NXT Recap (6/26):Baszler Defends Against Shirai In A Steel Cage, NXT Breakout Tournament Begins

Tonight's episode of NXT television was filmed at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Recap of NXT Takeover XXV women's title match between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai. Baszler would retain with her signature rear-naked choke submission. Following the bout, Shirai attacked Baszler with a kendo-stick. Weeks later Shirai would team with Candice LeRae to face Baszler's lackeys, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, leading to an all-out brawl. That sets up tonight's main event...a steel cage match for the NXT women's championship.

NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another episode of NXT. They show the brackets for the breakout tournament, which will culminate at Takeover Toronto. The first round of the tournament begins...NOW.

Joaquin Wilde makes his way to the ring for the opening contest. A mini-vignette on Wilde is played during his entrance. He's from Chicago, and tells a story about how he almost lost his life. He plans on making the most out of his time in NXT.

Angel Garza will be his opponent. His vignette reveals that he is from Mexico. He says the origin of his name is due to his good looks and his perfect body.

Angel Garza versus Joaquin Wilde NXT Breakout Tournament Round One

Tie-up. Garza pushes Wilde into the ropes, then taunts him causing the referee to separate them. Hammerlock from Garza...Wile responds with a very athletic takedown. Pace picks up...quick sequence of pins. Stalemate. Crowd gives them a nice ovation for the sequence. First strike landed by Garza...Wilde uses the ropes to land an arm-drag. Tilt-a-whirl splash by Wilde...Garza kicks out of the pin attempt. Garza connects with a pop-up kick...he tears away his pants! Garza traps Wilde in the turnbuckle...running knee. Powerbomb facebuster from Garza. Cover...Wilde stays alive.

Garza traps Wilde in the ropes again...he lights up his chest with a chop. Wilde bounces off the ropes...Garza nearly decapitates him with a single-leg dropkick.Straight-jacket submission by Garza...Wilde gets to his feet and tries to power out of the grip but Garza keeps it locked in. Wilde somehow reverses the pressure and now has the hold on Garza. Some misdirection...Wilde nails a lariat. Atomic drop sends Garza to the outside. Wilde gets to the apron...suicide dive through the ringpost! Back in the ring Wilde climbs...Garza catches him with an enziguri. He climbs for a superplex...Wilde blocks it...Garza goes to the top...SPANISH FLY. Cover...two count! Wilde with a crucifix pin...another two count! Garza picks Wilde up...butterfly stunner. It's over.

Angel Garza wins by pinfall and advances in the NXT Breakout Tournament

Garza celebrates. The brackets are updated. Commentary reminds us of the steel cage main event between Shirai and Baszler, but coming up next...the Forgotten Sons take on the new NXT tag team champions, The Street Profits.

A video package showing off KUSHIDA's current run in NXT. He calls the NXT roster the best in the world, and says that he will face everybody because "time belongs to him."

Footage of Damian Priest after his victory last week. He's asked by an interviewer if this is what the WWE Universe can expect in the future. Priest responds by claiming that the fans haven't seen anything yet. "The name Damian Priest will live forever."

Street Profits are here. Crowd is going nuts with their red solo cups. Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) are out next, along with their leader Jaxson Ryker.

The Profits hop on the microphone. Montez Ford says that the Forgotten Sons think that they can step to them. Dawkins mocks the Sons, then says that they're going to put the titles on the line. Commentary isn't sure if this is an official title match or not.

Street Profits versus Forgotten Sons

Cutler and Ford begin. Elbow from Cutler. He pulls Ford to the Sons' corner and stomps him down. Blake comes in and does the same. Quick tags from the Sons...tandem offense to wear Ford down. Torture rack/neckbreaker combo by the Sons. Early cover...Ford escapes. He's able to make the hot tag to Dawkins...who comes in hot. Double-lariat. Running elbow, followed by a series of exploder suplexes from Dawkins. Spinebuster from Dawkins...Ford climbs...frog splash. They have it won but Ryker pulls Ford out and attacks him.

Street Profits win by disqualification

The Sons beat the Profits down. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out to help! They gain the upperhand and run the Forgotten Sons off. Lorcan and Burch pick up the tag titles, stare at them for a moment, and hand them back to the Profits. Danny Burch then whispers off mic to Dawkins "you owe us." Profits pose with the titles to end the segment.

Backstage, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir help Shayna Baszler prepare. Elsewhere, Io Shirai is shadowboxing preparing for the main event.

Promo from Aliyah and Vanessa Borne from earlier in the day. They mock Mia Yim's story told on last week's episode of NXT. Aliyah and Borne say they can't relate, and announce that Aliyah will be facing Yim in action soon.

Back to Full Sail, Nykos Rikos makes his way to the ring for our next bout. Keith Lee is out next.

Nykos Rikos versus Keith Lee

Rikos tries to grapple with Lee, but Lee proves to be too strong. Big chop from Rikos has no effect. Lee responds with a double-chop of his own. Lee off the ropes...he shoulder bumps Rikos halfway across the ring. Lee picks him up...samoan drop/jackhammer. Bye bye Rikos.

Keith Lee wins by pinfall

Lee celebrates. Main event is next!

Commercial for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

A look at NXT champion Adam Cole on his celebration tour. Footage of Cole attending the Download Festival on a private jet is shown. Highlights include an appearance with music persona Slipknot, and showing up to Gargano's in Ohio.

Roderick Strong takes on Tyler Breeze on next week's episode of NXT. Also announced, Isaiah Scott versus Cameron Grimes in a first round matchup in the NXT Breakout tournament.

The steel cage is assembled...it's main event time! Io Shirai makes her way out first. The champ, Shayna Baszler is out second. The horsewomen do NOT accompany her. Here we go.

Shayna Baszler versus Io Shirai in a steel cage match for the NXT women's championship

Shirai charges Baszler but the champ avoids it and lands a leg kick. Baszler attempts to smash Shirai off the cage...Shirai blocks it with her foot. Mat wrestling...Baszler goes for the rear-naked choke...Shirai has it scouted and escapes. Baszler traps Shirai in a single-leg crab, then stomps her in the back of the head. She goes to leave the cage...Shirai grabs her and lands a kick of her own. Dropkick from Shirai. Huge palm strike connects. Shirai goes to climb out...Baszler pulls her down and whips her into the cage. She whips her a second time. Baszler ties up Shirai in a pretzel and cranks at the neck. Snapmare and PK in succession from Baszler. The champ is in total control.

After escaping a cradle from Shirai, Baszler pins Shirai to the cage, and unloads body shots to her gut. Cover...Shirai kicks out. Shirai avoids a charging Baszler and Baszler hits the cage. Series of intense running dropkicks by Shirai. Running meteora knocks Baszler's head right off the cage. Shirai picks Baszler up...German suplex. Another one. Corner meteora. Shirai climbs the cage to escape...Baszler runs up and brings her back in...Baszler locks in the choke at the top of the cage...Baszler whips her down and climbs herself...Shirai bounces back up...German off the top! Cover...only two. Both women are down.

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir stop Shirai from escaping the cage. Baszler takes advantage and tries to lock in the submission...Shirai kicks off the cage door to escape, but the Horsewomen lock the door so Shirai can't escape. Shirai tries to climb out...Shafir meets her up there...Candice LeRae comes out to help! She boots off Shafir. Duke runs in...LeRae with a diving crossbody from the top of the cage! Baszler takes LeRae out with a running knee. Shirai is at the top...MOONSAULT ONTO BASZLER. Everyone is down. "Yowie Wowie" chants from the Full Sail crowd. Shirai and Baszler both crawl towards the now open cage door. They stop each other from escaping. Shirai nearly wins it but Baszler stops her at the last second with a choke...Shirai uses the cage door to break the hold but it knocks Baszler out and she falls to the floor winning the match!

Shayna Baszler escapes the cage to retain the NXT women's championship

Highlights of the match are shown. Shirai can't believe it. Baszler is still out cold on the arena floor but she gets revived and helped to the back by Duke and Shafir. LeRae helps up Shirai. SHE ATTACKS LERAE. Shirai leaves feeling stunned with herself...she grabs a steel chair and unloads shots onto LeRae. Shirai screams in Japanese and sets the chair up...suplex on top of the chair. Shirai has an evil smile after her assault. Crowd reigns her with boos. Shirai leaves mocking the audience. LeRae is out.

That's the show friends.