NXT Recap (5/29): Tag-Team Main Event, KUSHIDA Battles Drew Gulak, Mia Yim Rematch With Bianca Belair

Tonight's edition of NXT television takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to another edition of NXT. They hype this Saturday's Takeover XXV event, which takes place in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Mia Yim is out for the opening contest. Footage of her first match with Bianca Belair is played when the EST used the ropes to help secure a pinfall victory over Yim. Belair is out next, and this one is underway.

Bianca Belair versus Mia Yim

Yim and Belair with some trash-talking to start. Yim nails a dropkick that sends Belair to the apron. Belair with a stun gun off the ropes. She goes for a powerslam but Yim slips behind and picks the ankle for a takedown. Belair responds with a takedown of her own...back and forth striking. Shoulder bump from Belair knocks Yim down. Yim regains control with a shin kick...Belair falls to the corner...running cannonball by Yim connects. Yim targets Belair's chest with stiff kicks. Belair fires back with a push-kick that sends Yim to the mat. She slows her down with a full-nelson. Yim manages to escape and rolls Belair up...two count.

Belair continues to taunt Yim. She picks Yim up with a stalling vertical suplex attempt...it connects. Standing frog-splash from Belair. She sends her into the corner...Yim catches Belair in the tarantula! Belair escapes...she gets cradled again...Belair is out at two. She picks Yim up with a chicken-wing drop...Yim turns it into a pinfall...Belair escapes but Yim keeps the pressure on with a series of pin attempts. Belair kicks out everytime, then hits Yim with a huge forearm. Submission attempt from Belair...Yim uses her momentum to propel Belair to the outside. Belair runs right back in but walks into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Both women are down.

Comeback from Yim. She chains together a series of moves ending with a code-red. Yim sets her up...Eat-Da-feet lands but Belair falls to the outside. Yim in pursuit...Belair makes her pay by dropping her on the apron. Referee is up to 8...Yim just beats the count. Belair rag-dolls her across the ring. Back body drop...Belair goes for a powerbomb...Yim slides out...Eat-Da-feet! Cover...got her!

Mia Yim wins by pinfall

Yim celebrates. Belair is stunned as this was her first loss by pinfall.

Commentary takes us to a video package highlighting the Velveteen Dream's feud with Tyler Breeze. Footage of Breeze's time in the early days of NXT are played, including Breeze's sendoff to the main roster. Dream taunts Breeze for not being able to cut it, and says that the NXT Universe has already upgraded to a better version of Breeze...and it's the Velveteen Dream. The two will meet at Takeover XXV for the NXT North American championship.

Preview for tonight's main event between the Forgotten Sons and Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan. Coming up next...KUSHIDA takes on 205 Live's Drew Gulak.

Commercial for the WWE Network.

Flashback to last week, when Candice LeRae was attacked by Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, and NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler. Io Shirai would run out with a kendo-stick to make the save, and deliver a beating to the champ in doing so.

Footage is played from earlier in the day, where Baszler is being interviewed about Shirai's attack. Baszler says that at Takeover Shirai won't be allowed to use any weapons, and she's out of friends. "But at Takeover...my friends will be right there."

KUSHIDA makes his way to the ring. Drew Gulak is out second. This should be fun.

KUSHIDA versus Drew Gulak

Tie-up. Fast-paced chain wrestling form both men. Neither is able to gain the advantage and they reset. Second tie-up. Gulak with a wristlock...Kushida tries to reverse the pressure but Gulak is able to maintain the hold. Kushida rolls-through nonstop until Gulak releases the hold, which eventually he does. Test of strength...Gulak overpowers Kushida and forces him into a bridge...he transitions into a single-leg crab...Kushida counters with a triangle attempt...Gulak steps away and they reset once again. Backslide attempt by Kushida...Gulak keeps his shoulders off the mat but Kushida immediately applies a crossface. Gulak gets to his feet and bounces Kushida off the ropes...both fight to apply the abdominal stretch...Kushida gets the better positioning and locks it in! Gulak somehow slips out and puts Kushida in the kneebar! Kushida gets to the ropes.

Powerslam by Gulak but Kushida bounces right back up. Hip-toss blocked by Gulak...Kushida rings Gulak's arm over the top rope...he goes for a PK...Gulak ducks and picks Kushida up...gutbuster. Submission by Gulak targeting the ribs...Kushida reverses the pressure and Gulak is in trouble...they break apart. Pace picks up...Kushida with a hip-toss and goes right into the armbar! Gulak gets to his feet...Kushida drops him down keeping the submission locked in. Gulak uses his body to get to Kushida's feet...ankle-lock! Kushida rolls-through...he hits Gulak with an enziguri. He goes for the fisherman suplex...Gulak blocks it...big forearm lands but Kushida responds with a flatiner...he transitions right into a roll-up...got em!

KUSHIDA wins by pinfall

Kushida winks at Gulak, and playfully taunts him. Gulak gets back in his face and calls him a coward, but leaves before anything gets physical.

Backstage Io Shirai is interviewed. Shirai says she's not afraid of Shayna Baszler or her friends. Candice LeRae rolls up and thanks Shirai for helping her last week, and says that at Takeover, she'll have her back.

Video package hyping the Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano rivalry is played. The promo contains clips of Gargano's victory at Takeover New York, and the recent antics by Cole and the Undisputed Era over NXT television the last few weeks.

Main even time. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make their way to the ring first, followed by their opponents...The Forgotten Sons. Here we go.

Forgotten Sons versus Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

Burch and Blake off to an aggressive start, Cutler able to tag in and clobbers Burch with a double ax handle. Cutler stomps away in the corner, Blake tagged in, double backbreaker, cover, one-count. Lorcan tags in, goes to work on both opponents. Ryker trips up Lorcan, Blake smacks Lorcan from behind. Referee sends Ryker to the back. As he gets to the stage, The Street Profits attack Ryker. Street Profits head to the ring and this match is thrown out.

Match is ruled a no-contest

Post-match, Forgotten Sons clear out of the ring, Lorcan / Burch and Street Profits swing away, but Forgotten Sons come back in with chairs to clear out the teams. Ryker nods in approval from the stage, Cole and Strong take out Ryker. They taunt the other two Forgotten Sons, but O'Reilly and Fish come from the side and beat them up. Undisputed Era as a team take out both Cutler and Blake. Undisputed Era stand tall, Cole see Ryker, pulls a ladder out from under the ring and uses it like a battering ram right into Ryker. They set the ladder up and Cole goes to the top of it. He says to Johnny Gargano at TakeOver that (he points to a fallen Ryker) is undisputed.

That's the show friends.