NXT Recap (5/22): Gargano Teams With Riddle To Face Undisputed Era, Tyler Breeze Returns, Candice LeRae In Action

Tonight's episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Recap of last week's episode when the Viking Raiders defended the NXT tag titles for the final time against the Street Profits. The match would be interrupted by the Forgotten Sons and no clear winner was determined. After a brawl that included Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch erupted, the Raiders laid the titles down and bowed to the Full Sail crowd, officially relinquishing the championship.

General Manager William Regal addresses the WWE Universe and says that he's come up with a solution to the chaotic tag team scene...a ladder match at Takeover XXV between the Forgotten Sons, the Street Profits, Undisputed Era, and Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch to determine new tag team champions.

NXT intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to another edition of NXT TV. Undisputed Era make their way to the ring. Commentary puts over that the faction is finally back on the same page. Adam Cole grabs the microphone. He denies the rumors that the U.E. are splitting up. "We are stronger than ever." Cole claims that they will not stop until they run this place and are all draped in championship gold, and he takes the title away from Johnny Gargano.

This brings out Gargano. He says that Cole will get his title match at Takeover, but that he's certain that Cole couldn't beat him on his own. Cole reminds him that he won the first-fall of their two-out-of-three falls bout in New York. Gargano berates him for not understanding how the rules of that matchup work. Matt Riddle attacks the Undisputed Era from behind! Gargano runs down to the ring to join in on the action. They clear the ring...referees and security have to separate all the men away from each other. When order is restored...Gargano and Riddle fist-bump to end the segment.

Commercial for WWE Super Showdown.

Back from break...Sean Maluta makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be facing...Mansoor

Sean Maluta versus Mansoor

Tie-up. Maluta with a wristlock. Mansoor grabs at Maluta's face to try and break the hold but Maluta keeps it locked in. Mansoor breaks free with some lucha skills, then takes Maluta down with a frankensteiner and dropkick in succession. Maluta fires back with a corner attack, then a middle-rope codebreaker that nearly wins him the match. Neck crank applied by Maluta. Mansoor gets to his feet...running elbow by Mansoor. German suplex. Maluta ends up in the corner...Mansoor with a running lariat. He gets to the apron...slingshot neckbreaker. He picks Maluta up...reverse spinning suplex. That'll do it.

Mansoor wins by pinfall

Backstage William Regal is heard yelling at the Undisputed Era and kicking them out of his office. Regal tells the Cathey Kelly that Matt Riddle will be facing Roderick Strong at Takeover. As for tonight...Riddle will be teaming with Gargano to face Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish in the main event.

Velveteen Dream makes his way out to the delight of the Full Sail fans. He grabs a mic and talks about the Velveteen Dream experience. "People want to hold the Dream...people want to feel the Dream. So whoever says it better say it correctly."

Tyler Breeze is here! Crowd is going nuts! "Prince Pretty is home," growls Breeze. He tells Dream that when he was in NXT he had everyone talking about him, and since the fashion left NXT has taken a tumble. He infers that Dream is a knockoff version of himself. Dream says that this is his NXT now, and just because Breeze couldn't cut it on Monday and Tuesday nights, doesn't mean that he could come back. Breeze fires back..."That NXT North American championship inspires me, and an inspired Tyler Breeze is a dangerous Tyler Breeze." Dream tells Breeze that he can wait in line, which begins outside. He then offers Breeze a chance to take a selfie with him. Breeze considers it...then smashes Dream in the face with his phone. He leaves Dream laying on his back and walks out to end the segment.

Preview for the WWE 24 on Becky Lynch.

Outside Tyler Breeze is interviewed about his attack on Velveteen Dream. Breeze says that all he wanted to do was intrdouce Velveteen Dream to an inspired Prince Pretty.

Candice LeRae is out for a women's division matchup. She does battle with Reina Gonzalez.

Candice LeRae versus Reina Gonzalez

Tie-up. Gonzalez overpowers the smaller LeRae and throws her to the mat. Big clubbing forearm from Gonzalez. She tosses LeRae into the corner and stomps her down. She picks LeRae up...spinning powerslam. Gonzalez applies a top-wristlock. Crowd tries to rally LeRae back into the match...she's able to evade a charging attack from Gonzalez, then sends her to the outside with a school-boy. LeRae nails her with a baseball slide. She goes for a springboard plancha but Gonzalez catches her! LeRae shifts her weight and pushes Gonzalez into the ring steps. Back in the ring...LeRae connects with a top rope frankensteiner! A flurry of strikes from LeRae. She climbs to the top...missile dropkick...lionsault. That'll do it.

Candice LeRae wins by pinfall

As soon as the match ends, the Horsewomen (Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir) surround the ring and attack LeRae. Io Shirai runs out with a kendo stick and fends them off! She then goes after Shayna Baszler, lighting her up before Duke and Shafir can pull her out. LeRae thanks Shirai, and the two stand tall to end the segment.

Main event is next!

Tyler Breeze versus Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American championship is made official for Takeover XXV.Matches for next week's NXT are announced, including Mia Yim against Bianca Belair, and KUSHIDA versus Drew Gulak.

Matt Riddle is out first, followed by the champ Johnny Gargano. Undisputed Era is out second. It's just O'Reilly and Fish, no signs of Strong and Cole.

Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle versus the Undisputed Era

Gargano and O'Reilly begin. Tie-up. Gargano gains the early advantage. Both men show off their ground wrestling/technician skills.They reach a stalemate and both reset. Knuckle-lock...O'Reilly goes for a triangle...he gets it locked in...Gargano immediately shifts into the Gargano escape but O'Reilly transitions out and tags in Fish. Fish slows Gargano down with a headlock. Fish then shoves Riddle off the apron...O'Reilly flies at Riddle with a knee but Riddle ducks and takes O'Reilly down with a big kick. Fish attacks him from behind but Gargano nails Fish with a superkick from the apron.

Riddle tag in officially and lights up Fish's chest with stiff strikes. Flying forearms from Riddle onto both members of the Undisputed Era. O'Reilly runs into the ring but eats an overhead kick for his trouble. Fish fires off a few kicks...Riddle picks him up in a gut-wrench and slams him twice. O'Reilly breaks it up...Riddle picks him up with a gut-wrench but his back gives out. Fish takes advantage with a huge running lariat. Riddle gets trapped in the Undisputed Era's corner. They tag in and out and wear the Bro's back down with tandem offense. Modified abdominal stretch applied by O'Reilly...Riddle screams in pain. He manages to break free...flurry of strikes from Riddle...O'Reilly catches him in a guillotine. He breaks free again...and makes the tag!

Gargano comes in hot! He takes out both members of the U.E. with an enziguri and tornado DDT combo! Fish lands a kick to Gargano's gut...O'Reilly jumps in...brainbuster/kick combo from U.E. Gargano kicks out! KTFO from O'Reilly. Riddle runs in...he eats a German but it has no effect! German suplex from Riddle to O'Reilly! PK! All four men are down. Gargano is able to blindly tag in Riddle...superkick to Fish! Riddle climbs...twisting senton! Gargano picks up O'Reilly and lawn darts him into a thrust knee from Riddle! Riddle goes after Fish...powerbomb and thrust knee in succession. Cover...O'Reilly pulls him out!

Adam Cole runs out! Gargano goes after him. Roderick Strong out of nowhere...he attacks Matt Riddle and throws him back in the ring. Fish and O'Reilly set Riddle up...High-Low! It's over.

Undisputed Era win by pinfall

Post-match, Undisputed Era lays a beating on Gargano and Riddle. Cole with the Last Shot onto the champ. Cole yells that this is the Undisputed Era's time. They stand tall over Gargano.

That's the show friends.