaxson Ryker will be competing, with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake accompanying him at ringside. His opponent...Humberto Carrillo.

Jaxson Ryker versus Humberto Carrillo

Action begins with Ryker slamming Carrillo to the mat. Back suplex attempt but Carrillo lands on his feet...springboard roundhouse from Carrillo takes Ryker to the mat. Angrly Ryker chases Carrillo around the ring. Carrillo catches him with a headscissor, then a standing moonsault. Cover...only a one count. Ryker bounces to his feet and tosses Carrillo into the corner. He stomps Carrillo down. Big powerslam, followed by a series of clubbing blows. He picks Carrillo up...widowmaker. Carrillo rolls to the outside...Ryker in quick pursuit...he whips Carrillo into the barricade ,then slams him off the ring apron before launching him into the crowd. Ryker with a series of knee shots onto Carrillo's head...the referee has seen enough and calls for the bell.

Match is ruled a no-contest.

Assault from Ryker continues...Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come out and run Ryker and the rest of the Forgotten Sons off with chairs. Blake and Cutler have to restrain Ryker, who is furious.

Backstage Adam Cole is interviewed about Roderick Strong and Johnny Gargano's matchup. He says that Gargano is clearly afraid to face him again, but has faith that Strong will beat Gargano to a pulp just like he would. Matt Riddle appears...he says that Cole is just jealous that Strong got a matchup that he wanted. Riddle thinks it is hilarious how hurt Cole is. They have an intense staredown...Cole says he's got bigger things to worry about then Riddle.

Commercial for WWE PC...available on Youtube.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah are out next for a women's division tag team match. They'll be facing Candice LeRae and her mystery partner...Kacy Catanzaro

Aliyah & Vanessa Borne versus Candice LeRae & Kacy Catanzaro

Catanzaro and Aliyah start. Aliyah with a quick-takedown. She flips over Catanzaro taunting her. Catanzaro fires right back with her signature handstand headscissor off the ropes. Aliyah regains control and tags in Borne. They hit Catanzaro with a double-suplex. Borne lays into Catanzaro with clubbing forearms. To the corner...Borne stomps Catanzaro down, then rag-dolls her across the ring. Aliyah back in...tandem offense by the heels tying Catanzaro up in the ropes. Aliyah with a cover...two count. Modified butterfly submission applied by Aliyah. Borne and Aliyah go for another double-suplex...Catanzaro reverses it and hits a double neckbreaker!

LeRae comes in hot! Missile dropkick to Borne! She sends Aliyah to the outside. LeRae with a step-up senton, and Rude Awakening in succession...lionsault to Borne! That'll do it!

Candice LeRae & Kacy Catanzaro win by pinfall

LeRae and Catanzaro celebrate as Borne and Aliyah had backstage in defeat.

Flashback to last week's main event, when Io Shirai ran in to save Kairi Sane during her title match with Shayna Baszler due to Baszler's assault on Sane's arm. This was Sane's last opportunity at the NXT women's championship as she is now on SmackDown Live.

Shirai is interviewed. She says what Shayna did to Sane was terrible. Shafir and Duke come out of nowhere and attack her! Baszler appears and hits her in the face! The Horsewomen walk off as Shirai lays on the ground panting in pain.

Video footage of NXT's newest signee, KUSHIDA, is played. General Manager William Regal says during an interview that KUSHIDA's signing is one of the most exciting things that's ever happened in NXT's history. Kassius Ohno comes in. Regal congratulates him for his work in NXT U.K. Ohno says that he's happy to teach the young U.K. upstarts true European wrestling. Ohno then asks about KUSHIDA, and tells Regal that he would be happy to teach him authentic Japanese wrestling. Regal agrees...and makes the match for next week!

Street Profits make their way to the ring. They're facing the tag champs from a match set-up last week. The War Raiders are out second.

War Raiders versus Street Profits non-title match

Montez Ford takes out the Raiders with a tope con hilo as they walk to the ring! Dawkins hits Rowe with a spinebuster! Frog Splash from Ford! Cover...ROWE JUST KICKS OUT! Profits can't believe it! They set up Rowe for a Doomsday Device but Rowe shifts his weight and tags in Hanson! Hanson takes out Dawkins and Ford! Cartwheel lariat! He slows things down by grounding Dawkins into the mat with a rest-hold. Rowe tags back in. Powerslam. Rowe powerslams Hanson on top of Dawkins. Dawkins dodges an attack from Hanson and is able to make the hot tag to Ford.

Ford nails Hanson with a lariat. Another. A third but Hanson won't go tot he ground. Standing dropkick from Ford does it! Ford picks Hanson up...DELAYED BACK SUPLEX. Standing moonsault! Dawkins takes out Rowe...Profits team up on Hanson...double 360 corner splashes. Ford uses Dawkins to deliver sliced bread! Hanson takes the Profits out with a handspring double-elbow. Rowe runs in and nails Ford with an exploder suplex, then destroys Dawkins with a knee strike. Raiders hit a slew of double-team moves on the Profits. Pop-up powerslam onto Ford...he can't kick out.

War Raiders win by pinfall

Hanson and Rowe celebrate, while Dawkins and Ford look dazed on the entrance path.

Cut to Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong...both who are preparing for their matchup. Gargano works with a resistance band while Strong gameplans with the Undisputed Era.

Main event is next!

Commercial for WWE Shop.

Mia Yim is interviewed about Shayna Baszler's destruction on the women's division. Yim says that Baszler has been dominant, but believes that she deserves another shot at the champion. She also calls out Bianca Belair for having multiple opportunities at the title, despite losing every one.

KUSHIDA's debut is set for next week!

The champion is out first. Roderick Strong is out second...he is alone...for now.

Roderick Strong versus Johnny Gargano non-title match

Strong with a takedown to start. Front headlock applied and gator roll from Strong. He hits Gargano with a shoulder bump. Nice sequence of chain wrestling from both men. Gargano goes for the Gargano escape but Strong rolls away. More chain wrestling...Strong eventually rolls to the outside to regroup. He charges Gargano back int he ring but walks right into an arm-drag that sends him back out. Gargano to the apron...superkick to Strong. Strong baits Gargano in...he slams him off the apron!

Back in the ring Strong corners Gargano and lights up his chest with chops. Gutbuster by Strong. He wears Gargano down with strikes, then hits an inverted backbreaker. More chops...the champ is rocked. Strong ties Gargano up in the ropes in a cloverleaf esque submission. Gargano begins taunting Strong to hit him harder. Strong obliges. Gory special locked in by Strong...Gargano is able to roll away. Gargano lands a few shots to Strong's gut. He begins a comeback with running elbows. Fight spills to the outside...Strong goes for another slam to the apron but Gargano whips him into the steel steps. Back in the ring...Gargano hits the spear through the ropes. Cover...only two. Gargano with a chop of his own. He nails Strong in the face with a kick to the head.

Action to ringside again...Strong goes for a suicide dropkick but Gargano moves. Plancha from the apron! Gargano goes for the slingshot DDT...Strong catches him....Gargano turns it into a frankensteiner! Superkick! Strong kicks out again. Gargano chops Strong so hard that his spit lands on the audience. Crowd loves it. Gargano sets up Strong for the lawn-dart...Strong blocks it...backbreaker attempt...Gargano has it scouted. Countless counters from both men. Strong with a butterfly backbreaker! Both men trade stiff shots in the center of the ring! Back elbow lands by Strong...Gargano uses the momentum and responds with a discus clothesline. Strong fires right back with a corner knee, back breaker, then a front suplex. Boston crab attempt...Gargano switches over and locks in the Gargano escape! Adam Cole runs out! He taunts Gargano from ringside! the rest of the Undisputed Era are out as well. Matt Riddle comes out and attacks Fish and O'Reilly! In the chaos Cole accidentally hits Strong! Gargano takes out Cole with a suicide dive! Slingshot DDT to strong! Got em!

Johnny Gargano wins by pinfall

Following the match...Riddle and Gargano leave but Roderick Strong is pissed at Adam Cole. They jaw-jack back and forth. Cole tries to apologize but Strong pushes them away and leaves ahead of the group.

That's the show friends.