NXT Recap (4/3): Go-Home Show Before Takeover NY, Belair Battles Sane In The Main Event

NXT Intro

Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the final edition of NXT before Takeover New York. They hype the main event...Bianca Belair versus Kairi Sane in a grudge match.

The War Raiders music hits and they're out for our first action of the evening. Their opponents...two enhancement talents...are already in the ring.

War Raiders versus Enhancement Talent

Rowe begins by decimating the local wrestlers. Hanson comes in and destroys one with a big boot. Double-team maneuver...and this one is over quickly.

War Raiders win by pinfall.

Rowe calls this squash a message to their Takeover New York opponents. "Bring out the next team," screams Rowe. Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi answer the challenge.

War Raiders versus Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude

Hanson and Bononi begin. Big right hand from Bononi but Hanson evades him with a carwheel. More tandem double-team offense from the Raiders. Rowe picks up Jaoude and Bononi with a powerslam/powerbomb combo. Hanson climbs...top rope leg-drop! That's it.

War Raiders win by pinfall.

The War Raiders stand tall holding up the NXT tag team titles. Commentary team shoots us to a video package highlighting Pete Dunne's incredible United Kingdom championship run, and his next challenger, WALTER, at Takeover New York.

Coming up next. Oney Lorcan battles Jaxson Ryker!

Commercial for Takeover New York, which runs down each of the epic five matchups scheduled for the show. A preview for the WWE PC Youtube show follows.

Footage from earlier in the day shows Candice LeRae being interviewed. She says that she's excited for her husband, Johnny Gargano, but that she's also focused on the winner of the NXT women's championship match. Vanessa Borne and Aliyah stroll up. They call Candice a failure just like her husband. Candice fires back, claiming that she plans on earning her title shot...by knocking Aliyah on her ass.

Oney Lorcan is out for his match. He is accompanied by tag partner Danny Burch. The Forgotten Sons are out second.

Jaxson Ryker versus Oney Lorcan

Tie-up. Ryker forces Lorcan into the corner and the referee has to separate them. Ryker lands the first strike with a club to Lorcan's back...Lorcan fires back with a series of stiff chops, but they seem to have no effect on Ryker. Ryker drops Lorcan over the top rope, sending him to the outside. Danny Burch goes to help his friend when the Forgotten Sons get in his face. Meanwhile, Ryker brings Lorcan back into the ring, hangs him on the top rope, and unloads a series of strikes. Ryker climbs for a superplex attempt...Lorcan knocks him off. He dives over Ryker...Ryker catches Lorcan in a gutbuster. Cover but only a two count.

Running knee to Lorcan's gut. Ryker taunts Lorcan, who tries a sunset flip pin but Ryker picks him up and applies a bearhug. He has it locked in right in the center of the ring. Lorcan eventually escapes...he lights up Ryker's chest with overhand slaps. Running uppercut from Lorcan. Another sends Ryker to the corner. Ryker bounces right out and decapitates Lorcan with an axe-handle. Chokeslam spinebuster...and that's it.

Jaxson Ryker wins by pinfall.

The Forgotten Sons celebrate as Burch attends to Lorcan. Ryker stares intensely into the camera.

Cut to the video package covering the NXT championship scene. Triple-H's promo from two weeks ago is spliced over reminding fans that the original Takeover New York main event was between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano but due to injury, Ciampa had to relinquish the title due to injury. Adam Cole would then become the second contender for the NXT championship, winning a fatal-five way three weeks ago.

Main event is next!

Special look at the NXT North American Championship match at Takeover New York between Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle.

Recap of NXT from five weeks ago when Dominic Dijakovic and Keith Lee battled to a no decision. Earlier today Keith Lee told interviewers that he was looking for a conclusion between his feud with Dijakovic. He says that they were bumped from Takeover New York. Lee then announces that in two weeks...Lee and Dijakovic will meet in two weeks when NXT returns to Full Sail.

Street Profits versus Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel is announced for next week. Also for next week...Candice LeRae takes on Aliyah.

Kairi Sane is out first for our main event. Bianca Belair second.

Kairi Sane versus Bianca Belair

Tie-up. Chain wrestling ends with Sane attempting a roll-up...Belair refuses to go down. She lays into Sane with a shoulder bump. Sane responds with a big elbow to Belair's chest. Sane climbs...jumps over Belair, then taunts her by mocking her hair braid. Sane with the interceptor spear! Running elbow! Belair goes to ringside. Sane tosses her back in the ring for the first cover...two count. Submission from Sane...Belair escapes and picks Sane up with a massive powerslam. Stomps from Belair in the corner. Abdominal stretch by Belair...she transitions into a pendulum backbreaker.

Now in control, Belair clubs at Sane's back. Vertical suplex from Belair. Sane catches her off-guard with a drop-toe-hold. Octopus submission from Sane....Belair is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Diving crossbody from Sane but Belair catches her! Fallaway slam. Multiple counters from both women. A dropkick sends Belair to the outside again. Belair goes for another suplex...Sane has it scouted and spikes Belair on her head.

Sane starts stringing together offense. Three hit-combo. Running blockbuster. Another. Belair is in the corner...Kane walks the plank...running elbow! She climbs...flying elbow to a standing Belair. Pinfall attempt...Belair gets a shoulder up. Spinning back elbow by Sane. She climbs again for her finisher...Belair nails Sane and meets her at the top for a superplex...she hits it! Standing moonsault from Belair! Cover...Sane kicks out.

Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir attack.

Match is ruled a no-contest.

Io Shirai runs out for the save. All six women are going at it. The entire NXT women's locker room runs out. Brawl travels to the outside. Shirai with a moonsault onto everyone! Shirai picks up the NXT women's championship and poses to the fans delight.

That's the show friends.