NXT Recap (6/12): Gulak Faces KUSHIDA In A Submission Match, Shirai and LeRae Team Up, Tag Team Main Event

This edition of NXT television takes place in Bel Air Maryland.

NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo, NIgel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix welcome us NXT. They hype the evening's main event: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch against the Undisputed Era. Also tonight, Drew Gulak versus KUSHIDA in a submission matchup.

Candice LeRae and Io Shirai are out first for tag team action. They'll be facing Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, who are out second, and accompanied by NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler.

Candice LeRae & Io Shirai versus Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir

Duke and LeRae begin. Quick roll-up by LeRae, followed by a dropkick. Shafir comes in and LeRae sends her to the outside. Baseball slide takes out both the horsewomen. LeRae climbs but gets distracted by Duke on the apron...Shafir takes advantage and nails LeRae with a big boot. Axe kick by Duke to LeRae's back. Shafir back in...judo-throw. She picks LeRae up and applies an over the back submission. LeRae counters with an arm-drag...Shafir gets right to her feet and kicks Shirai off the apron to stop a tag. LeRae ends up in the horsewomen corner. Duke wears her down with a chinlock. LeRae to her feet...she pushes Duke into Shafir...enziguri connects. LeRae makes the tag!

Shirai comes in hot. She runs through Duke with forearms. 619 lands. Shirai pushes Shafir with her foot, then hits a springboard missile dropkick to Duke. Shirai ties up Duke's arm...she stomps it the same way Baszler does. Shirai climbs for the moonsault...Baszler pulls Duke out of the ring. Shirai takes her out with a moonsault to the outside. LeRae follows up with a suicide dive! Everyone brawls on the outside. Referee calls for the bell, as this one gets thrown out.

Match is ruled a no-contest

Security eventually separates everyone except for Shirai and Baszler, who continue fighting into the backstage area.

Cut to highlights of Takeover XXV's North American title match, where Velveteen Dream successfully defended against Tyler Breeze.

Promo from Dream. He asks if the WWE Universe is ready for the next experience. "Dream on," he says to end the segment.

Recap of KUSHIDA's pinfall victory over Drew Gulak from two weeks ago. Post-match, Gulak called KUSHIDA a coward for not attempting to make him submit. That sets up their submission match, which is next.

Advertisement for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff, followed by a commercial for WWE shop.

Promo package for Damian Priest, formerly known as Punishment Martinez. He will be in action next week.

KUSHIDA is out first. He gets a big pop. Drew Gulak is out second, also to a warm reception.

KUSHIDA versus Drew Gulak in a submission match

Grappling to start. Gulak with a waistlock. Kushida manages to roll-through and get to back to his feet. Both men reset. Another nice sequence of mat-wrestling, this time Kushida showboats on top of Gulak and taunts him. Another reset. Kushida goes for the hoverboard lock but Gulak avoids it, so Kushida instead applies a hammerlock. Kushida hyper-extends Gulak's shoulder to wear the arm down. Gulak lands the first strike of the match but Kushida fires right back with a handspring kick sending Gulak to ringside. Back in the ring Kushida rings Gulak's arm...Gulak picks Kushida up with a reverse scoop-slam. Gory special from Gulak. He impressively switches it to a Boston crab. Kushida escapes the hold but Gulak remains in control.

Headlock from Gulak. Kushida attempts to get to his feet...Gulak whips him back to the mat with the hold still applied. Forearm shots from Kushida, followed by a roundhouse kick to break Gulak's grip. Kushida with a flurry of offense, including a series of hip-tosses and a basement dropkick. To the apron..Kushida with a running enziguri, then a step-through tornado DDT. Cross armbreaker from Kushida...Gulak in trouble...he gets to the ropes. Fun sequence of roll-ups and counters...Kushida catches Gulak with an ankle lock but somehow Gulak turns the tables and traps Kushida in the ankle-lock. They end up on the apron...Kushida frankensteiners them back into the ring. Both men are down.

Back and forth striking. Huge haymaker from Kushida. Dropkick by Gulak but Kushida stays on the attack with an elbow. Off the ropes...Hoverboard lock is in! Gulak taps! It's over.

KUSHIDA wins by submission

Post-match KUSHIDA and Gulak give each other a round of applause and share a friendly, albeit intense, handshake.

Interview from earlier in the day from Aliyah and Vanessa Borne. They call out Mia Yim for possibly being the next title contender. They say Yim isn't deserving of anything. "She doesn't look like a champion, she doesn't talk like a champion." Borne holds up a bunch of books and says that Yim doesn't even know how to read. Segments ends with Aliyah and Borne warning Yim to watch her back and study up.

Promo for the new SmackDown DVD celebrating 20 years.

Commentary announces that Shayna Baszler will battle Io Shirai in a cage match in two weeks.

Highlights of Super Showdown are played, when Mansoor won the 50-man battle royal in front of his homeland in Saudi Arabia.

Recap of Adam Cole winning the NXT championship from Takeover XXV. McGuinness tells us that Cole's celebration will spill over to next week as NXT returns to Full Sail University.

Main even time. Undisputed Era makes their way to the ring. (It's Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong) who are competing. Bobby Fish walks out with them, his arm in a sling, but he leaves shortly after. Cole is nowhere to be seen. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are out next. Here we go.

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan versus Undisputed Era

Lorcan and O'Reilly begin. Tie-up. Each man exchanges a waistlock. O'Reilly with a takedown...he goes for a kneebar but Lorcan boots his way out of it. Big strikes from O'Reilly. Lorcan traps O'Reilly and destroys his chest with big chops. O'Reilly slows Lorcan down with a big boot but Lorcan fires right back with an uppercut. Back and forth striking. Burch and Strong jump into the ring...all four men are brawling! Lorcan and Burch win the exchange and send the Undisputed Era to the outside. Tope con hilo by Lorcan! Back in the ring...tandem offense from Burch and Lorcan. Strong breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Strong throws Burch into Lorcan to regain control for the Undisputed Era. Inverted backbreaker onto Lorcan. Undisputed Era traps Lorcan in their corner and utilize quick tags to wear him down. Running knee across Lorcan's back from O'Reilly. Strong back in...basement dropkick. Sleeper hold. Lorcan gets to his feet and nearly makes the tag...Strong nails Burch off the apron. O'Reilly with a modified abdominal stretch. Burch from the apron rallies the crowd. Lorcan lands an uppercut to O'Reilly...another strike exchange....running blockbuster from Lorcan. Burch back in! He comes in right as Strong gets tagged. Burch unloads right hands, dropkick and exploder suplex in succession. O'Reilly goes for the KTFO...Burch dodges and destroys O'Reilly with a headbutt. Cover...kick out but Burch turns it into a crossface submission! Brainbuster/chop combo from the Undisputed Era nearly wins the math but Lorcan breaks it up. All four men are down. Loud NXT chants. They all trade strikes in the center!

Jaxson Ryker makes his way down to the ring. Security attempts to stop him but he overpowers them. Burch takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Strong up! Got em!

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan win by pinfall

Undisputed Era is livid. Lorcan and Burch celebrate, as Ryker stares everyone down.

That's the show friends.