NXT Recap (5/15): Viking Raiders Defend The Titles Against Street Profits, KUSHIDA In Action, Takeover Matches Announced

Tonight's episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT television. They wish Percy Watson well on his new ventures in Hollywood, and welcome the newest member to the commentary table...WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

The NXT tag team champion Viking Raiders make their way to the ring to address the NXT Universe. Ivar and Erik say that they've successfully invaded Raw, but that before they fully jump over...they need to do something about the tag gold. They call out General Manager William Regal. Regal comes to the ring. Erik says that since there is no one who can take the titles from them...they wish to relinquish.

Out come the Street Profits. (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) Ford says that a few weeks ago the Profits brought the fight to the Raiders, and that they know they can beat them. Dawkins make a jab about their tag team name, angering the Raiders. Ivar yells at Regal to make the match...Regal obliges and announces the title bout as the main event of the evening.

Commentary alerts us that KUSHIDA will be in action later tonight against Kona Reeves, but coming up next...Keith Lee battles Cezar Bononi.

Preview for Money in the Bank.

Flashback to last week's main event between Matt Riddle and Adam Cole. Roderick Strong would cause a distraction for his Undisputed brother, but it wasn't enough to get the job done as Riddle submitted Cole for the victory. Post-match Strong and Cole would get into another argument. New footage of Cole and Strong arguing is played, where Cole calls Strong a little b**ch. Strong curses back at Cole before leaving.

Cut to the Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish) minus Roderick Strong. Cole is interviewed and asked where Strong is. Cole says that no matter what he's the leader of the U.E. Strong walks up and tells Cole that they are stronger when they are together. He hands Cole Matt Riddle's signature sandals, indicating that he's attacked him. Security and media run in the background to where Strong just came from. Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly all smile and walk off with Strong.

Cezar Bononi makes his way out for the opening contest. He battles Keith Lee.

Keith Lee versus Cezar Bononi

Crowd entirely behind Lee. Lee goes for a powerslam but Bononi shifts his weight and escapes. Lee with a shoulder block, followed by a huge chop to Bononi's chest. Bononi fires back by dropping Lee into the ropes. He traps Lee in the ropes cutting off his air supply. Shoulder block drops Lee to his knees. He grabs Bononi's hand and refuses to let him run the ropes. Big left hands from Lee. He nearly knocks him out with a running elbow. Lee off the ropes...shoulder bump sends Bononi across the ring. Lee with a Spirit Bomb...that'll do it.

Keith Lee wins by pinfall

Lee celebrates his victory to end the segment. KUSHIDA will be in action next!

Commercial for WWE shop.

Footage of Io Shirai's attack on NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler at the WWE performance center is played. It took several security officials to separate the two women once the brawl started.

It is announced that Shayna Baszler will defend her title against Io Shirai at the next Takeover. Forgotten Sons walk into William Regal's office...they say that the general manager better come up with a good excuse for why they weren't put into tonight's tag team title match.

Kona Reeves is out next. KUSHIDA is out second.

Kona Reeves versus KUSHIDA

Reeves with a quick-takedown. Kushida gets right back to his feet and brings Reeves down himself. Nice sequence of chain wrestling from both men...Reeves with an arm-ringer...Kushida drops Reeves with an arm-bar. Another one, this time locking in an armbar. Reeves attempts to break the hold but Kushida keeps it applied.

Drew Gulak appears on the entrance path, watching Kushida. Kushida sees him but the distraction lets Reeves take control. Big powerslam from Reeves. He wears the smaller man down...Kushida builds up momentum...handspring elbow and dropkick in succession. He goes for the pin...Reeves escapes. Kushida looks up at Gulak once again...he goes for the hoverboard lock...Reeves has it scouted...handspring boot from Kushida sends Reeves to ringside. Kushida climbs to the top...swanton onto Reeves connects. Back in the ring...he applies the hoverboard submission again...Reeves taps.

KUSHIDA wins by submission

Drew Gulak doesn't get invovled, but looks impressed and walks off. KUSHIDA responds by making an "any time you want" gesture. He looks at the camera and makes a "break you" gesture.

Backstage Bianca Belair drags a reporter to William Regal's office. Mia Yim comes out of the office...Belair wants to know if she just took her title match from her. Yim answers and informs Belair that she asked for a rematch...with her. Yim leaves. Belair angrily runs into Regal's office leaving the reporter in the hallway.

Matt Riddle is in the trainers room getting taped up. NXT champion Johnny Gargano is with him. Gargano gets interviewed, where he says that Matt Riddle is angry now...and you don't want to see him when he's angry. The champ then announces that he'll be defending the title against Adam Cole at the upcoming NXT Takeover. "One last time," claims Gargano.

Vanessa Borne is out for women's division action. She's accompanied to the ring by Aliyah. Her opponent...Jessie.

Jessie versus Vanessa Borne

Tie-up. Borne with a headlock to take the early advantage. Jessie bounces her off the ropes but Borne uses it to her advantage and hits a shoulder block. Borne stomps Jessie down in the center of the ring. Fight spills to the corner where Borne pounds Jessie to the mat repeatedly. Dropkick lands flush from Borne. She drapes Jessie over the middle-rope...Aliyah smacks Jessie in the face with the ref's back turned. Suplex attempt...Jessie with a cradle...two count. A crucifix pin...another two count. Spinning heel kick by Jessie. Borne fires off an uppercut...running neckbreaker...Jessie stays down.

Vanessa Borne wins by pinfall

Main event is next.

NXT gives a special shout out to the band Underoath for providing the theme to the next NXT Takeover. Io Shirai versus Shayna Baszler and Adam Cole versus Johnny Gargano are both made official as well, with their respected titles on the line.

Street Profits are out first, followed by the Viking Raiders. Here we go.

Street Profits versus Viking Raiders for the NXT tag team championship

Erik and Dawkins start. Huge dropkick from Erik sends Dawkins into the turnbuckles. Ford jumps in but gets nailed with a thrust knee. Ivar comes in...tandem offense by the Raiders. Dawkins comes out of nowhere and spears Erik! Ford rolls Ivar up! Two count! Erik still down on the outside...Dawkins with a spinebuster onto Ivar. Frog splash from Ford! HE KICKS OUT AGAIN. Erik slows the action down...the Forgotten Sons come out and start attacking the Raiders! Ref calls for the bell.

Match is ruled a no-contest

The Street Profits get involved in the brawl...Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch run out to join in. Everybody is hitting everybody. Ivar takes out the lot with a plancha. In the chaos...the Street Profits nail Erik with a doomsday blockbuster. Ford covers Erik while Dawkins counts a fast three. They run out of the ring as if they've won. Angry...the Raiders target Lorcan and Burch with their signature offense. They turn their attention to Wesley Blake...they destroy him with a pop-up powerslam. Ivar and Erik grab their titles...then they drape them across the ring and take a bow to the Full Sail crowd.

That's the show friends.